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  1. Yes, that is correct. The logic applies to every title indiscriminately.
  2. Glitches prevent the rarity percentage from breaking out. Only the selected elite players are worthy of the "Omnipotent" title.
  3. You need to become one with the game. Know its mechanics inside out. I myself and many others did it. It's the ultimate survival experience. YouTube won't help you out. You have to let the game guide you.
  4. @adverse_eventThanks man. I wish I had all of the answers right in my pocket like you do. Game on!
  5. @adverse_eventYour idea of gaming is flawed. I used to think just like you back in my 'trophy completion' BS days. It's not worth it to preclude yourself the possibility of truly enjoying a memorable experience JUST because 'oh I really don't think I'm man enough to step outside of my comfort zone and challenge myself' type of thinking. You will grow up eventually. Just keep in my mind that nobody gives a damn about your fancy numbers. And to top it off, there's ALWAYS someone who can put you to shame. Peace.
  6. He does indeed. He's been on and off the PSNTL servers several times for suspected hacking. The current and legit World Leader Roughdawg4 is unanimously recognized as the undisputed champion. The other one is just a very salty impostor. Or wannabe if you're too politically correct to use the word.
  7. Yes I am VERY much hype and eager to play DETROIT. Fact is though, I am not giving out 70 Benjamin Franklins for a decision-based game. Hell-NO. So I guess I'll end up waiting in line.
  8. "Omnipotent" - Outlast 2 Platinum
  9. "Omnipotent" (Outlast 2 Platinum). One of the latest worthy of mention
  10. @Belphega2208 SAW
  11. Esatto Omega. Sì ho letto che hanno chiuso. A molti non ha fatto piacere sta cosa ahah
  12. WipEout direi ho intenzione di platinarlo pure io
  13. Nato e cresciuto Fammi dare un'occhiata al tuo profilo e ti dico!
  14. No idea. Somebody choose from me and I'll take a look at their profile