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  1. Looks to be more like a layers of fear type game.
  2. My screen has just broken and I'm wondering if I can just plug it into my pc via usb and just view the screen on there ? Or can I just buy a new vita and put the memory card in there and keep all my saves from my physical games? I'm stressing here I'm 3/4 though a Lego game and I don't want to restart..
  3. Any time I go to play multiplayer it's telling me to sign into the psn are the servers down ? Or is this some bug thata going on ?
  4. Can confirm the online trophies for rating player parks are obtainable as of Nov 23 2018 It's a pain as some won't load disconnect before opening the map etc but stick it out
  5. Does anyone know if it's possible to boost this because I am getting slaughtered by anyone I deem to fight online it's honestly a joke.
  6. Uh i purely know what song it was due to youtube having this wonderful thing where it tells you the name of the video playing.
  7. Well heres to hoping someone in the range of my tv has thrown the song to my tv thinking it was their own, because the only other explination is obviously supernatural
  8. It was definitly the app on the TV that was used becuase i opened the smart hub and it showed it as a recently opened app (ive never used it myself, because well, i have a phone/computer instead) sadly it wasnt me bumping the remote becuase htat was on my beside table away from me, so unless its something scripted in the game that can throw it to your tv or sometihng ( smart tv same network as ps4 so idk) then im out of ideas for why this happened.
  9. if my back wasnt against the wall, that might have worked
  10. Right, well I might as well just fucking kill myself now. Because this is freaking me the fuck out. RIP.
  11. For the love of fucking god. This is no time to be fucking around.
  12. NO, seriously Is this part of the game or what
  13. Because I am currently freaking out and I can't find anything online. Im in the basement and I just had the piano play and all the shit go anti gravity and crap then it stopped everyhting went to black and then idk if my playstation or my tv went to youtube and looked up and played though my tv (im wearing a headset so all sound from ps should come through it) Waking the demon by bullet for my valentine IS THIS NORMAL OR IS SOMETHING WEIRD GOING ON IN MY HOUSE HELP PLEASE
  14. Yes hate a whole country because of one game not getting classified. -sarcasm heavily intended- Clearly you do no understand the frustration that it has been, being a gamer growing up in Australia, makes me think, are you even old enough to understand what the R rating even means?
  15. I fucking hate this country Why the fuck did we fight for so long and so hard to get R rating only to still get everything fucking censored ffs.