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  1. Sorry but this is a case of using a save file ( in this case yourself ) to unlock trophies in an impossible order.
  2. On ps4 the story trophies tend to bug out, i had to replay several missions just to get the trophies
  3. few months ago i got the same message from the guy op mentioned and a week ago i got this "I have earned this trophy as 6th player on the world ) and Ive earned this trophy for many players from top50 achievers and also other trophy hunters with over 400+ platinumes! It was deal like: all gold medals under 4hrs for few $$. Are you interested? Im legit and fair, many players can confirm my legit service and also here is my proof of prestige run under 3hrs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbcer45cdoQ" from a different guy, pretty suspicious
  4. can anyone make a list of the easy platinums?
  5. I have used shareplay twice to help 2 friends get the flappy goat trophy in goat simulator, i don't see why it's a problem to help someone get a single trophy that they can't earn.
  6. PSN - wuthg21 Look in my list and see if we have some common mp games we can play together
  7. they can't remove the flag for that, hide the game and you will be on the leaderboard again
  8. The platinum and the first dlc is the easiest part of the game, i gave up on the prestige events. i managed to get almost everything bronze and i have 1 gold. I'm happy with my 96% ( i think it is )
  9. You don't have to do the requirements in order. But like they say if you do the 15 kills with .... in a round before the other requirement then it will reset in the next game.
  10. Those are only the tracked gamers on psnprofiles, probably alot more.
  11. I really love that kojima will use the engine from GG in Death stranding too
  12. You can check if you miss any in the skills menu, if you miss one you can show it on the map ( or else you would have to start a new game like the others suggest )
  13. I must say it's a pretty open end so i'm really looking out a dlc or another game. I was also happy the cauldrons weren't all the same. But yeah they could combine those 2 things even if it's not connected to each other ( cauldrons are for making machines and facilities for keeping the project alive ). Of course you could say it's not perfect but like i mentioned before it's they're first time doing this and they did it really well.
  14. Sorry for saying it weirdly, it's the biggest launch in the Uk for a new IP. I already have the platinum but i didn't have any problem with the story bringing you to "similar" locations. Almost every location is unique. Of course it's really hard for a game studio that never made an open world game to make such a game.