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  1. Same as Helmet_time for me, here it's $45 for a game that will be done in 30 Mins is just WAY TOO MUCH (and that Horror game that is included could be cool but it unlocks after getting the Platinum so I wouldn't really care) and besides not a smart move on that Dev/Publisher releasing the game on the same day as CoD Modern Warfare , The Outer Worlds & Medievil Remake (all of which I've paid off and technically already own and will swing past EB Games to collect them on my way home from work in a few hours) especially since It's been out on the US PSN already for a little while or something? Should've just released it at the same time
  2. I would assume it's not that hard, just long (as is the case with most Visual Novel Trophy Lists) I'm also kinda bummed it isn't gonna have separate lists for ALL 3 games but this release is what I've been waiting for... I have the Trilogy along with recently released AA 4 and AA 5 & 6 on my 3DS but never bothered to start them and upon hearing of this I decided to wait because I'd much rather earn some Trophys (ESPECIALLY A PLATINUM) whilst reading through a VN. I just hope we get PW AA 4, 5 & 6 as well at some point so I can play them all and earn Trophys on my PS4 as opposed to the 3DS (plus I hate VNs on Handhelds because when I read a VN I often sit down for 10 Hour Sessions at a time and on a Handheld that isn't happening as the Battery normally only lasts for like 5 to 6 at most depending on the particular System)
  3. To me it looks like 4 Endings for Catherine & Kathrine now (as opposed to 3 in the original, unless those extra ones are for something else related to those two?)
  4. The various endings listed after the 4 for the Stages (right at the top of the list) will probably be the sort of "Bad, Normal, True" versions (as you can clearly see Multiple Endings for each love interest) I would say it would be just as hard as on PS3 considering all the Babel Stage Trophys and finishing every Main Stage in the Story Mode on Hard Trophy are still here... So I'd say about the same overall difficulty wise
  5. That's strange considering I have the Chinese Version of the game (bought it from PlayAsia waaaay back) and yet the game has the US Trophy List so annoyingly I'll never 100%
  6. I have the Australian Watch_Dogs Complete Edition... It's on the Disc but from memory some of it was in a Menu (from the Main Menu) and it seemed to "Download" those (though not by linking through to the PS Store so idk)
  7. ^ Glutton for punishment... All those Souls/Bloodbourne etc. Plats DAMN
  8. This game doesn't have those "Girls Heart" Missions but it does have side missions and you need to do ALL OF THEM from memory for one or a few Trophys
  9. THANK GOD seems like we get a separate list this time around, was annoying last year with PBS and the Trophys being shared between JP and NA/EU versions of the game... I Platinumed this earlier this year when it launched (imported the Collectors Edition from Japan) and can't wait to be able to do it AGAIN now instead of just playing it/owning it in English (especially since I own a shit ton of the DLC on my JP Account and most of my Characters are Maxed, being able to get Trophys again while going for that in my EU Copy is much appreciated Marvelous)
  10. Oh I just thought of another one actually (forgot because I no longer own it but gonna look for a copy on Ebay right now) and that is a JRPG called Time & Eternity, it was pretty cool from what I played of it, has a cool Anime graphics style that hasn't been done anywhere else either (literally every character is hand drawn and animated in 3D Rendered worlds it's bloody AMAZING) highly recommend it guys
  11. Catherine is a great game but just wait as Atlus is making Catherine Full Body (basically an Enhanced Port) for PS4 & PSVita. I would put Catherine itself but since it has already been said I think I might mention the two SAW games, they have issues of course but as a huge fan of the franchise (plus a few easy Platinums so hell yeah) I enjoyed them a lot. I'll also mention would be the two XBlaze games, from Arc System Works, they take place in an alternate worldline/reality of BlazBlue and feature ES who eventually was introduced as a playable fighter in BlazBlue Central Fiction... Also the two leads in the second XBlaze (simply titled Me and Little Sister) are obviously younger versions of Konoe A. Mercury/Nine The Phantom & Celica A. Mercury from BlazBlue (it's never confirmed in game but everything from the appearance to even the voice actresses being the same for those characters in both series) I'll say XBlaze is underappreciated as It is a spin off from a Fighting Game and is a Visual Novel series with Jap Dub only (kinda hate that shit honesty but whatevs)
  12. This was my latest PSVita Import/Purchase (in terms of Physical anyway) and now have my Double Plats for the two games (it includes both Chaos;Head Noah and Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu... I had previously gotten the "Double Pack" which is both PS3 Versions/Copys in an outer box)
  13. Love a typical 100% run of this game is only a couple of hours and tons of fun at that, stop being a scrub using Debug Mode and just GET GUD at games
  14. Not counting on "Double Up" Plats (Chaos;Head Dual on PSVita which is a bundle of Chaos;Head Noah and Chaos;Head Love Chu Chu) and using Debug mode (Jak II Renegade on PS4... Screw that version and its terrible Frame Rate I wasn't dealing with it, but still better than that PSVita Port) my latest would be Senran Kagura Burst Re:Newal (Imported from Japan, got the Limited Edition myself) and it was bloody amazing and best in the series so far even though it's just a Remake of the 3DS Original (which is completely obsolete now haha) can't wait to sink more hours in and get the other 8 DLC Characters from the Gessen and New Hebijo Teams when they release. . Path of the Shinobi Obtained all trophies.
  15. I can afford it as well, but If I ever decide to play the game again after getting the Remaster here in Australia (and after sinking another 1000 hours in, yep that many hours back in the PS3 days of '08 when this launched) I'll be re-buying from NA and enjoying the game whilst earning more Trophys (why continue playing the Australian version with no more Trophys to earn etc. etc. when I could be with the NA Version by which point when I do get it would be in a few years and probably cost me an hours pay from work so meh)