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  1. Perhaps, I wasn't wrong though 🤷‍♂️ It's 700+ games, 340 of which are gonna be Classics... Are their anywhere near 340 games for PS3 Streaming plus all of the what, 10 Classics they listed here?
  2. The list is a small sample (is it even 100? I'm not counting 🤣) out of 700 or so at Launch
  3. The Syphon Filter games where the first to leak through the Korean Ratings Board like last month... I believe 1/3/Logan's Shadow/Dark Mirror are a lock? (not sure about any others, I mean SF 2 isn't available for whatever reason here in Australia whilst those 4 are 🤷‍♂️)
  4. Jesus, did everyone forget that the Service is launching with 700+ games 😒 🤦 this is NOWHERE NEAR the full lineup as they stated... My prediction (especially with the fact that our Purchases carry over) is that basically EVERY PS1/PS2/PSP games currently available in *insert your region here* will be available on the service Day 1 🤷‍♂️
  5. It's the 16th here, probably will go off US time though so it'll come out on the 18th 🤷‍♂️
  6. In the meantime, turns out Mr. Massage/Mayo 1 are a dual pack on Xbox... Getting an easy 1000Gs right now 😂
  7. TOMORROW??? I'm in 😂 👍
  8. I'll play devils advocate... Since I couldn't get a PS5 or XsX at the start of 2021 I grabbed a Used Xbox One X to catch up on Forza Horizon 2-4 (only Series I really care for... Both Motorsport and Horizon) but with Micro$oft buying up Bethesda I felt the need to finally jump back in (last owned a X360 alongside my PS3 for most of that Generation) and now I have both a PlayStation 5 (which I got first) then the Xbox Series X a couple months later towards the end of 2021. I straight up can't give 2 shits about Achievements/Gamerscore the same way I do Trophys. Game Pass also makes me feel like I own nothing (which is true, but I own like 442 Games on Xbox in general) and so I often don't get very far in most games because of it, there's just too much choice because of GP basically and it's a negative to me personally 🤷‍♂️ I now basically use the Xbox Series X as a glorified Xbox/Xbox 360 and it's genuinely GREAT for those titles, playing some of the BEST games from PS3/X360 in 4K/60fps (you get the Resolution Bump on Xbox One X most of the time, the FPS Bump is thanks to the Xbox Series S/X FPS Boost feature) and actually quite a few PS4/Xbox One games get the same Enhancements... Also important since basically EVERYTHING Xbox One runs AS IS or BETTER on the Xbox Series S/X whilst a bunch (and a bunch that I own and LOVE) of PS4 games have Graphical Issues and such on PS5 which is absolutely INFURIATING 😒 Overall I've enjoyed the PS5 FAR MORE but both Systems are great 👍
  9. Exactly, total Bullshit when so many games are releasing daily that shouldn't have a Plat (or even be on PSN to begin with) plus also in situations like this where it has 1000Gs on Xbox so why no Platinum on PlayStation? 🤔 Guess I'll just get back to my Xbox Series X copy and playthrough it there instead and save $30 by never buying it on PlayStation (also bought it on Switch when it was only on Switch so I'm not paying a 3rd time, and at that price)
  10. Yes, just look at the Publisher... Deep Silver published the EU Version to UK/EU/AUS, I actually have the one with the PEGI 18 rating on it now (thought I had my Australian Copy still but whatever 🤷‍♂️)
  11. Not being able to find it Physical, sure, it was a 2014 Release from memory 🤔 (so after PS4 was out) and pretty sure it had a low print run like other Atlus titles at the time. The Digital Version on PS3 must have been removed in the last couple years cause it was available Digitally in EU (we share the same general store here in Australia, if anything we have a few less games, for various reasons of course, compared to the rest of EU/PAL Territories) and it was one of the last PlayStation Plus free games before they stopped doing PS3/PSVita games through that service. This is why you ALWAYS redeem the free games guys, you never know if you might want to play it later so you may as well add it and be safe... I also just don't get people who skip some of them, that's your money that you're wasting right there since it's HUNDREDS of dollars worth of Software you're givin' at no additional cost and makes the subscription pay for itself 100× over 😂 🤦
  12. Quick Mafs... More like Quick Plats 😏 I'll see myself out 😑
  13. Considering I never got more than 10 Mins through the PS4 Version and it's only $15 here probably gonna get it... Dissapointed cause by the Title of the thread I thought this was confirmed maybe but I'd be 100% in if I wasn't already if it had an SP ONLY Trophy List (I want nothing to do with GTAO personally, never got the appeal personally 🤷‍♂️)
  14. Yep, so glad it isn't Switch Exclusive... Kinda wish the PlayStation Versions released at the same time since these were originally PS1/PS2 Games. Glad I'll be able to get a Plat anyway (maybe 2... Well shit 4 if it is 1 per game, then add the fact that PS4/PS5 has seperate lists 👍)
  15. Man THIS, and Klonoa 1 & 2, and hopefully those new "Remasters"/Ports of Portal coming to PlayStation 4/5 and not just Switch Exclusive... I CRACKED A PHAT 🤣