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  1. It's always fun to check back my old guides that i made, i always get shocked by some of the numbers , sleeping dogs closing in to the 100k Mark <3

  2. Full on musical
  3. Valentinsday mood
  4. Why is this even a discussion jeez
  5. Just do whatever you like
  6. @Fill_Fill everything works fine except the Hot tourist destination, where the teleport Button kills you at the last teleport, meaning you only get 4 biomes instead of 5. Managed to get it, escape the first bedrock construction with an Elytra and explored a bit =)
  7. I won't post the trilogie, but if anyone likes to listen them in order it's Losing my mind, losing my life and then this one.
  8. Ever since i found the music group Falling in reverse i'm madly in love with the music, Ronnie Radke is such a good singer

  9. I'm also interested, wrote my fair deal of guides on here so i know what it takes
  10. I'm wondering if running your ps4 on rest mode also affect these stats, most of my numbers seem pretty accurate
  11. Prototype 1 (ps4) , already have 31 platinum medals , after that collectibles, grinding kills and hard mode, pretty close
  12. It's been 6 months since I moved to Germany for work, and i'm loving it, less time for gaming but oh well 

  13. There is also a pc world made by someone that can earn every trophy in a short span of time, i used it for some trophies and I think you can find a topic and world download on truetophies. You'll need a pc account though and crossplay enabled
  14. Didn't check out his trophy list, so if it's half of the trophies it is indeed not right
  15. The single player trophies can glitch I think, I had the same problem, but not sure about the spaceship parts and letter scraps