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  1. This works great on Laptops and pc's for that
  2. Im pretty sure it is, but you probably need another emulator. I was lucky enough to have enough collegues that wanted to play it with me.
  3. Maybe try and use the wifi Hotspot in game? Maybe that will work
  4. Its when you make sure the game autosaves, and after that you just change the time to the future, and get the money for the time skipped.
  5. I joined the world from the the guy from the other topic, everything is set up
  6. Works like a charm bud!
  7. Bloodborne, one hell of a ride
  8. [Bloodborne] Finally got the 100%, the platinum is also my #150th milestone, and my 160th 100% game

    1. enaysoft




      I probably wouldn't concern yourself too much with "my 160th 100% game"

      You never know when there will be some surprise DLC for a game you have and then suddenly it's no longer 100% before. Happened to me a few times.

    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. Wuthg21


      @enaysoft The only game that does that for me is Killing floor 2 and minecraft, but i found it a nice milestone =)

  9. Weapons that are lost and uncanny do count for the trophy. I missed my change for the logarius wheel, so i got one that is uncanny from a chalice and it popped the trophy. Hopefully this can help some people out who missed a weapon, and don't want to do a NG+ playthrough
  10. Worked like a charm, was a little hard since it's a false depth chalice, so enemies were really strong
  11. If its crimewave im 99% sure the dlc is included, i never had to buy any dlc for the game
  12. Number one faster achiever for human fall flat, but that record is not going to last a long time 😅

  13. 3200 views here, not sure how of course. Those views are really worthless imo. Views and favourites on a written guide on the other hand (100k yesterday on one of my guides)
  14. Hello, looking for a ion rocket booster, or a halo topper, can trade a veteran certified item back for it =)