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  1. Hi Admin or Admin Team, congraatz to your Milestone reach!!!! I have a Question: Can you create a App for Andriod Handys? I wish this so much.... Do you think this is possible? Best Regards Izzy
  2. send me a friend request on PS3, after this i accept you and you can see on the online events 1000ccm, my time.
  3. Tipp: choose the 1000ccm Online Races, look if any of your friends has already a valid time in one of the races (1000ccm). Start a race in this course, once the ghost car is loaded, race til the end and beat the ghost car. You can add me for if you need a ghost time, just give it F1 ghost in the subject. Good luck.
  4. Dear Comunity and Admins, i have the following Questions to all and specialy for the Adminteam here. 1.) Flag you a Gamer with a Normal Profile as Cheater when he use a Save Game in case of Games there Server Down, and the Gamer have no more Chance to Complete 100% of this Game? 2.) Do you plan a Direct Contact with Publisher to reopen Server for Complete Sessions in older Games? 3.) Do you have any Ideas how to Complete Games with online Trophys without Servers on a normal way? Thanks to answer my Questions!!