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  1. What is the report reason?
  2. Didn't the flags for the level trophies get lifted? Or am I wrong here
  3. Ah that makes sense, I didn't know anything about it
  4. It seems pretty easy, but I have no idea what it is, and it sounds like an animal crossing rip-off
  5. If I remember correctly, Horizon Zero dawn also peaked around 40.000 ?
  6. Got gud. On a serious note , get some good weapons with high DMG, maybe a sniper rifle to pick them off from a distance. You can also make use of skills, for example the revive hive, it activates automatically when you get downed, giving you a second shot. Additional note, do this at the White House, walk to the pond and look for the name of the named enemy, if it isn't the one you need, travel back and try again, saves some time if you are unlucky with the correct card drops.
  7. Does anyone think maybe the occupied darkzone can have some influence? Or did those two recent achievers play in a normal darkzone
  8. It isn't glitched, what you can do: 1. Change difficulty to challenging difficulty 2. Go to Liberty island 3. Change the mission to story difficulty 4. Finish it. That's the way I got my trophy yesterday, you don't have to do the 'seasonal' one
  9. 10 second ninja done, finally got rid of the game on my backlog. Now off to other games

  10. The only thing that I can add is that some of the story missions seems bugged, my ps4 had that problem , so I had to replay them at a later time and that is how they can become out of order
  11. Ratalaika is easy to do the math, one game equals 6 stacks
  12. and lots of them are stacks
  13. At the moment The Division 2 , even if I miss two trophies , one of them is 'removed' , thanks Ubisoft
  14. This veteran glitch doesn't get you the no death run, since you'll still have to play the last checkpoint , which will guarantee deaths since people aren't used to veteran because they played on recruit. If people use glitches it's okay, but in my opinion , if you can glitch a really hard trophy which cost a lot of time, go for it , but MW2 has such a short campaign (cost maybe 5 hours to complete on veteran) , why bother to do it like this.