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  1. I mean.. that's been the idea since the beginning. Remove/disable free features to get you to pay for them later. Every corporation does it, most recently Twitch. People typically love paying for things they used to get for free though so no big deal. If you don't buy into it, you're just entitled. If you do a lot of online gaming, move to PC where the only sub you have to pay is your internet connection. If you buy enough games that the discounts would be worth anything, just wait until there's a sale, buy PS+, buy all the stuff you want and then let it expire.
  2. Yeah I've seen quite a few clips of it and disregarded it as Propaganda: The Game, so I'll never play it. Nothing wrong with whatever opinions, it's just not for me, and I'm not the target audience.
  3. "It's massive" he says and lists one of the smallest backlogs ever seen lol Mine looks like a hoarding problem.
  4. I mean.. hate bait topics like this probably don't help. There will always be opposing opinions, that's just how life is, sometimes people don't like stuff and that's okay. I hope the other games come to console though, I wouldn't mind playing a couple.
  5. Lulua and Nelke haven't been out long, and I've only just started Rorona. Give me time to catch up guys
  6. Neglected to update but here it is. Hitman (2016) Season 1 - 100% Games completed this year: 4.
  7. Hitman 2016 - 2.45% Considerably easier than I rmember old Hitman games being, especially since they basically gave you wallhax. Doesn't stop it being just as much fun though since I'm past the age of wanting to play through a level over and over just cause some guard got triggered that I walked a little too quickly. Not fan of the episodic thing, and a bit miffed that my 'Complete Edition' isn't actually complete and it would cost me another £15 to get the rest of the content. Pisses me off that I got Hitman 2 before I realized that it has the same practices, so Hitman 2 will be my last Hitman game if they keep up with this kind of nonsense. Pay £30 for a game, then pay another £30 to get 'the rest of the game', nah thanks, fuck off IOI. Wait until there's a GOTY edition if you absolutely must buy it.
  8. Any good (cheap) stores for games in the UK besides CeX and SimplyGames?

    1. Cobby


      Probably a few local ones, I know there's one in my town, forget the name. There's always GAME's pre owned section or sales.


      Or Amazon.

    2. SaltyCat


      TheGameCollection is pretty cheap and I often don't pay next day delivery and quite often get it next day anyway.

  9. So much good stuff in these sales, this one might actually break my 'no buying' streak.

    1. TheYuriG


      Ghost Recon Wildlands broke mine recently as well

  10. I've never been one for reviews, but when I was a kid I remember magazines would have 'proper' reviews where they would talk about what the game contained, how it functions and whether the story was interesting (according to the reviewer). The reviews just seemed a lot more honest. Now you have reviewers trying to make a scandal out of anything 'I hope you ride me as much as you ride your bike'? Really? God forbid a woman wants to have sex with her husband, even if the line is kind of cheesy. And after seeing the attempt at playing Cuphead and that other reviewer trying to play Doom, reviewers have gone way down in my estimations. The smaller youtube channels are best, where you know they're people who love the games. A lot of 'mainstream' reviewers I suspect don't play games as a hobby, it's just a job to them.
  11. Hello fellow people with a backlog problem! So I recently looked at a few games on my backlog, namely Tales of Graces f, and I looked at the release date 2010/2011. And I bought the collector's edition too. That means that Graces has been sat on my shelf, unplayed for 8 years. And I know for a fact that I have many games that have been on my shelf much, much longer than that. What game has been sat on your shelf the longest but you never got around to, but that you would still want to play.. one day?
  12. I found it a lot of fun to solo, means you can relax more when it comes to playing it coop.
  13. I'd just delete AdVenture Capitalist cause I can't work out why I even installed it. It's just a shitty freemium clicker. I guess I thought I could get the trophies easily by changing the dates, but it took too long and I gave up.
  14. Awesome, I can pay a subscription to play a load of titles that are £1-4 at most for me to just buy. Thanks EA, really looking out for the customers.
  15. Yeah, the whole story/lore of Ecco is one huge trip. Find space crystals to repair a time machine left by the ancient Atlanteans to travel back in time, learn a song, travel to the future again and and kill aliens