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  1. Would be nice if the selection was better since Last Month was also Pathetic imo and we are in Lockdown here in Sydney till like October (plus I'm on Holidays from Work for 2 Weeks during August as well) but oh well, looks like I'll stick with my Switch and Xbox One X this month (just grabbed Borderlands Legendary Collection and Zelda SS HD on Switch and gonna grab Borderlands Legendary + Bioshock and the rest of the Lego games for 360 on Xbox since they are all on Sale as well 🤷) Here's hoping September doesn't suck total DICK 🤣
  2. Currently, doing a Player Room match in Guilty Gear Strive... Once that's done (and should be easy if I set a session on here) it'll be Beating the Secret Boss at the end of Arcade Mode, basically have to win every round of every match to face it, then you actually have to BEAT HIM and it looks bloody ridiculous 🤣 gotten up to the Rival Battle just before the "Last Boss/Fight" with Ky Kiske so far but haven't tried again since 🤷 would be nice to finally get a GG Platinum so I'll keep trying 👍
  3. Glad to hear cause unless you have an Xbox/PC you ain't playing the sequel anyway 😂 I've still yet to play it cause I can't decide if I wanna do it on PS4 and then have to jump over to the Xbox for Hellblade 2 (have the Physical PS4 Version) or just download it on Game Pass and play it on my X1X instead 🤔
  4. Nice, still have to play the first one (bought it at Launch) along with Zanki Zero and gotta grab World's End Club (seriously where's our PS Version of that?) none of them seem as good to me as Daganronpa and Zero Escape though, I think they're trying to recapture that magic (and I'm sure these games are fine and everything) but they just haven't been able to 🤷
  5. How did you solve it... Same issue, just got the Trophys (including Platinum) AGAIN and I'm still at 90% 🤷
  6. It clearly isn't broken cause I finally got around to getting the Plat the other morning so I could finally delete it off my Vita... Nothing was wrong with it but it was noticeably more Jank on Vita than PS4 🤷
  7. You all have NO EXCUSE to not play a REAL Shin Magoomay Tinsi game 😂
  8. Ah GREAT NEWS, yeah I thought they may have gone the *Universal Credits" route like some other Trilogys (like the Spyro Credits from PS1 are AMAZING, but it's ruined in the Trilogy imo 🤷) Faunts is such an iconic part of the ME Trilogy so glad it's been retained 😁 👍
  9. Just thought I'd make a Thread pondering and letting it be heard that I HOPE they've left the Original Credits Song (M4 Part II by Faunts) in the game... For anyone wondering why it wouldn't be, well it's a Licenced Song (not made by Biowares Composers, and actually the same for Mass Effect 3 as that also had another song by Faunts for the Credits)
  10. Yeah the Source Code was Corrupted or something and it would have taken them 6 Months to redo the DLC (like they'd pretty much have to Remake it themselves) the one thing that has me curious is that the Achievement List for Legendary Edition has all the Achievements in the one list, however the Total Gamerscore only comes out to around 2900Gs instead of 3000Gs (not sure about other "Trilogy" packs but Spyro had 3000Gs so makes sense) I'm thinking they may actually go ahead and Remake the DLC and add it in around December or so, like they said should take about 6 Months, could explain the Missing ~100Gs... I bet it'd be Paid since it's EA though 😒 regardless no loss that it's missing 🤷
  11. Yeah like someone already mentioned, I stumbled across the Fate Edition on the Microsoft Store the other day and was like "What the hell is this? And why is it so much more than the base version? And it's a Remaster of an old game so why is there Pre-Order DLC or something?" read the description and yeah turns out it's getting a New DLC that will be over 5 Hours of new content sometime soon-ish 🤷 wasn't even aware they had announced this previously 🤣
  12. Seeing the Trophys without the Insanity in them has me so hyped I'm willing to downgrade myself and play through this Collection first on my Base PS4 even though I recently got an Xbone X and am buying BOTH Versions... I like me Plats 🤣
  13. Fuck that, I'll get it on my Xboner if at all since that has a few more Cheevos and 1000Gs... This is STUPID 🤣
  14. Maybe delisted, could have sworn they always took down the previous years game when a new one releases? EA is about to pull FIFA 15-19 or something like that from EA Play/Xbox Game Pass and they just did did the same for Madden and NHL the other week so I'm thinking they are delisting all the old games atm 🤷
  15. Disco Elysium isn't even available here in Australia so that's out for us 🤷