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  1. Trying to buy new PC parts and Paypal locks me out for suspicious activity. Now it's demanding ID in the form of a valid passport or National ID card, neither of which I have. Now I need to phone them and tell them to unlock my account and try to prove I'm me.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Oh, they limited my account once and demanded me to provide both a proof of identity and a proof of address. I provided them with the info and they unlocked my account in the next 3 days.


      As far as I know, it is kind of difficult to get them to unlock your account with any of those two but best of luck to you :)

  2. Finished Little Dragons Cafe story. All I need to do now is collect all the ingredients and recipes which might be a little bit of an RNG grind from what I've seen mentioned. My issues about this game were mostly accurate. There are too many ingrediants that are spread too far. You need to limit your menu to only include an item only once. So only use one thing with sugar, one thing with curry sauce etc. Otherwise you're always going to be swapping your menu around. I strongly suspect this was supposed to force you to swap your menu around more often, but it just feels forced. Most of the ingredients you'll never use once you find a menu that works. The staff pushing me around the cafe stayed an issue for the rest of the game. Being dragged around or pushed away from where I'm trying to get to was really annoying when I was trying to get food to people before they stormed out in anger. A couple of times I became trapped between NPCs and had to wait until they finished talking to be able to move again. Going back on my previous post again, I was definitely playing some of this game wrong. Because I knew it was created by the same guy behind the Harvest Moon series, I assumed a couple of things about the mechanics. Sleep is not needed in LDC. Once the clock hits midnight, you'll see a summary of how your cafe did that day, and then you can just continue playing as normal. The routine becomes a case of collecting the close things in the morning, helping in the cafe, and then collecting ingredients all through the night until the cafe opens again. The only purpose sleeping serves is as a save feature and to push the story along on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately though, you can completely ignore the cafe side of the game with little-to-no consequence. Your popularity meter is tied to the story, not how well your cafe did that day. You can get a summary of 'Okay' and your meter will fill a chunk, but later get a rating of 'Happy' and it barely moves a smidge. I think the only consequence of ignoring the cafe side of things will be a lower friendship with the story NPCs. This invisible friendship meter only seems to be important if you plan on getting the all the recipes. I actually really enjoyed this game, despite the many minor things wrong with it. Controls can be a bit unresponsive which weighs in as well. Because of all these things, it seems clear that the game didn't get the time or the budget it should've done to really polish it. If you like the idea of a cafe sim, or you liked the Harvest Moon series it might be worth giving this a look. It's not worth full price though, so wait until it's about £20/$25
  3. Grind Leveling/Stats/Numbers everywhere Party of about 6-8 people, at least 1 of which is infuriating Save the world plot Amnesia Cheesy monologues Tits, lots of tits, ass and fanservice. Over-sexualization of kids (but they're actually older than the moon so it doesn't count, guys!)
  4. The most important information is not there. Will there be more Manderville?
  5. I haven't finished Little Dragons Café yet but I feel the need to air my view on it and my concerns with it going forward, also to serve as maybe a minor warning if anyone else plans to pick it up. I'm only about halfway through the story but I feel I have enough of a grip on the game to talk about it with a little relevance. To sum up; LDC is a café management sim. Your mother is ill and some old dude appears in her bedroom and tells you that running the cafe and raising this dragon will help save her. Sure, whatever. The gameplay involves you going out and hunting for recipe ingredients, going home and cooking the recipe with those ingredients and adding it to your café menu while also helping to manage the café. You can help manage the café by taking orders, serving food and putting the dirty