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  1. Game is GOD eater 2 rage burst and i got this two unmissable story related trophy glitched what can i do i have finished the game 東の果て 極東支部に到着した tghis is east end you get after completing or arriving at east branch next one 防衛班の帰還 大防衛戦を経て、サテライト防衛班と確かな絆を結んだ this is return of the defence team you get after finishing chapter 8 now if you believe that i am lying about me completing the game go to my psn profile and also google search when you get this trophy i got this 生きる意志を携えて 人々の生きる破壊と再生の世界で、ブラッドの戦いは続く aka in short finish chapter 15 final chapter i did so how can i get those two trophy should i earn the remaining trophy and those two will get unglitched or what can i do?