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  1. This should be closed, this isn't a dispute and as it seems the op has hidden the games in question.
  2. The trophy guide can be updated with the video from the op to show people how to do it faster
  3. I didn't had any problems with the collectables. Seems like it is fixed. Only thing : (good thing) My trophy for all documents popped to early.
  4. i went into tier one mode for the extra resource bonus, but still takes some time. I;m almost finished upgrading the drone but the fast traveling takes so long
  5. this is already covered in my trophy guide, not that it's a problem but i was just wondering why you post this in the forums? Edit: this seems almost copied from my guide
  6. What is a good farming method for the supplies? Most of the good ones are patched and i really hate fast traveling to the different locations.
  7. Love the german words
  8. No, the ultimate edition only has the dlc, and the normal edition doesn't have anything
  9. I'm not even sure if the pistols are needed, i added them in the trophy guide just in case
  10. so you mean hitting the plane with the LMG and then the AA to take it down?
  11. You can always ask people that have the trophy/ weapon to drop it for you =) cheap way to do it but oh well. Or maybe renting a server and boosting it with a group
  12. i honestly like the other maps, i think you are talking about ludkow pass? Yea i'm not sure what they were thinking with the 2 planes either haha
  13. i checked to be sure and soundshapes isn't a ps now game https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_PlayStation_Now_games
  14. he does i think, his last platinum on ps3 was in july 2017 (soundshapes), i'm not sure if that is on ps now and if ps now also used the cloud save feature (since he autopopped the main game)
  15. I tried using the weapons from the fighter plane (since they look like LMGs) but that didn't work I also wanted to try to man the second gun on the bomber but this stupid c*nt kept crashing the plane