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  1. Due to the crash I didn’t get the kill all trophy, so missed the flip trophy and family on the previous play through, time to give up on this game I think, no point playing for hours at the risk of a crash for the final 3 trophies, I had started a new run two but that just crashed as well not sure why that time.
  2. Well all was going well until I got the mission to follow the judge and the game crashed, so lost all progress I guess on my kill play through, not happy, how pathetic that the counters haven’t been patched still all these months later, seems like a simple fix as it seems to be counting the informants left alive etc that I did on another play through.
  3. Agree, I just got through level 38 now on the way to 39, even getting bundled out early can still get a few hundred points, getting 3-400 is great, feel like I’m getting somewhere, making progress on level 40
  4. Haven’t got the platinum but dropped off a week or so ago, people to grabby just makes it not fun at all with all the griefing, a shame as was fun at the beginning, just too repetitive and spoilt by the griefers.
  5. Exactly I’d be presuming we just got the game so it is just new mini games that appear for free once season 1 finishes, not a new game to download at extra cost etc, otherwise bad deal for those that paid for the game (on PC etc).
  6. Servers so laggy at the moment, making things pretty hard as even some of the earlier rounds people popping and jumping ahead as the servers catch up.
  7. Why would they bother fixing the exploit anyway, so many have got it now using it it’s pointless, they must be a miserable lot to deliberately focus on antagonising their player base ☹️
  8. First time I made it through I thought, terrific only a few of us will make it and can head straight to the final, and ended up 15 got through 😂 and yes those two yellow things are painful.
  9. Finally just won my first, lol, I thought I’m hopeless but have made finals a lot, won on heaxagone was only two of us left (from 12) and then I fell, thought lost it again as I fell toward the slime then the win screen came up as mine, thought I’d buggered it up again, so happy, the other fallguy must have hit the slime first. 😀
  10. Update must have fixed some of this as today I was on yellow all day and we won every time, 😆 go yellow, then for the first time got put on a blue team and lost at hoarders as the team was rubbish just running all over the place randomly. Yellow is back!
  11. Thought it was just me that had had a team mate steal my tail in team tail tag, WTF we are on the same team and they steal it straight up, do they understand the game, aaaaargh so frustrating people are so dumb 😂
  12. I hate it but usually still qualify from it, you have to pick you’re path wisely, a lot of poeople seem to try and rush through it causing the chaos.
  13. Was wondering why I seem to 90% of the time be on yellow, which I did think was the crap team as seem to lose a lot, 😂.
  14. Finally did it, must have taken me a few hours over a few sessions of trying, was tempted to give up so many times, most of the time failed at 1-2 or 5-6, only got 8 twice then just luckily had a dream run of the ladders and made it through, was very worried about the last gate though thank god made it through. Now to delete the game after that experience.