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  1. It would probably go alright, gamers accept every other form of bollocks so why not that too? Point is, a game shouldn't be released in such a sorry state that it needs to reward people for playing it. If you're going to lock me out of content, it's just another reason for me to not buy your game. Accepting loyalty stuff for 'bad times', just means that you think it's okay for games to be released broken or unfinished. Kickstarter backer stuff is different and generally expected as a 'thanks for backing'.
  2. Beat the story of Yakuza Kiwami. A few tears were shed but nothing compared to Yakuza 0. Kiwami is much, much shorter than 0 and had I not played 0 first, I probably wouldn't have enjoyed Kiwami much. Majima has absolutely zero context or character and just appears to be a random psycho whose appearances when you're trying to get somewhere are just tedious. Hey, you need to go buy some items, eat food and get to the next story area? Well whoop whoop It's the Majima alarm! No, you can't avoid it because he ambushed you. whoop whoop Oh look, he barged his way into a fight as well. whoop whoop Now he's going to chase you down the street in the opposite direction you want to go. Sucks to be you. I didn't mind it at first and it was pretty funny. But by the time you're coming to the end, it's just easier to let him beat you so you can get on with what you were trying to do. I'm going to try to clear up all the other stuff and get the plat but I'll probably take a break from the series afterwards. I don't want to burn myself out and not enjoy them so much.
  3. From what I remember of the original, people liked it because it was a 'survival' horror. You coud screw yourself over to the point where you'd have to start again. It made you think about what you were doing and plan ahead. It was also one of the first proper survival horror games. Although now easier, the nostalgia is there, it looks great, it feels great to play and the gameplay itself is just fun. It's the type of RE that RE fans have been wanting again since 4. RE7 was good, but it was a new formula and still wasn't reminiscent of the old games. Basically this is the type of RE that people have wanted for years because it's most like the originals. The disappointment in 5 and 6 showed that people actually like the puzzle/horror type stuff and the need to plan ahead. Also that it just feels fresh in the current age of same old, same old; guns blazing and melt everything down.
  4. Should people who can't figure out how to save their game despite being instructed how, really be writing guides for said game?

    1. Undead Wolf

      Undead Wolf

      What could possibly go wrong? :awesome:

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      Hmm. Snide status updates about people's threads are cool I guess. 🤔

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      Guess I'm part of the cool crowd now then, yippee

  5. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Game of Thrones, Tales From the Borderlands, Psycho-Pass Mandatory Happiness, Virtue's Last Reward, X-Blaze Lost, Rime. Basically any visual novel/walking simulator/Teltale/ 'artsy nonsense' game. I only play them if I get them with PS+ and the only one I've liked is Code: Realize.
  6. Kind of promising, puts me off getting the Rondo/SotN games on PSN until we know more though. I hope it includes the DS games but I know it probably won't
  7. Judgement Animal Crossing That's about it really..
  8. > Pause game > Save/Settings > Save Pretty sure the game tells you this right at the start.
  9. #41. Yakuza 0 Where It All Began - 3.10% One of my new favourite games. My total time for this was about 150 hours and I loved nearly every minute of it. I hope the rest of the franchise holds up to the bar this has set. I loved the story, the characters and I felt genuinely bad when they died. I cried more at this game than I did at the ending of Okami when i was a kid. The music was amazing as well and everything fit together so perfectly. I'm sad I won't be seeing a few of the prequel characters in Kiwami, but I guess there'll be new characters to get attached to. My new favourite franchise. Onto Kiwami!
  10. Finished Yakuza 0 100% and got the plat. It's definitely one of my favourite games now and I hope the rest of the franchise holds up. I've heard Mahjong is easier in all the other games either due to there being less requirements or there being 'cheat' tiles, so we'll see. After I'd calmed down and read far too many guides it wasn't so bad. All the other games were somewhat less painful though. Started Yakuza Kiwami cause I need to know how the story continues, let's just hope I don't get burnt out on the side stuff. There looks to be a lot less since you're only controlling the one character this time but we'll see. Yakuza is the only franchise I've found so far where I legitimately care about characters dying. I feel such attachment to all of them and feel terrible when they die. I don't really like where Majima's gone in terms of character, but I get that 0 was made after the original Yakuza. So maybe in 0 they toned him down a little too much. His current state looks to be pretty far gone from what we saw in the prequel. Still I'm looking forward to seeing how everything pans out.
  11. Fector's Challenge in Stardew Valley. Want to play a relaxing farming sim? Well how about you do a no death run of this clunky RNG twinstick shooter instead?
  12. That I'm actually lying when I tell people their babies are cute, I think I've genuinely meant it once.
  13. I liked Rowlet, the rest of his line was okay. Littern and Torracat were alright too. But then Incineroar and that abomination of a sea lion.. no lol they were not okay. Admittedly I disliked Oshawott/Tepig/Snivy far more. Serperior was cool though.
  14. I don't know why people are surprised at this? They said over a year ago that they would stop PS3 and Vita games with PS+. 6-4 = 2. You now get 2 games.
  15. The starters look like plastic Chinese knockoffs, I wish they'd start looking at more fan art for their designs. It strikes me that they've gone from 'cool for boys' that Pokemon originally was marketed as, to 'cutesy for kids'. Still, looking forward to seeing the evolved forms, they surely can't be worse than Sun/Moon. I like that random encounters are back. My only hope is that the difficulty has been turned up a little and it doesn''t contain 10 hours of hand holding. I would also like a rival that is actually mean again and a criminal organisation that is actually bad. But I accept that those things are probably never coming back. Can't have someone's precious little squeaker crying cause a guy in Pokemon said that they smell. Otherwise it looks.. okay. Looking forward to seeing what the other trailers reveal.