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  1. You can go back to this area, and try. The trophy pop up for me.
  2. I haven't start the mission 1 yet. After I reinstall with v.1.00, and got error show my save date incompatible, can't load the saved data. It's normal?
  3. I think you are the one find this Exploit. I think this exploit won't work, if you start the game with 1.02 version save data.
  4. That fast, you can take a rest now. I'm sure we can remember the music and won't go back there. haha. I'm lvl 41 now, hope can finish this few days.
  5. looking for boost player, anyone?
  6. looking someone to boost with me.
  7. Thanks, I just finish chapter 4, still can't find the gator yet. Hope i can find during chapter 6.
  8. try find at rhodes town there.
  9. After I done Hunting Request #4 and go to post office send mail to Ms. Hobbs, and got letter showing Ms. Hobbs on Vacation. I at chapter 4 now, still not yet get my rewards, and don't know how can do my Hunting Request #5. I send mail at chapter 3 and now I at chapter 4, still haven't got any letter from Ms. Hobbs
  10. I'm not sure which one is true, some say will spawn after end of chapter 4 and some say end of chapter 6.
  11. I at Chapter 3, I try go hunt Legendary Alligator but can't find at there area and the map not showing Legendary Alligator. Anyone have this problem?
  12. On my social club got showing Money Lending and Other Sins - III, after debt collections
  13. Enter, Pursued by a Memory Kill all the wolves without taking any damage Complete with at least 80% accuracy If i take damage from wolves, and i let wolves kill me and restart checkpoints. Still valid for gold?
  14. I don't have problem with Xenia quest too. I did a lot quest at other regions too because I need XP level.