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  1. GTA V for sure. Dealing with online trophies just annoys me way too much. Last Of Us was bad enough.
  2. It was annoying finding out it's the exact same as previous releases, but still going to play and get 100% eventually. It's in the backlog for sure
  3. I've been playing 1-2 matches, then taking a break. Really not in a rush to get the plat, but haven't had an issue with any of them so far. It's a slight learning curve with some moves, like dodging, but I'd guess 10? hours tops to get plat if you worked on it straight.
  4. Had the same problem, and the same solution worked! So thanks a lot man for writing it out here
  5. Don't you have to play offline though if it isn't patched? I thought I remember rushing to play Witcher 3 only to find that problem.