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  1. different saves data region? IF yes, you need buy the game same region you playing on PS4.
  2. I'm lucky for this trophy, The chubbies spawn on slaughter round 3 on first try.
  3. and i don't like they allow PS4 1000 saves files only. I have 1000 saves files at cloud, I need delete some game saves not important to allow me upload new game saves. PS5 got 1000 limit saves files or not? anyone know?
  4. I'm platinum this game using Asia disc. I uploading the my save to server, can i get auto pop trophy for PS5 UK/US version with my PS4 asia saves region? If can, i don't mind bought UK/US region game.
  5. Take me around 25-30 hours.
  6. I have same problem, Big bully didn't pop for me
  7. If your friend finish playing the game, you can call your friend invite to the chapter you want earn trophy.
  8. Didn't pop the trophy after i load my save. I start new game, and the trophy pop after i collect 10 collectibles and 10 pick look door with latest patch.
  9. Congrats on fastest time on Valhalla.

  10. After 12 hour keep learning the trial, finally got this trophy. don't give up, keep learning each trial and dont give up.
  11. Usb saves, turn off your internet network. This method work for me, The loading speed more faster.
  12. I platinum this game on 1.00 version. If i transfer my saved data to PS5, do i get all trophy? because Galapagos and The Sentinel change requirement after version 1.00.
  13. You can go back to this area, and try. The trophy pop up for me.
  14. I haven't start the mission 1 yet. After I reinstall with v.1.00, and got error show my save date incompatible, can't load the saved data. It's normal?