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  1. This game is old but I been thinking of getting this, If anyone sees this and knows, are there online bots to race and do the online trophies alone and rank up to elite or is the online dead ?
  2. How many online trophies are there for this game ? Is it only the 2 That I know of ( challenger and 100 online matches ) Or are there more ?
  3. The ps3 version doesn’t have its own separate trophy list right ?
  4. Need help finding the last 2 gang hideouts , I hear you could find up to 14 by profiling people and that there’s a trick to trigger the last one but been profiling people since yesterday and no luck finding the 14th one
  5. Skill related trophies ( it’ll probably be a while before I get the dragon ball fighterz 530k BP trophy ) collectibles trophies when they respawn when playing chapter select ( perfect example of this is the collectibles in Alice madness returns lol ) and completing a game to 100% trophies ( some games could be annoying when going for 100% ) also speedrun trophies unless they aren’t super tight speedruns No deaths trophies completing a game multiple times for certain trophies time gated trophies Really tedious mid-to-late game missable trophies multiplayer trophies that are no longer obtainable due to servers shutting down really grindy multiplayer trophies ( these can go f*** themselves lol ) also trophies that that are disabled if using cheats and lastly when a game doesn’t have a platinum trophy ( looking at you RE4 )
  6. Hey so I hear the servers are back up again or got fixed , so my question is , is every online trophy obtainable again or is there one or more that can’t be achieve anymore if you don’t have any of the online trophies ? I’ve been searching but can’t find anything concrete, Same question goes for skate 3 if anybody knows , I’m planning to hit up GameStop either tonight or tomorrow as they have the buy 2 get one free deal this weekend and I’m thinking of getting both skate 2 and 3
  7. Unravel 2 just released recently
  8. Thanks for the reply , I ended up getting the 200 combo trophy without any purchasable character , just had to keep trying , lol guess I’ll need a second copy somehow to self boost lol ugh
  9. I once deleted or overwrote my brothers save file for gta San Andreas ( he was at the beginning of san fierro ) and I didn’t want him to get mad / upset , so when he went to sleep I restarted a new game and I played until I got to where he left off all in a few hours ( usually whenever I play gta San Andreas , even back then I would take my time with it and only do a couple missions and turn it off ) but yea anyway , if you’ve played San Andreas you know it’s quite lengthy to get to San Fierro lol
  10. Hey so I hear it’s possible to boost the 530k bp trophy but I was wondering if I would have to get lucky to matchmake to my second account or do I just have to be in the same lobby ? And do the dlc characters count towards the 200 combo challenges ? I’ve done a lot and I’m stuck at around 190 combo challenges and got stuck on doing any more
  11. This challenge is making me go mad I could get all the way to the end with just the stone ladies but at half health and they keep chipping my health until death smh been at this for 4 hrs already any tips ? I keep trying the L1+O move but end up getting hit and it’s sucks how the Medusa’s don’t give any fucking health
  12. IF you need help with blue ribbon trophy , let me know , we can help each other out because I also need it but. We need 4 people for it to pop
  13. I’m thinking of getting this game but I’m wondering if a brand new copy of god of war ascension comes with the online pass or do I need to buy it separately ?
  14. Anyone to help me with the 3 online trophies ?
  15. Sorry I’d research myself but I have slow internet , didn’t have to be rude