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  1. Not got the patch yet either in EU, im guessing its a problem on Sony's end?
  2. Do level 22 again i did that the trophies popped for me apart from the Finished trophy I had to do level 28 again for that trophy
  3. 6 of the trophies (for keeping the robots alive, finishing the game and the batteries) didn't pop like they were supposed to until i did level 22 again then 5 of the trophies popped for me at the same time. 😕
  4. It's back up on the store, the original price of £21.99 has changed to £7.99 now.
  5. Any tip on getting the your beloved auntie worked with the nazis phrase to come up?
  6. Servers have been down for the past 4 hours or so 🙄 the developers have said they're working to get this fixed soon.
  7. I saw on another forum that someone had this problem and said reinstalling the game worked for them.
  8. Is this an another easy platinum?
  9. Trophy popped for me after winning 10+ matches.
  10. Gabe, Kate, Javi, Jesus and Clementine 😌
  11. How do you get the Line of Five, Anothers treasure and showdown underdog trophies? The help would be really appreciated
  12. I've emailed Telltale with the freezing issue on PS3. Hope they come out with a fix soon.
  13. The jak and daxter games
  14. I only have the slim version so can't say anything about the original, however with the slim i have had nothing but a great experience with it