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  1. How do you tell what version you have? According to orbispatches the US has a picture of a deer and the EU has a picture of the title in th AUS store it has the deer does this mean I can get plat and its the US version?
  2. Honestly, so so so boring
  3. Any updates?
  4. Yeah I take this back It is boring as hell currently massive yawn fest
  5. Good to know, but also could just play the game twice haha
  6. This trophy can go to hell, the boss just infinite combos you to and you cant land a hit
  7. Shame bounties are still out on ps3
  8. I did say ~may~ I am hoping not to, but I do suck at fighting games.
  9. A Pretty Amazing Person Defeat an opponent with a higher rating than you 5 times in online mode Looks like the only one you may have to boost
  10. I am so absolutely unbelieveably lost with this, is there a full video guide start to finish? I just want UT3 500 online wins
  11. Anyone have trouble with this? I have joined way more than 20 teams and for some reason I haven't had it pop yet.
  12. Looks to be more like a layers of fear type game.
  13. My screen has just broken and I'm wondering if I can just plug it into my pc via usb and just view the screen on there ? Or can I just buy a new vita and put the memory card in there and keep all my saves from my physical games? I'm stressing here I'm 3/4 though a Lego game and I don't want to restart..
  14. Any time I go to play multiplayer it's telling me to sign into the psn are the servers down ? Or is this some bug thata going on ?
  15. Can confirm the online trophies for rating player parks are obtainable as of Nov 23 2018 It's a pain as some won't load disconnect before opening the map etc but stick it out