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  1. Metro is one of my fav games and i completed it, i never heard the speaker go off once, hmm , oh well , i'll have to do it all over again
  2. I came to the Playstation 4 party very late and in consequence , " The Division " was the first game I ever played , also the fact that the game came free with the console helped. Anyway, the first time my DS4 audio speaker went off while playing this game left me looking down in awe, even my 5 year old daughter was looking around the room wondering where the voice was coming from. Anyhoo , since my preliminery Division days I have bought and played many games, but i am still yet to find another game where the DS4 speaker comes into effect , never ever since has it gone off and spoke so vibrantly to me. So , what other games can I buy to make my little man inside the controller talk at me ??
  3. Careful, these bitches respawn
  4. Fantastic game , loved every minute of it, I also have played over 200 games.
  5. No, as probably on the same side at the end of the day
  6. Just started this tonight even though I downloaded it like 3 years ago and poo-poohed it. Anyone know roughly how long a playthrough is? Not rushing , i'm enjoying it.
  7. I consider myself a slightly over average player, but that is one trophy i will not be getting for sure.
  8. Ok brilliant, thanks for replies.
  9. Stumbled across this game the other evening. I have played many poker games in the past, also play a lot in real life and I have to say this is the best i've played hands down. It's a joy to play, feels great , plays great. It's also a free download which is a bonus , multiplayer is excellent too. Obviously with games of this caliber if you have a unlucky streak and want to carry on playing you will have to pay real money for chip stacks, however i think £0.79p ( UK Currency ) is no big deal to get back into play and that gets you 10.000 chips. Downside , some of the trophies are tremedously hard , but hey-ho, gives you something to work towards I guess. Also ( at time of writing) ps+ members get 75.000 chips free.
  10. If you fancy a few hours off gaming, read his biog , very unpretentious and a good read from start to finish.
  11. Hi, just wondering if any of it is worth buying and if so which ones? I'm presuming it won't spoil my game experience if i don't buy any, however its very cheap. Yes, I've seen Serah's beachwear
  12. Beach Buggy Racing, not a bad game, good fun too and quite cheap atm. (ps4)
  13. Absolutely.
  14. Nope. Black Ops 2