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  1. Hey, I'm back from the dead. Since deciding to move to PC instead, I figured it'd be great to clear out my entire backlog (yeah right), but it actually feels like there's a light at the end of the tunnel now since I'll be buying a lot less games. I've grown some motivation back, yay. So a couple of days ago, I started up Final Fantasy X and have currently made my way to Kilika Temple
  2. Looking forward to this, I just wish they had used a different font, this one looks too much like a mobile game. But it's a minor thing I guess.
  3. I don't know if you'd want to remove me from this event since I haven't really updated often. I feel like I'm letting the event down.
  4. Picked up Plague Road cause it was on sale for £1.90. I know nothing about the game aside from that it looked kind of cool. Not played it yet cause I scratched my eye to shit and couldn't keep my eyes open very long lol Aside from Octopath Traveler, Death Road to Canada will probably be the next game on my list. I'm enjoying this trophyless thing, games are more fun when I'm not following guides or worrying about missing stuff.
  5. But we could have an even cuter Nessie/Bird/Seal thingie
  6. I would've liked Honoguma instead of Cyndaquil, I never really liked any of the starters in Gen 2. And it's kind of a shame they didn't use Kurusu instead of the abomination that is Popplio. I think the old Sneasel looks a lot better too.
  7. True, true. I went out and picked up Darkest Dungeon as well today. My nightly reading will become my nightly Switch playing.
  8. Oh damn, I just realised that I could have portable Pillars of Eternity. That's something else to be excited about.
  9. Well I've bought Stardew Valley (again) and Golf Story per your recommendation. I'm having the same issue with trophies, they take a lot of the fun out of the game for me cause I'm playing more for trophies than for fun, but I'm finding 'giving up' on them kind of difficult. I want to move more onto Switch and PC but in the back of my head it's like "but trophiiiies, you could have it with trophiiiiies!"
  10. I got Zelda, played it for a week and sold it. And we're talking 'near release' here, not things that don't even have a release date. Obv there are things on my list like Tensei and maybe Pokemon and Fire Emblem, depending on what they do with them. Mario Tennis looks the same as the 3DS version cause I guess there's not much you can do with Tennis and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 just looks.. really bad. There are plenty of good games on the Switch, just ones that I either already have on PS4 or would rather get on PS4. I kind of expected a virtual console like every Nintendo console has had since Wii. Yeah, had they announced no virtual console earlier, I probably wouldn't have gotten a Switch. Here's hoping they add more to the Arcade Archives. Oh there is loads of games that appeal to me, but I already have them or would rather have them with trophies. Perhaps it's trophies that's helped ruin it for me. Taking a second look at Golf Story though and I'll pick that up, thanks. My tastes are wide enough that the only things it doesn't include are sports, fighting, and most racing games. Looking at a list there are only 31 Switch exclusives, a few of which aren't out yet. Maybe I'm just being impatient, the DS and 3DS both have amazing libraries. Frustration in the meantime is real though. Cheers, you've made me feel somewhat less negative about the Switch. I'm sure it'll eventually have an amazing library of exclusives.
  11. Not enough hype for Octopath Traveler in this thread. It's the only Switch game I'm looking forward to within the near future. Otherwise the only game I have is Mario Odyssey and I've had a Switch since November. It feels like there's no games that I wouldn't rather just get on PS4 with trophies, and the announcement of no Virtual Console was a slap in the face. I hope they still decide to bring some old games to the Switch eventually. I don't mean to bring such negativity to the thread but I'm so frustrated.
  12. I started gaming in 1992. "Cool." You might think. "You probably have experience of the classics then." You might think. You would be wrong, my friend.So, so wrong. Although my first 'console' was a C64 and I can only remember one game on it (Savage Pond), I very quickly was moved onto the Sega Master System/Genesis, the Sega Mega Drive and the SNES. My gaming life has continued, following Nintendo and Sony consoles. But I have not played most of what people call the true 'classics'. LoZ: Ocarina of Time LoZ: Majora's Mask Metroid series Castlevania series Starfox series Other Zelda games Final Fantasy series Resident Evil series And there's probably more that I can't think of off the top of my head. I have not touched any games in those series'. I have the 3DS version of LoZ: OoC and Majora's Mask, but I have barely played them more than 30 minutes. I have seen enough clips and read enough about them to feel as if I have played them, so I don't feel like I need to go back and play them. I also have felt my enthusiasm for gaming has dropped significantly over the past couple of years. Since I've decided to pack-in consoles and just get a good PC I'm a lot more interested again and it feels kind of refreshing. But I feel guilty for playing games as well. I'll start up a game and play for maybe an hour before I put it down again because I feel guilty that I'm not being more productive. But then I'll just look at stupid shit on the internet, which is even less productive than gaming.
  13. Yeaaaaaah finally some Glaceon love!
  14. He's the first person I've never met but who I feel genuine loss for over his passing.
  15. R.I.P. TotalBiscuit. The gaming community has lost a strong voice who will be remembered for years.

    1. BG_painter


      wut........... that is sad...he always stood by the side of the gamers... rip.