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  1. It seemed as shitty trophy to get, together with the spaceship battles, so i was suprised it glitched on me (by accident)
  2. Not sure if it's an intentional bug or not, but when i was in test chamber 4 i licked the cow and pressed respawn. I respawned in the main hub with the cow and got the trophy. If someone can replicate this to test it out then this can save some time to get the trophy.
  3. I can't really understand how people have a difficult time with that trophy, people expect an easy platinum (which it is) and then whine over a single trophy that take some tries.
  4. Its possible to delete guides now by going to the guide settings and then pressing delete. Deleting will take 14 days. 


    Thanks to @BlindMango for the information =)

  5. (Im going to self advertise)


    My guide is almost at 10.000 views, i still can't thank all the people that checked out my guide, if 51 sweet people want to help me reach this goal then check out the guide here


    Thanks everybody for being such an awesome community =) Let 2018 bring awsome games, platinums and gaming moments. 

  6. Changed my display name to my first name, let's make it a bit more personal =)

  7. Currently listening to One More Light by LP.
  8. Yea all corresponding colors, it took me a few tries.
  9. It sounds like a cool idea, maybe even get milestones for something like that. For example a milestone at 25 / 50 / 100 etc.
  10. getting close to the 10.000 views of my battlefield 1 dlc guide, 1100 more to go. So insane! =)

  11. littlebigplanet 2 completed before black ops, but is above black ops i think?
  12. Those guides got released not long after the game release, and since they're popular games they get high views and lots of favourites. They are great guides though! I hope i have a change too
  13. sleeping dogs is published =)
  14. It's my 18th birthday, i must say it's a great feeling. Even if i have to work all day xD

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