dishes in the sink. Your staff will slack off and it's also your job to tell them to get back to work. To begin with the game is a lot of fun, even if the controls are a little weird and the textures glitch all over the place. Issue 1: You will never collect enough ingredients to run your café very well. Again, this is not a problem to begin with. Maybe it's a mechanic to get you to try and switch up your menu more often and I'm just playing the game wrong. Say you have 3 dishes that involve Soy Sauce on your menu. There seems to be about 3 'waves' of customers that visit your cafe every day. After every chapter more people will start visiting your cafe. In those waves of people, they might order 5 things that include Soy Sauce. So that's at least 15 Soy Sauce you need for the day. The nearest node contains 3-4 Soy Sauce a day and there's no map or anything to keep notes of any more nodes that supply it. Issue 2: There are too many ingredients to run your menu with. Referring to my above point, there are a lot of ingredients in this game. The more important one are a lot further away from home, so you have to spend more time gathering them, which means you can't gather the nearer ingredients for the rest of your menu. You can't stay away from your cafe for too long because your staff will start slacking too much and you'll go home to a wave of angry customers storming out of your cafe. Resources are simply spread too thin. So you can maybe gather 3-4 Soy Sauce, but create something that requires Cream Sauce instead to free up some Soy. The problem with that though is that the node that supplies Cream Sauce is much further away and still only supplies 1-4 a day. Issue 3: Your staff slacks just a little too much. You need to go out and collect ingredients because the game is nagging you that you're running out of something. You might be gone just an hour and you'll get a notification that your staff are slacking. You'll then return home to that wave of angry customers. Even if you decide not to go out and tend to the cafe all day, they will slack as often as possible. The chef is the worst for this. He'll start slacking between every 3-4 orders so you're wasting time constantly telling him to get back to work. When you're having 40ish customers streaming in/out, this is a little tedious and I imagine it's only going to get worse. Issue 4: Not enough time in the day. You only get 2-3 hours in the morning to gather ingredients. I don't know how beneficial it is to tend to your cafe but you're lead to believe it's important, it's part of the main gameplay things right? Unless you skip sleep and go gather things at night, there's no way to gather enough, on top of that you will 100% get the 'Staff are slacking' alert during that time. Petty Issue 5: NPCs take priority. When you're helping out in your cafe, taking orders and stuff, the NPCs are also doing the same. However, you cannot walk through them and you cannot push them. They will push you though. Multiple times I have been dragged across to the other side of the cafe because the NPC solidarity takes priority over player solidarity. This is particularly annoying when you're trying to get that last plate to clean to count toward your helping out total. Petty Issue 6: Nothing seems to matter. Serving good things on your menu doesn't raise your reputation. Your reputation is tied to the story. There is a reputation bar that fills and displays an exclamation mark when the next story step will happen. If you're already on a story step, the bar will just stop until you complete it. There seems to be no consequence of just ignoring the cafe altogether or only serving low-ranked things. It's a good game and I'm enjoying it, but there's just so many minor things that add up to make the game a lot less fun than it could be. Not having enough time to gather things, or having staff slack so often prevents you being able to properly enjoy everything the game has to offer because you're constantly being told that you need to go and manage something else. While you're gathering ingredients, you're being told your staff is slacking. If you tend to the cafe, you're told you're running out of ingredients. There's no balance between the two. Perhaps I'm playing the game wrong and I'll figure it out in another few hours. I don't really want to be able to completely ignore the cafe though because it's supposed to be part of the core mechanic.
  6. Armistice Day today, remember to spare a thought for the brave people who died to defend us. Lest we forget.

