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  1. Yea that's all I could find too , not sure when it was written or if they've ever heard back from them https://***/trophy-guides/psvr-guides/smash-hit-plunder-trophy-guide/#:~:text=For this trophy%2C you will need to kill 50 flying,them fly before killing them.
  2. How are you sure it's unobtainable ? It doesn't even look like you have the game
  3. The Indiana Collector Has never been achieved by anyone, is this due to RNG or a bug can it be obtained I can't find anything about it anywhere
  4. They aren't difficult to get, they actually pop before you buy everything. I saved for katanas then duel wield them for a while saved for the viking armour set it gives heaps more STR damage Aim for teh thighs, they're always open block with one sword stab with the other, people with out helmets, stab them right in the face. stab hands / wrists to disarm enemies. Very fun game, I hope they come out with another
  5. "just go to the boosting thread" my god. you can not be that dense. You have, HAVE to be a troll. You can't help anymore, they've sent the challenge theyre gone from the leaderboard. literally the first post of this thread explains all that.
  6. Shame you didn't tell us to help out others 🥹🫠 Congrats I guess
  7. My guy please expand on this how are you so sure that it doesn't work ? Have you tried everyone in the world with at 2014 save file ? What's this program you keep vaguely mentioning do you mean a hacked vita ? You can't just say they use a program and leave it at that with no evidence
  8. Are you absolutely positive about that ? BC messages for invites still work for other games so
  9. My game crashes when I defeat el luchador does anyone know how to fix it ? No matter how many times I do it it crashes every time I defeat them and land on the ground to run towards the guy you shoot to the moon Only happens on this Chinese version hasn't happened on any other of them There's no updates available so I'm unsure how to fix it this will lock me out of plat 🥹
  10. I am absolutely set on getting this trophy if anyone can help
  11. Still not unlocking, jumped to ps4 and they didnt pop had to load into a level and exit out for them to pop.. The ones that should of popped on ps5 however did pop on ps4
  12. Curse this game with everything I am 😂
  13. Yup red skull on all
  14. Killed my 16th target didnt unlock the trophy, reloaded chapter twice killed again still no trophy. Restarted game still nothing. Is there any fix for this or am I stucked doing another play through?
  15. Outstanding guide Bushido! I have the amublance teeth speed run and the A++ and thats my platinum! Your guides have helped so much especially where I was struggling with the eyes lol, never thought to use scissors to take them out !