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  1. There are some portal matches like 128 man rush hardcore which will help a lot with some of the vehicle stuff. I recommend unlocking the 60mm flak pod for the AA vehicle (forgot the name), using that will net a lot of kills and assists, i played with a buddy on such a server, and we got like 300 kills and assists with the vehicle alone.
  2. Does this count for race wins too?
  3. Turbo controller works on ps5, as long as it's an ps4 game (my only input since i don't know anything about this game)
  4. Does it still work from vita to ps4? Or is it still broken?
  5. There is also a blueprint in the story mode which you have to be connected to the server for, needed for upgrading the ship fully
  6. No black flag won't shut down, only AC3, AC revelations and AC brotherhood, and some other ubisoft games
  7. Battlefield 2042 is both ways, so ps5 > ps4 and ps4 > ps5, you only have to complete one action on each console to unlock the trophy. So for example if i unlock 100 conquest flag captures on ps5, i only have to capture one more flag on the ps4 for it to unock
  8. With the pivots, do they appear when you have friends who unlocked it already? Like i have more then 100 friends, with some who unlocked the pivots, will they appear if i can see them in my friendlist, or is it just bugged when you have so many friends? (Still have to complete the story)
  9. :platinum:#183 I Am Bread, do i need to say more?ย ๐Ÿ˜…

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    2. Joe Dubz

      Joe Dubz

      Nicely done, those space levels and the Cheese Hunts were no joke! Bravo to you my friendย ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘


    3. ihadalifeb4this



    4. Bloke
  10. Got the platinum just now lmao, cheese hunt garden took me a good night sleep, screamed when i got it lol, 12th fastest achiever and i don't know how
  11. [I Am Bread] So i completed all rampages and Story on A++, but what should i do next, the easy stuff (races), the hard stuff (cheese hunt) or the zero G one

    1. Colin


      Edit on myself, did the zero g run, and got all A++ in 1.5 hours, not so bad

  12. Actually really helpfull video guide, managed to get loads of progress done day one (new time player), got all story missions A++ and a few rampages, but i think it will get harder
  13. Yea but the post is two days old thats why i'm asking, epic games loves to screw good things over, and i'm at work now so i can't do it for another 5 hours. Edit: got it to work, now to unlock the two teophies that didn't autopop
  14. Can someone confirm this still works?
  15. The only thing that didn't autopop for me is fall throttle, still far from the platinum but oh well