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  1. Hello, you can close the topic, we need to unlock the supercar for more challenges so, I unlock the trophy after that
  2. Nobody get the problem ?
  3. Hello, I get some trouble, the game says me Im "Unranked", I play on the PS now version, anybody get the bug? It's my score picture thanks !
  4. Hello, Ea says me it's fixed, somebody can confirm?
  5. Hello, after contact EA(customer suppprt), they told me they had no solutions. In my opinion this is a treatment that has not passed and that the problem has just been raised. The best for now is to go to the EA forum and continue to feed the subject on the absences of challenges
  6. I contact EA, I give you if I get some news
  7. Good evening, in my opinion it's just a treatment or something that hasn't happened, why stop it all at once when the 2015 version still has events?
  8. Finaly i got this :@ trophy
  9. Good news, so i think it's the realy last chance to the plat
  10. For information, i have created a topic on the official forum here : don't hesitate to ask whit me the future events
  11. Hi, to be honest I do not know for sure that there will be no more say that there will be other vent but in both cases we have no capture of trade and what the developers have said. For my departure I will find it just strange that they leave about 2000 people behind (Xbox - PC - PS4) this just 6 months after the release of the 2nd episode Nevertheless, I am aware of any information on this subject too
  12. Hello you can see that :
  13. ok ..., here I am disgusted, I still hope to have a good surprise but I doubt ...
  14. Have they confirmed or there is still some hope?
  15. Hello, do you have any information about the add of new event for this year?