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  1. I doubt it, especially since they're owned by Microsoft/Xbox 🤷‍♂️ The complete lack of BackCompat on PSVR2 doesn't bloody help either 😒
  2. Yes, exactly that... I actually stopped playing during the Middle Ages section (you do all the characters from the start, then you unlock Middle Ages then the Finale which is The Dominion Of Hate) and I never went back... I just got side tracked I guess 🤷‍♂️ 😅 But yeah, the only ones I was worried about (and still a little bit cause I haven't played the part yet) is the Silver Boss Trophys near the top of the list, basically there's 5 Optional Bosses during that section (also the part where you do all the Trials for everyone's ultimate Weapons) to gain the ultimate Gear/Armour and they seem to be pretty ruthless, but that final section of the game is basically a traditional JRPG and apparently the longest segment of the game (all understandable lol) so doing some grinding to get your characters levels up and knowing who would work best for those fights and bringing them should make short work of that 🤔 This guide/walkthrough has been around since I played it on Switch last year at Launch, highly recommend it (and whoever puts the Trophy Guide together should definitely link it)
  3. Seems pretty simple from what I remember on my Switch playthrough last year... The only thing of note is the like 3 or so playthroughs of the "Finale" you'll seemingly have to do (though probably all doable in a single run with Saves at specific points or whatever) No idea what the OP is taking about with a "Solo Run" but if they're referring to the "Beat Dominion of Hate without all available allies" Trophy that's not all that hard, the whole Finale is just running around as the Middle Ages guy and recruiting all the previous Protagonist from the other 8 or so stories... So just pick the best ones that exist/you've trained up (pretty sure the Party maxes out at 4 anyway, as in playable on the field at once) and just b-line it to the Boss and kick his ass 😅
  4. Yes, I saw the Classics when announced last week and bought Dark Mirror like 3 days ago on my Vita 🤣 Top Tip, the games are USUALLY cheaper to buy on the "Old" PSN and the "Cross-Buy" applies even after the PS4/PS5 Version launches 👍
  5. From memory the PS5 "Upgrade" is FREE so why not? 🤷‍♂️ It's definitely better than PS4 since it's 4k/60fps and Loading is basically INSTANT, so yeah that alone is enough reason to swap to that one... Plus new set of Trophys and if you want to Upgrade to the "Anniversary Edition" later it's cheap (and bundles all the Creation Club stuff that you'd need to buy with those Bethesda Bucks or whatever they are, adds a METRIC ASS TON of Weapons/Armour/Quests/Pets all sorts of stuff) Edit: I'll add that it's a good enough Upgrade (still fundamentally the same game though of course) that I actually am playing it again after all this time... This and on Nintendo Switch since it's portable and I can sit on the couch under the air con and enjoy it that way. I tried countless times to do it again on PS4/Xbone and could never get more than 2 Hours in every time.
  6. Damn, I'm not sure about the games (and it all depends on price as well) but such a straight forward Platinum... I'm in, just have proof I've played both of the Bill & Ted games 🤷‍♂️ 🤣
  7. It's easy really... Buy the OLED model, just buy 1st Party stuff and if you're into Classics subscribe to NSO+ Expansion Pack (that way you can also get the N64/GBA/Sega Genesis libraries, also you'll get some DLCs for 1st Party games like the Courses for Mario Kart 8 and the Octo Expansion for Splatoon 2 included... Also the Animal Crossing Expansion I think? I don't care for that Series so whatever 🤷‍♂️) and it's not a bad price either to be fair, it's like $60 a year here, by comparison PS+ Essential and Xbox Live Gold for a full year is like $80 or so here.
  8. The earlier comments where correct, same thing happened for me, had all the Premium/Deluxe (as well as Base game) downloaded since Tuesday the 14th and then the DLCs in the store where listed with their price on the store. Turned off the PS5 and went to work, couple hours later and look at that... Everything is listed as Free and I was able to download it 🤷‍♂️ Just a matter of letting the Store update itself with the necessary info.
  9. Only in the US though, not in PAL Regions... That being said YAY I already OWN Legend Of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2 on my US Account so I'll get those regardless (only Subbed to Essential still, and I'll remain that way) hoping for Plats for each 🤞 🙌
  10. Seems like it could be pretty hard... But it's Final Fantasy and it's freakin' Theatrhythm TROPHIES so I'm gonna do my damn best to try and get this Platinum 😁 LOVED the two games on 3DS. 14 Mins and counting till my Premium Digital Deluxe version unlocks 👍
  11. Got mine in 2015 about a Month before Fallout 4 released (which is why I got it at that point) it was bundled with Watch_Dogs and Assassin's Creed Syndicate, the store threw in Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection as well and I believe I went past a Used Game/Movie/Electronic store as well and snagged Drive Club and something else too. I Installed and tried AC Syndicate first... Still the WORST Assassin's Creed ever imo 🤷‍♂️ I did love Fallout 4 but the PS4 really didn't have much of note until 2016 kicked off honestly, then it was FULL STEAM AHEAD 👍
  12. Yep, just saw another list and apparently they had seperate NA/EU Lists this time... I guess it'll sync next time I turn my PS5 on now. Sorry for "Ghosting" btw, just made the Post to bring attention, I'm not on here in the forum's really so I never saw the replies here till now 😅
  13. Just an aside (before the P4G PS4 List is up) I was just on my Xbox and the Achievement Lists are now on my Profile... P4G List is IDENTICAL to the PSVita... Who's ready for "Hardcore Risette Fan" again 😅
  14. Real question is, what are the Regions as there are 2 Trophy Lists 😁 (I've got US and JP accounts as well so I'm sure one of those will net me the other list) at least we can get Double Trophys, kinda bullshit that Atlus isn't doing Native PS5 Versions when they are "Xbox Series S|X" Versions on that platform... Way to say "F You" to your 25 Year running fanbase Atlus? whatever 😒 Edit: Also adding to the "F You" is the fact we can't even Pre-Order/Pre-Load the games on PlayStation. You can on all the other Platforms and it's even listed as a P3P/P4G Bundle as well as the individuals (I'm sure that'll get added tomorrow) kinda shitty honestly, I've had them downloaded on my XsX since around Mid December btw 🤔 (would have been nice to launch earlier, had to wait on everyone else with P5R first, that's how I view it at least, 100% they wouldn't have released the games in this order or this many months apart if it was still only on PlayStation, let's be real 🤷‍♂️)
  15. Hey, was wondering if anyone else is having this issue for this particular game, I only just heard about the PS5 Trophy Syncing issue (and only ran into it for the first time about a month ago with another game, plus this one now) and even though the other game eventually fixed itself and Synced to the Servers I still haven't been able to get these to Sync. I've left my PS5 in rest mode a few times since (usually shut down when done playing, I do have all the Save Upload/Trophy Sync in Rest active in the settings) and EVERY TIME I try to Sync Trophys manually from the Trophy List I get an Error 🤷‍♂️ WTF is going on with this? I currently have every Trophy except the Spy Fox ones as I've been going game by game a few days apart to see if earning a new Trophy would resolve the issue but it hasn't of course.