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  1. For me it's Nier Replicant and Mass Effect Legendary Edition... Tempted to swap them over to Xbox though since I have a One X and only a Base PS4 (that plus I already have Nier Automata and Mass Effect Andromeda to replay again for nothing on Game Pass Ultimate... Nier Automata is already Downloaded in fact 🤔)
  2. Haven't been able to put down my Xbox One X since I grabbed it maybe 3 Weeks ago now... Always loved Forza back on 360 and it was that one series I was REALLY missing, been playing through all the Forza Horizon Games (had to pick up 1-3 Physical of course since they are "End Of Life" and not available Digitally anymore, and grabbed 4 Physical as part of a random Sale EB Games is having right now) also have Forza Motorsport 5/6/7 on the way as well... Been dabbling in Backwards Compatability as well (had like 70 Compatable games off the bat from the 360 games, also bought a bunch Digital that I only played on PS3 before like Skate 3/Crysis 2 & 3 as examples) and I did just do my 3rd Complete Playthrough of Spyro Trilogy (already had on PS4 & Switch, managed to snag the game for X1 for only $29 so figured "fuck it" 🤷 🤣) Got Nier Replicant and Mass Effect Trilogy coming up in the next Month and a bit so that's when I'll finally turn the PS4 back on I guess 🤔
  3. Let's be real, basically EVERYTHING Published by Ratalaika 🤣 I don't even know where to begin on this... Sly 3 is a perfectly fine game 🤷 and Jak 2 is great (arguably better than Jak 3 overall) but there's nothing wrong with it, a little difficult but I was able to beat it no issue when I was like 9/10 years old 😒
  4. It does on PS3 so it should on PS Now? I was still missing it on my PS3 (Physical) but turns out I had the game and all DLC on Xbox 360 and it's Backwards Compatable on Xbox One so I've got it downloaded and am going to play it there now 🤷
  5. Well I know where I'm buying/re-buying RAGE, Spec-Ops, Fallout 3 (already have New Vegas) and many more... My new Xbox One X 👍 Fuck you Sony 🖕
  6. Wasn't comparing the Hardware itself (I know how vastly different they are, I'm not stupid) I was just pointing out that it's valid since it's the same generation and mostly the same Game Library (minus the Exclusives on both sides) however Microsoft are actually going out of their way to make sure the best of those old systems are brought forward and continue to sell them on the current store (and even have access to the old store through the Emulation) also PC Emulation for PS3 has been progressing very well from what I've seen and heard and that's just gamers doing it for Free in their spare time... What excuse does Sony have for not putting a team on figuring that shit out much like Microsoft did (and it wasn't simple for them to get Xbox/360 running on the Xbone either, a lot of effort has gone into it 🤷)
  7. I really hope this isn't real but with everything Sony has been doing lately it wouldn't surprise me in the slightest. Pretty dissapointed in them especially since picking up an Xbox One X last week, I mean shit Microsoft have it TOGETHER and you can still buy and download games/DLC for 360 (valid as it's directly comparable to PS3) and even OG Xbox and play it all on the current System. Hell there was even a DLC for TES IV Oblivion that wasn't showing up for Purchase on the MS Store (one of those many small add-ons that only PC/360 got if anyone remembers those) and the entire XBLM from the 360 Interface came up and I was able to make the purchase through an EMULATOR of the machine. Anyway point is if they shut the Store down like this, and with such short notice (I saw someone mention they should at least give a Years notice... I agree, AT LEAST that with the fact there are no sales and you need to use the shit sluggish stores on the system to make said Purchases) I'm really considering buying the XSX first and making it my preferred Platform 🤷 early PS3 Era Sony is making a comeback with a vengeance imo and I'm all OUT ✌️🖕
  8. I don't remember ever having this issue with the game (and I'm talking about back when it launched and all that) personally these days whenever I start a game (on any system) I'm only going to be playing the one for a couple hours and then switch the system off which is as easy as hitting the Power Button on the PS3 so this would never be an issue anyway (and then Trophys and everything Upload Automatically when I'm asleep so it's not like I need to return to the home menu to Sync or anything in the first place 🤷)
  9. Go with PS4 100%. I played P4D back on the Vita when it launched and I remember having a hard time just beating the songs on Normal (and I play a SHIT TON of Project Diva etc. So it wasn't skill related, I believe they run at 30fps on Vita) meanwhile on PS4 at 60fps I have no issues getting King Crazy on everything on all difficulties... Grab the Collection as it's the ONLY way to get P4D on PS4 even now 🤷
  10. Weird, here in Australia I asked Day 1 if their was a "Standard Edition" since the CE forces you to have the Steelbook and the guys opened the draw to like 100 Standard Edition copy's 🤷
  11. Does that include a Switch release as well like Crash 4 did? I have the game on PS4 already (please tell me we get a Free Upgrade from the Disc like Crash as well 🤞) but would love to double dip for some good old Tony Hawk on the go 😁 👍 Edit: Yep includes Switch... Fuck yeah, shut up and take my money again Activision 🤣
  12. I agree, but since my PS4 has a Trophy Glitch/Error that Sony refuses to look into and fix the Trophys aren't stored locally anymore and therefore I'm basically sitting here with the game unable to play it (since I'd just have to start over anyway to earn the Trophys) so this is literally a case of "I've paid for the game, but fuck me I guess? I'm not able to play it 🤷" already missed out on a Day and a Half so far, I'm just hoping it's all gonna be up by this afternoon/tonight when it's actually the 23rd (or a decent way into the 23rd) in the US as Trophys do seem to synch up on the release day in accordance with the Publisher/Devs Region most of the time 😑
  13. I hope I can redeem Ratchet as the Permanent Free option since I already own it through PS+ (I assume since you can now "Purchase" Plus games through the store it'll just be listed as Free on that option or something 🤷)
  14. Also in Australia, and I have the Trophy Glitch thingy on my PS4, basically it won't save the info Locally AT ALL so I have to wait for the List to go Live on the Servers... Fuck sake Sony, they should have the lists up BEFORE release, it's not like it would affect anything. Not like the world is more than 1 timezone or anything 😒 better Patch this fucking Trophy Issue, it's only been like 8 YEARS
  15. Not compared to BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle it isn't... Platinumed that the morning it came out it was that easy/fast 🤣