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  1. Just thought I'd check this thread after the nightmare that was the 'Monster Master' trophy and it feels like I've just climbed a hill to find a mountain on the other side. ...Maybe I'll try finishing it in another 5 years lol. (Does anyone know, no save data carries over from the main game right? Thinking I might bail out for now and pick this back up on PS5, which sadly doesn't seem to allow PS4 saves to transfer)
  2. That Firewatch theme will always be #1. I've had it so long now I just associate that music with the PS4 in general.
  3. I'll platinum that classic every time I see it. Hell, I even 100%'d it on steam I love it that much.
  4. Cheers for the video, I might give that a go. Anyone know how much XP you actually need to hit level 100? I'm at 69 atm.
  5. Really should of stayed 2D...
  6. Really surprised there isn't a platinum for this.
  7. I swear every year there is more and more ultimate team trophies....
  8. I managed the Roswell gap eventually after about 30 minutes of using the Boneless to wall plant, Acid Bomb method. Took about 3 go's at School 2 and then called it a night. I'll get there... literally.
  9. The first gap of the Roswell Get-There is killing me.
  10. I really hope there is a lot more to come for this game because I spent about 3 hours with it last night and I feel like I've already seen everything this game has to offer, which at this price, just isn't on.
  11. Wish mine had such an awesome cover, but yeah, I've been getting through some of the classics recently to see what the big fuss is all about
  12. The Crew: I recently gave up on finishing that game because it has some very boring and grindy trophies, some of which actively work to make the game less enjoyable. Remember My NameEarn over 100,000 Reputation Points. - Each event gives you only a few hundred rep points, oh and this number also resets at the start of each month so you've got to do this fast. No thanks. OverclockerDrive a total of 5,000 Miles (8047 km) in a single car. - Probably the worst trophy I've ever seen. In me completing the entire game and the majority of the rest of the trophies I managed only about 1,500 miles. This one actively wants you in ONE car, essentially cutting you off from using any other cars for the rest of the game. Truly dull.
  13. Thanks for the help, even after my little tantrum of a post I'll give that a go later!
  14. The rubber banding in this game is the worst I have ever seen. I've been having no problem with any events EXCEPT the street racing, where even if I am 30/40+ higher than I need to be, race perfectly and take all shortcuts, some asshole AI will ALWAYS, ALWAYS, come out of nowhere on the last corner and over take me. In some races I've gone from 1st to 4th on the last corner like this with no mistakes. They just blow past you. What a joke. Also, the cars handle like crap. Do not buy this game. Even on sale. I should of learned from the shit show that was The Crew 1. Ubisoft have no business making racing games.
  15. I had an absolute blast with this on PC. Really happy to see it on console, hope the building controls translate OK.