    1. StarMadeKnight


      Lest we forgot.


      I hate how a large percent of people don't care for days like this anymore. Makes me sad. 


      Boys went to war and returned men. And to those who sacrificed everything, thank you. ♥️



  7. Happy Birthday Cube Master! Birthdays: The Beginning 1.22%
  8. Good to see another person joining the fray, the more the merrier! Little Dragons Café is fun, though I can see how people could describe it as repetitive. Everything is cute though and the art design is great. There tends to be frame rate issues, pop in and texture distortions sometimes. It's not as polished as it could've been. I'm a little concerned about getting all the recipes as it seems there's no confirmed way to unlock them.
  9. I will only buy it used because I'm not going to support Activision in only releasing half a physical product. I know full well that TfB worked hard on it, so they should have issue with Activision, it's not my responsibility to buy a game new just because this corporation 'worked hard on it'. TfB have already been paid, so I have no issues about not supporting this game. If you're happy to just throw away stuff that you've bought, that's fine. But if I paid for it, I want to be able to use all of it until it physically breaks, not until the company I bought it from decides that I've had enough time to play this and should be done. I know we live in a throwaway culture now, where people have no issues about being blocked from things they paid for, but I do my best not to support it. Buying it used means that Activision don't get my money and I still get to play. Don't even try to guilt me into buying a game that Activision have already paid their studio to make. If I pay for a product, I should be able to use that product whenever I want, whether that's tomorrow, in 20 years or 40. I should be able to put the disc into a working PS4, and be able to play the entire 3 games. If you don't care about this that's fine, but don't try to bullshit me into supporting bullshit practices. Edit: Before you call me entitled, I have every right to want the product that I pay for. If they want my money they need to make a product I am willing to spend that money on. They haven't done that. Telling people to just suck it up because it's 2018 is no argument, and ever more shitty practices is why I'm shifting to PC gaming where I'm not locked into this bollocks.
  10. If it's not 100% on the disc there's no point in buying the physical. I want to be able to pop the disc in my PS4 in another 20 years and still be able to play it, just like I do the originals without having to worry about whether I can still play the game that I paid for. Had it all been on the disc I would've bought it day one, but since it isn't, I'll wait and buy a cheap preowned copy in a year or so. I don't think it's even an issue with size, it's just a rush to push it out the door because money. It wouldn't cost much for them to put it on two discs. The update size itself does put me off a bit though.
  11. Oh wow, thank you for the premium membership mysterious person!

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I think somebody is holding Santa Claus hostage and making him pay for all of these memberships I've seen going on around hahha

    3. BG_painter


      @PooPooBlast really? more ppl got it? whoooooo?:awesome:

    4. PooPooBlast


      Yea I mean for the few past days everyday I login I see someone posting they got a membership! Great community!

  12. #36. Dynasty Warriors 6: Empires My first Dynasty Warriors game and from what I read around the internet, possibly one of the worst, if not the worst one to enter the franchise with. There's no story and very little in the way of mechanics. It gives you one game mode and tells you to play through it 5 times. If I'd paid £30 for this at release in 2009 I would've been pissed off, but since I paid £3 for it in 2018, it's okay lol Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the series has to offer. The only upside to this is that at least I got a little familiar with character names.
  13. Finished all the scenario's and spent far longer than I'd like winning a battle with all the listed characters to get the platinum. It's not a bad game, just very repetitive. There's no story, just one game mode that it tells you play through 5 times. If I'd paid £30-£40 for this at release in 2009 I would've been pissed off. But since I paid £3 for it in 2018, it's okay. lol I've read somewhere that's it's probably the worst Dynasty Warriors game to start with, so I'm holding out higher hopes for the other games. Vampyr and Little Dragon's Café arrived today though, so I'll be moving onto one of those next.
  14. Tales of Xillia - The Tales of franchise is great, I only recommend Xillia over others because it's a fairly easy one with all the core JRPG mechanics and tropes, and unlike Symphonia, it's not going to require multiple playthroughs ending in a 100+ hour plat. I'd also recommend Tales of the Abyss on the 3DS or PS2. Dragon Quest [?] - I don't have a huge amount of experience with Dragon Quest games as I've only played a couple on the DS, but they appear to be solid JRPGs without much of a learning curve. If you don't mind the older games, Grandia I & II are good games and Final Fantasy 8, 9, 10 and 10-2 still hold up well, especially 10. I would add 7 to the list but the tank controls annoy me and the graphics burn my eyes on modern TVs so that one's up to you.
  15. Good for you, I'd be asking for a refund too. There's a big difference between 'we'll definitely finish this game guys!' and them actually finishing it. Not being a blind fanboy doesn't mean you lost something or make you an idiot. The game industry has burned us *as a consumer group* a lot in the past, so it's only reasonable to want a refund when something like this happens. In the meantime, you got your cash back to spend on a full product you can enjoy and if the whole season is released, it'll be cheaper by then too. So win/win for you.