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  1. It's my 18th birthday, i must say it's a great feeling. Even if i have to work all day xD

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    2. marvelboy10


      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday to you

      Happy birthday dear @wuthg21

      Happy birthday to you. :yay:1f370.png1f382.png 1f368.png1f389.png1f381.png1f388.png

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      Happy birthday!

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      Happy Birthday! 1f370.png1f381.png1f382.png1f368.png1f389.png

  2. Yea of course! He did message me so im sure we can work something out =)
  3. Just got the my name is mayo platinum, i feel no shame!

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    2. marvelboy10


       That's the spirit. Accept that platinum with pride. Great job! 👍

    3. wuthg21


      pretty happy with the EU release =)

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  4. I'm writing a guide for Battlefield 3, i'm up for any collaboration since i want to make a well detailed guide =)
  5. i went into UH without preperation, the only friend you have is the rolling function. Dark souls : Zero dawn. Enemies turn into real bullet sponges.
  6. Farcry 3 is still my favourite of the series, i only bought classic because it was on sale and so that i could add another farcry to my list
  7. The game is worse then average, but i can't really complain since it's an old game. I also had my game freezing on me countless times + the enemy spotting you over half of the map isn't enjoyable either. The thing that irritated the most was deleting the saves, i have an old ps3 fat and i had 118 saves from farcry classic alone -_-, took some time even if it was 50 mb or so haha.
  8. These guys did it, combining my 2 most favorite music styles together.
  9. you know, there is a difference, the trophies from gta online are stored on their servers, black ops 2 and WAW are stored on your console and can be easiliy deleted.
  10. After going in the in game store i notice that there aren't any coins that you can buy. Also searching in the PlayStation store doesn't give me much help since there are only coins for the deluxe edition. Are these coins still purchasable? or can i buy coins for the deluxe edition and will this give me the coins in the normal version?
  11. That is not true, i sat out my bounty on PS4 in a friends apartment, we played snake (or something) on the tv in the apartment
  12. you can go offline and come back a year later and the bounty is still there i think
  13. it says soon so my guess is to wait a few hours/ days for it to update your new rank.
  14. Lance kills are actually really easy (i did it in 2 / 3 games which suprised me) and won't take to long, just join any conquest server with horses and just keep waiting for them to respawn, also make sure to use with the lance, the charge attack is shit. The easiest location for the trench raider kit is on Soissons conquest. It spawns next to an house where you can camp in, it's next to the b flag. Weapon assignments are a different story they suck and i don't have tips for those. (you can also take a look at my guides for additional information )
  15. Can't an NPC set an bounty on you? you'll get a message threatining you and then a bounty gets placed by unknown. Or do i see this the wrong way?