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  1. Tryed it, dont Work You need to Finish every level in hard
  2. Soulcalibur from soulcalibur Looks badass
  3. I don't need to farm deviljho crowns for the trophies , right ?
  4. Uncharted (series) Sly (series) The last of us
  5. so far..... Modern Warfare Remastered Witcher 3 , GTA V are the next
  6. ....Thank you so much !!! I think im blind
  7. ok thats bad.... they removed it also from the us store / can´t find it there anymore but thx for advise
  8. for me enjoying is not reading things I have to read enough for my study and as soon as im home i enjoy myself with games, my wife and my dog. If people enjoy reading VN its fine but im not enjoying this.... yeah i dont ejoy pizza or other fast food. I enjoy eating in restaurants or real meals good points but you talk to the wrong person All this is wrong in this section. If anyone want to discuss more just write a PN Im out
  9. @Satoshi Ookami thats your opinion And I put some effort in: selecting the right choice (with a good guide ) = not buying trophies Buying trophies = my new Soundshapes platinum (#4 soundshapes platinum) where u can cloud synch
  10. I think the same... Trophies should only be hidden if they are story related spoilers You can see the trophy description by pressing square
  11. sry you are right... 50 fastest 100% are 1-3hour ... so still not worth 30 € 30€ you can get a nice book and read for days ( if you want to say I should have read all the story ) IMO visual novels are to get fast Platinum trophies, if i want to read something for 30€ I buy java,C++ or other books more interesting then these novels
  12. How was my gaming year....? NICE !!! I started Trophy Hunting and I never thought i will come this far Platinum : 0 - 123 I have seen people with 50+ plats and thought that is very impressing and now I have 120+ Im just proud
  13. I say BloodBorne..... It was my 2nd Platinum and took me way to long because i didn´t know about Trophy guides so I had to play this game multiple Times instead of 3 times. It took me 20hours for a Boss in the Dungeons and I smashed my controller way to often on the Ground (Amigdala in the Dungeons) until a nice Mage helped me . But i Loved it.I loved every Fight / Boss Fight / death. I hope FromSoftware will bring a second Bloodborne game. Poorly the Trophies don´t stack in other versions
  14. 43 I need to stop buying all these games and start completing all of my Backlog .... Help me
  15. Little bit late but here I am.... My Platinum #100 is a bit embarrassing but I wanted my 100 so bad... well here it goes: Sound Shapes (us Version) I got the first 3 Platinum in SoundShapes months before this one so i just had to Cloud Synchro... I know its a shame to take this for #100