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    The unstoppable marching of time that is slowly guiding us all towards an inevitable death.

    Oh and coffee.

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  1. My birthday is on black friday, time to fight for my presents

    1. knoef_NL


      You should go as black piet!

    2. Wuthg21


      And get shot by anti piet? I want to live another day 😄

  2. Will update post later today 😀
  3. Finally managed to grind away my last coins i needed for my #120th 100% completed game, Jet pack Joyride (ps3).

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    2. NekoRave


      I literally just did this game as well! Check my profile I swear oml hahahaha.


      So funny.


      It's like 30 hours total for gold lmao

      Just found out why I got a notification, and na it wasn't today tho it was awhile ago ahahaha.


      Man great minds think alike tho.


      I'm going to do the PS4 Vita ones and deluxe on Vita too.


      Then NEVER play it again


      Unless a PS5 version comes out....


      Please no

    3. DamagingRob


      I remember that grind, too. Lol. Was fun up until that point.. Congrats!

    4. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  4. My ex died long ago, i dont miss that c*nt
  5. @NekoRave @Afro_Gear Don't tell the miss that i am also seeing another ps3, but not that it matters since my heart is with miss ps4, me and her also have a cute little daughter named vita
  6. She looks so cute while sleeping 😍
  7. Only one post is related to this thread
  8. A real gamer, mountain dew
  9. You all should consider eating more healthy Coffee is also healthy if you drink it black
  10. You sure that is healthy?
  11. Not in Chinese people, you can put it on top of them.... But not IN them. This is the last time that i will bail you out of jail What the F*ck, you sure your toaster should look like that?
  12. I went into this thread expecting an easy method for a trophy, instead the replies are even better. @NekoRave did you try turning it off and on, this should fix the problem, otherwise put it in some rice and some chinese people will come and fix it for you
  13. As long as the 'spam hunters' don't boast about being the best, then it is fine in my opinion. I don't care about what someone plays, that decision is to you. But if someone boasts about having a lot of platinums, and how he is the best etc, then you do not deserve any respect.
  14. First time i watched Forest Gump, and i absolutely loved the movie. I did not know what the movie was about at all. The ending just broke me mentally, Him talking to the resting place of his wife is just so heartbreaking.


    I absolutely recommend the movie to anyone. 

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    2. Armored Squirrel

      Armored Squirrel

      In my view, Forrest ended up being used by Jenny to the very end, even as she's dying from some form of STD. For all we know, that's not even his child, and Forrest could die from the same disease. I once wrote an essay on the film from a feminist (I'm a guy), and if you try to analyze the film, it's pretty dark (in my opinion) instead of what we see on the surface. Tom Hanks is a legend in the film, but Jenny can fuck right off. 

      ^ spoiler if nobody's seen the movie (can't edit comment).

    3. Stargazer2600


      "I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is" ~ Forrest

    4. MidnightDragon


      It was a really good movie. The author of the book it was based on didn't particularly care for it, though. Hell, in the follow up, he even made a jab at it. xD

  15. Do note, deleting the patch and playing on lan with no updates will set you back to level 0