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  1. The games are quite fun, some sort of strategy games, but they originate from mobile so I'm interested to see how they play on console. If you want you can try out the games on your phone since most of them have a 'lite' version, which is free and offers you to play a few in game years.
  2. Vodka with cola
  3. I've played this game to death on my phone, still do, and these trophies are a bummer, one playthrough should net you every trophy.
  4. Probably another sleepless night 🙃

    1. Dr_Mayus


      turn off the electronics :)


      Hope you get some sleep

    2. PSXtreme_
    3. Cobby


      Penguins do have knees :) 

  5. 100 user favorites on the sleeping dogs guides, truly an awesome feeling! @TristanBrown17 @AshestoAshes28 =D

    1. Nelson_Otaku


      Hey im also on the netherlands xD btw coffee is life xD

  6. Been learning Swedish for maybe a month now, and I have noticed that a lot of things are in common with my mothertounge (Dutch), which makes it so much easier. Still a long way to go though 🙃

    1. Glowbugg


      Have you seen Midsommer? lol

    2. Wuthg21


      @Glowbugg no I didn't, do you recommend it? 

    3. Glowbugg


      very disturbing but i thought it was great. A lot of Swedish (i think) in it that they don't translate too.

  7. Achieved the Borderlands Pre sequel platinum (finally), now off to the dlc =) 

  8. Black ops: declassified, it took me 2 days and 16 hours. I was blazing through the game and I did not even notice that I finished so quickly.
  9. Recently the user @HusKyCode found a way to obtain the Mad Max platinum via downgrading. Now that we are aware of this method it is a good way to test it out with other games. If you know any game, that in any way benefits of the downgrading method, then let us know in the replies. This means obtaining an unobtainable trophy, or making an trophy easier to obtain. The software which is mostly used is Charles Proxy. If there are any other software that we can use let us know. Here are the games that have been tested out, and work / benefit: Mad Max (Fixed) Trophies Affected: Halls of Valhalla Running Wild The Guardian The Messenger The recently 1.05 update that got released broke two death races. Here is the way how fix it. With the new 1.06 update all the problems got resolved. Payday 2 (PS4) Trophies Affected: Celsius or Fahrenheit? The latest update broke this single dlc trophy. Fortunately you can fix it. Black Ops 3 (PS4) Trophies Affected: Love And War The easter egg itself is not broken, but the cutscene after completing it is broken. Because of this the trophy can not be obtained, except with this method. Needs Testing These games may benefit from the downgrading trick, so if someone wants to volunteer and test it out it would be great The Brookhaven Experiment (Suggested by @Warped_Tonttu) Affected Trophy: Executioner Rack N Ruin (Suggested by @JorgeSleep) Affected Trophies: Dependency Platinum Trophy For more suggestions, leave a comment down below =)
  10. I rather have to option to filter out some games from the trophy advisor =)
  11. Advertisement? This is a fun challenge where you have the change to win a game, have some fun dude
  12. (10 second ninja X) competed the first world with all levels three stars, it's a fun platformer by the looks of it

  13. Ayy 7000 trophies

    1. DamagingRob



    2. ee28max


      Cool milestone 👍 

  14. Completed the multiplayer part for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, it was kind of grindy but i managed to do it in one day. Having a second ps3 makes so much difference with boosting :D

    1. knoef_NL
    2. ee28max


      Nice 👍

    3. PooPooblasterAOK


      Wow awesome. hardcore.

  15. What does it mean when a follower has 'anonymous' after his name? the follow back button is also transparent. 

    1. DamagingRob


      It means only you can see that they're following you. Not sure about the second question. :hmm: If you're unable to follow them back, then that means they've disabled followers. 

    2. Wuthg21


      I can follow said person back, but i'm just confused why the button looks like that.

    3. DamagingRob


      Ah, I see what you mean now. I think it's just a visual thing to show a difference between the two types. 

  16. Hmm 🤔
  17. The first point I can kind of agree with, these youtubers just got the offer and did it for a quick buck, but the second point I disagree with. Lets say they got a offer to get the game to make a review about, you will need to talk about the good stuff and bad stuff, some youtubers do this right, but like IGN or any big review group is mostly, what you say, nit picking on stupid stuff. But if they are nit picking also remember, the developer allowed it.
  18. Here comes a little list of music =) That is all for now folks, enjoy =D
  19. So as we all know you'll need a lot of moonstones for the challenges and for the moonstone chest trophy. Now my question is what is a good way (or place) to farm these stones?
  20. After going in the in game store i notice that there aren't any coins that you can buy. Also searching in the PlayStation store doesn't give me much help since there are only coins for the deluxe edition. Are these coins still purchasable? or can i buy coins for the deluxe edition and will this give me the coins in the normal version?
  21. I liked your last name more my sour friend
  22. Here is a Text guide for the people who prefer text =)
  23. It is snowing here in Netherland, or how we call it: No trains, pure chaos on the road and just total government shutdown.