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  1. Random reward from cats when you're maxed with them.
  2. Skills with instant takedown are necessary for 1st round KO. I would also suggest using 3 taunts to fill ex bar faster, it can also enrege them which makes them block a lot less.
  3. Try doing wheelie, and it should slow you down enough that you're always behind.
  4. I stayed behind him for the whole race, and had 4 boosts ready for the final 500m.
  5. its a reward for 1st place in one of the single races in drone races. I got one from squirrel search just outside yokohama 99
  6. I think you need specific searches with the dog, rather then finding random items on the street. I got the trophy while searching for squirrels.
  7. I'm almost sure it's a bug. I opened the container way before I got the quest, and told about Evrart about it. On day 4 I bought the item from Cindy and went straight to the container, and I could enter it no problem.
  8. Just like you said, I passed logic check with Soona, and then talked about the church events and it popped. Thanks.
  9. I could use some help with Committee of la Responsabilité I'm at a point where I need to contact an airship, climbed the statue and passed both interfacing and empathy checks. Then I told them about current events, and I tried it before and after the tribunal, and still they refuse to help me. Any tips on what to do?
  10. Late answer, but i just completed the game. My thoughts exactly. When I killed 3rd boss I thought what a great game, but then there was another one. On previous levels I never died more then 50 times and thats mostly because of the enemies not platforming, It took more then 500 death to finish last one. My guess is that because those platforms were moving and disappearing it was harder to time the jumps right or maybe I was just sucking at it Still great game, and would recommend it.
  11. I got the same problem, last trophy I need is the perfectionist. I've tried all SA/SO combinations on 3 maps and nothing. Only solution is to reset your account on ioi side, and I'm not sure if I want to do that.
  12. Glad it worked for you. It would be a shame to loose all my progress in case dlc or h4 will come in the future, so I need to think on it
  13. I salute you good sir. I Never had any problems with trophies from the main game, but i got 1 glitched from hitman 1 pack. If this works for you, i might do the same. good luck!
  14. It's been a week since lauch, so probably most players already transfered their progress. website runs smooth at the moment so I think you're good to go.
  15. I used method from this video: I can recreate it every time and completed it 4 times already. Also did all suit/silent challenges on other 2 maps that this trophy can be earned on and still nothing. Gonna try the method from the vid from time to time, and maybe someday the game will recognize it