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  1. I joined the world from the the guy from the other topic, everything is set up
  2. Works like a charm bud!
  3. Bloodborne, one hell of a ride
  4. [Bloodborne] Finally got the 100%, the platinum is also my #150th milestone, and my 160th 100% game

    1. enaysoft




      I probably wouldn't concern yourself too much with "my 160th 100% game"

      You never know when there will be some surprise DLC for a game you have and then suddenly it's no longer 100% before. Happened to me a few times.

    2. ihadalifeb4this
    3. Wuthg21


      @enaysoft The only game that does that for me is Killing floor 2 and minecraft, but i found it a nice milestone =)

  5. Weapons that are lost and uncanny do count for the trophy. I missed my change for the logarius wheel, so i got one that is uncanny from a chalice and it popped the trophy. Hopefully this can help some people out who missed a weapon, and don't want to do a NG+ playthrough
  6. Worked like a charm, was a little hard since it's a false depth chalice, so enemies were really strong
  7. If its crimewave im 99% sure the dlc is included, i never had to buy any dlc for the game
  8. Number one faster achiever for human fall flat, but that record is not going to last a long time 😅

  9. 3200 views here, not sure how of course. Those views are really worthless imo. Views and favourites on a written guide on the other hand (100k yesterday on one of my guides)
  10. Hello, looking for a ion rocket booster, or a halo topper, can trade a veteran certified item back for it =)
  11. Why has this game so few people who played it? The price isn't that bad for a 10/15 hour plat
  12. Finally completed my first ever played game 100%, battlefield bad company 2 =) 

  13. Yea less then 6, im sure about it =)
  14. At the moment i am boosting the vietnam kills with my buddy, 3 people is ideal since it can take down a lot of time, 2.5ish hours for 1200 kills. Everything can still be boosted with 2 players. For wins/ ace squad, you can jump into a rush match alone and blow up the mcoms and still get xp and everything. Im just commeting since i'm busy with the game right now