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  1. It popped for me after 12th attempt, so my advice would be to keep trying until you get it. I've tried every possible combination of killing and not killing invading Juliana, and picking and not picking up residium. In the run it popped I didn't kill Juliana but I picked residium from wenjie and egor, and after reading previous posts I would say this trophy got a mind of its own
  2. I got the EU version and after beating the gauntlet i popped endure trophy, even got the screenshot that's taken every time you get a trophy, yet the game itself is saying I don't have A King's Admiration trophy. After beating gauntlet a second time nothing happened, so i guess i'm out of the trophy beacuse of some wierd trophy name inconsistencies.
  3. 1. Sekiro 2. Witcher 3 3. Red Dead Redemption 2 4. Persona 5 5. Hollow Knight 6. Disco Elysium 7. Yakuza 0 8. Celeste 9. God of War 10. Driveclub
  4. I have 11 different saves in cloud for U4 and LL and ps5 version doesn't see any of the save files. Do i have to transfer saves directly from ps4 ingame menu or uploading saves in cloud is enough?
  5. After you get 5th boss cell, complete the run, die or restart, then at the start of your next run activate 5th cell, go all the way to hand of the king, kill him and then you can enter new area which leads to the collector.
  6. Unfortunately no. You can fight collector on 5bc only.
  7. I did it in collector room after completing biome, used serenade first then mushroom boi, and got a quick cutscene and a trophy.
  8. You can buy hunter's granade for 3k in prisoners quarters, which makes blueprint always drop from 1 enemy of your choice per run.
  9. I thought the queen and the sea dlc was coming out today, but I don't see it on the store. Did they change the release date?
  10. It's been a while since I played so i might not have the best info. If you hit continue after you completed the game you can do everything you need to do, but you might need to do last portion of the game if that save put you before the final battle, so if that's the case, you will need to finish it again, save and start ng+ from that save.
  11. I think there was an extract you can craft, that lowers enemy encounters.
  12. Yes you can. Play on premium andventure, get everything you need and save, then start ng+ using the save you just made.
  13. Random reward from cats when you're maxed with them.
  14. Skills with instant takedown are necessary for 1st round KO. I would also suggest using 3 taunts to fill ex bar faster, it can also enrege them which makes them block a lot less.
  15. Try doing wheelie, and it should slow you down enough that you're always behind.