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  1. In the dutch email it states you can add them to your libary, and still play them in the future, so they stay 'available'
  2. My suggestion is an site wide poll for revived servers, it's really easy to tell if it is malicious or not. Like for example if you need an CFW console to play on those servers, easily not allowed, but if it's only changing your dns, and you earn the trophies same way as normal, why wouldn't it be allowed if the server isn't open source. Also what happenend to the white list poll for some unobtainable games? I never saw something change.
  3. Uhh so i could donate all 99 coins, so after forget me now it left me with 0 so i couldn't test that out lol. I have no idea what i did, i tried to keep clear of mats kidney stone and hemolacria for a reason 😂 it was probably the 3 dollar bill what killed it
  4. Ah yes, the one percenter, hidden games don't make you look like a cheater, stop telling bullshit. OP it's your own decision, if you'd like to get a completionist list, then by all means, i personally would never abandon my account
  5. Been going for three hours now, i did try out the forget me now, and it does unjam the machine, so i got the keeper unlocked, and been grinding away some characters, still have to unlock most of the tainted ones unfortunatly. And the seed that i use doesn't have the right schoolbag recipe 😭, so nstead of crafting forget me now, i'm stuck with the R key. I'm also at my record of game crashes, it crashes every 5 / 6 floors or so lol
  6. I did not think about that, my main concern doing this was to fill my donation machine, and i think that won't work with forget me now. For checkmarks, from what i've read, tainted cain can only clicker in other tainted characters, but there are some ways around this, like for example lazarus rags, so best way is to probably use 2 extra controllers. I did unlock greedier mode yesterday, so i have some time to test some stuff. Since i hate greed mode, i was looming around online for things to speed it up, and didn't find anything like this, so i thought i would share it 😀
  7. So after playing this game for some time, i always didn't like greed mode, especially the secrets tied to it, like donating 1000 coins. So after messing around i have found a good way to reduce the time spent in this mode, and maybe save lots of hours towards dead god. Do note, this method only works after unlocking tainted cain, so i'm not going into details how to unlock him, good items etc. You also need to have the forgotten unlocked for the bone hearts. Another note, this method is making use of the coop (second controller). So let's start with the basic thing why i experimented this, after donating an x amount of money to the greed machine, it will jam quicker the next time with the same character. You could say 'oh just play another character', and yes this is an option. But this could take lots of hours again. Step one: boot up greed mode (or greedier if you unlocked it) with tainted cain, and let your second controller join with any character. Step two: make use of how broken tainted cain is, the first thing i always do is make 4 steam sales to make an infinite loop of materials in the shop. Step three: make tainted cain pretty overpowered, this can be done quickly with rock bottom (if you unlocked it), i'm not going into details, because if you unlocked this character, you should have the knowledge of what is good and what not. I used this site, it is pretty accurate with the crafting recipes. Step four: Get your second character some meaning of survivability, the main goal of this is to keep it alive in the greed boss fight. Step five: Either buy (if you see it in the shop), or craft the Clicker, but make sure your second character has it. Step six: Craft the R key with tainted cain, you need bone hearts most of the time, which you can get by crafting portable slot machines over and over in the secret room So now you should have an overpowered player 1 with the R key, and player 2 with the clicker. Also make sure to have 99 coins. Step seven: Defeat greed / greedier and donate all your money (or till the machine jams) with player two. Step eight: R key to restart the run, and use clicker with player 2, to change it into a new character. Also make a new R key. Step nine: repeat from step six. Step ten (if needed), after donating 500 coins or so you'll unlock greedier, go into that mode and repeat from step one This loop works good for me, since i have lots of unplayed characters in greed mode, but it takes some time setting it up, but when it's up and running you can have a character done in like a few minutes, and the machine doesn't tend to break with like two coins. I would assume this would work with hard mode too. Let me know if there is something that can be better. Or additional tips / tricks.
  8. Is asking for it not allowed, or actually doing it (with a friend for example)?
  9. There won't be 2 lists, it's just one for ps4, and if the game has a ps5 port, then there is a second, but you'll have to download that version. So you can continue on your ps5 don't worry, just make sure to have the save file in the cloud or on a usb stick
  10. If you complete the game on pc and then transfer the save it would pop all trophies at the same time right? Or wasn't this the case with gta 5 with the brief period with pc cross save? If someone is going to use the method as op is saying who knows if you can see the difference between the use of third party software, and genuine playing
  11. This trophy is going to cost me as much time as all the other trophies combined 😭
  12. Ronaldo starts from the bench either way lol
  13. Wrong So one guide status you need to get all goat towers, but that didn't work for me, another guide stated completing the bigfoot side mission (forgot the name), and that unlocked it for me, you still need to buy it at the furs tab
  14. I'd really hoped for Australia to score that last goal, Argentina was really lucky that they played against a worse team than then, but i don't see then winning against Netherland lol, it's not like they played really well, and for a team such as Argentina you shouldn't win with only 2 - 1, after that goal from Australia they really went into stress mode