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  1. Of course there would be a Ubisoft sale literally days after I bought one of the AC:Origins DLCs.
  2. Hey guys just to be sure, when I finish the story of AC: Origins, that'll be 1 point. Do the platinum and 100% count as a partial point each or is it just 1 partial point for the 100%? Don't want to be fiddling the system lol
  3. Look easy and the art is great, I like them
  4. Yay, okay then! Updated: 19/09/18 Pale Mode Current Status: New Game Points: 0 Games Completed: 0 Games Bought: 0 Current Points: 0 Total Partial Points: 0/3 [97/524] Complete Backlog: Currently Playing: PS4 [1] PS3 [3] PSVita [1] Switch [1] PC [2]
  5. The steelbook case is nice, but I can't help but think these 'extra editions' have gone downhill over the last few years. We've gone from getting quality models like in Symphonia, Xillia and Xillia 2, to some cheap pins, stickers, a few cards or some keychains and some folded cardboard. I hate to say it but even Ubisoft offers better value.
  6. Back in the day it was WoW causing divorces. This makes me feel old. Though if a video game is used as a reason for divorce, there were other problems in the relationship.
  7. Actually really enjoying the tours in AC:Origins

    1. DrakeHellsing


      I know the feeling, I liked them in Origins myself, thought they were a nice touch.  Would be nice if they returned in Odyssey, but I doubt they would.

    2. Asvinia


      Apparently they are returning in Odyssey

      Looking forward to filling out the passport again lol

    3. DrakeHellsing


      I must have missed that news, that makes it that much more better to me.  I never did fill out the whole passport in Origins myself, but did enjoy the tours I did do.  But hey, I may just fill the whole thing out in Odyssey this time around.

  8. Personally I never look at metacritic and I don't know anyone who does. The only people who genuinely care about reviews are investors, so yeah they're important, but as gamers ourselves, we should know how much faith to put in the reviews of 'journalists' and other people. Mostly because people's perception of how good a game is, is often reflective of how good they are at it. If someone sucks at a game, they're quicker to blame the game for being bad than them just being bad at playing it. Not always true, but what I'm saying is take everything with a massive pile of salt. I'll read a few reviews myself if I'm buying on GoG or Steam, but I'll always check out gameplay via youtube and decide if it's something I want to play or not. The metacritic score won't change my buying decisions at all. Hell, today I bought a game and I didn't even know what it was. Cause I'm dumb and it was impulse.
  9. Loved this back on the GC, the music especially. Perhaps if it has global multiplayer I'll be able to rope some people into playing with me this time.
  10. Of course not, terrible trophy art doesn't mean a game can't be great, we're just grumbling about how boring or downright ugly some of it looks. Demon Gaze is the one that comes to mind for me. Yay cogs, different coloured cogs and the plat is blue cogs, great.. doesn't stop the game being fun at all, it just would've been nice if they'd maybe put some concept art as trophy images or prettied it up in some way. The trophy art for Assassin's Creeds Brotherhood - Syndicate is terribly ugly and I find it disappointing. I think Origins has got pretty good trophy art, the colours go well and the images aren't bad. I thought it was a step up from the usual AC trophies anyway lol. They look like they were made as more than a last minute "Hey Tony, don't forget to make the trophy images." All in all though it doesn't really matter, it's just petty grumbling and doesn't take away from the games at all.
  11. Hideous trophy art hurts me on an emotional level. Especially on lists where the tile is the same image for the whole list but different colours, but the platinum is the same image with an extra tiny detail, like a dot or a border. I really enjoy beating people at multiplayer games and then revealing that I am indeed, a lady, via voice chat. The offense that 'you got beat by a girl' causes is just delicious and I absorb the rage and tears as nourishment. It's even better when they come out with 'I let you win' because then I can goad them into another round and beat them again when they've claimed they're 'not going to go easy' on me. I did this with my ex and Mario Kart and he just refused to play with me after a few races.
  12. Aw this looks like a lot of fun! It's a shame I've only seen it toward the end of the year lol Are you still accepting participants? Here's my backlog if so: As you can see, the GOG sale has taken a bite of my wallet.
  13. Only noticed they went down today. I'd be surprised if they ever come back online.
  14. After a lot of stalling I plucked up the courage to do the Blitzball story event. Much rage and resets later, I finally got Teamwork! I know I didn't have to win the story match but I'm glad I did. I hated Blitzball back on PS2, and I still hate it now. Hopefully I can relax about it more when it comes to doing it later since it's not blocking any of the story. Only a copper, but I feel like it was an achievement worth posting about just for the amount of anger it caused lol.
  15. I finished something! lol It's not much, but something. Going from a 19" TV to a 27" monitor makes everything look great.