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  1. 14 games; with 4 platinums and roughly half are "Ultra Rare". The range is between 1.82% and 6.22%: Warriors Orochi 3 - 9 (plat) Terraria - 6 (plat) Persona 4 Arena Ultimax - 3 Stardust Galaxy Warriors - 7 Borderlands: the Pre-Sequel! (ps4) - 4 (plat) Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - 3 Dragon Age: Inquisition (ps3) - 2 (plat) Dragon Age: Inquisition (ps4) - 6 Nex Machina - 1 Geometry Wars 3 (vita) - 3 Soulcalibur V - 2 Injustice (ps3) - 2 Jackbox Party Pack 1 - 1 NeuroVoider (ps4) - 1
  2. Afraid not, I never used that SHIFT code either. Weird.
  3. Completely agree. I'm not doing anything, artificially, for hundreds of hours or rounds or lightning strikes for a digital ping. Oh well.
  4. What about Perfect Dark?
  5. Loved Silmeria! The script and voice acting were great. I never got to play Radiata Stories.
  6. Yeah, that's what I did. It is also two different endings, if that interests you all.
  7. Actually, I just started a new game. After 90 minutes, I'm at the end of chapter 3. May be quicker.
  8. I'm a few missions before the final fight of Ch. 5 (I know because I beat it before) and I am trying to use the Astral Fissures to change from evil to good so I could get the platinum trophy. Is this even possible? I am using a slightly older file that I downloaded from the cloud, I already completed the mission on evil. It seems to be taking forever.
  9. Oh good, I can keep my money then.
  10. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Red Dead Redemption w/ Undead Nightmare DLC
  11. Burnout Paradise Need for Speed: Most Wanted Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Soulcalibur 2 HD original Borderlands w/all DLC
  12. I couldn't find it is it seppuku for this thread?
  13. My PSN name is a line Yoshimitsu says in Soul Calibur V, it reminded me of Digital Devil Saga.
  14. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas A Legitimate Business Export all three car lists Jan 4th, 3:20 pm I'm up to two trophies this year, lol