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  1. I would like to sign up again. I have every platinum on both platforms including Kingdom Hearts III. EDIT: I have 100% on all the non-platinum games as well.
  2. Hello, could I sign up? I platinumed Persona 5 Persona 5 Dancing Star Night (JPN) Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night (JPN) Persona 4 Dancing All Night (JPN)
  3. This may be a bit old, but I figured I should post my experience in case it helps anyone in the future. I had the patch and all DLCs installed from the moment I started playing DA:O. I just got Blight-Queller in the Awakening expansion, concretely confirming that the trophy can be earned in DLC. I kept replaying the battle at the Keep, killing all the Darkspawn I could. Before the battle, I created a party that comprised myself and no one else. From the beginning of the battle, you can earn 100-200 kills depending on how effective you are. For those with the patch installed, statements about the 1000 kills having to come from the player warden are correct. The only thing I am uncertain about is if starting the Awakening DLC resets the internal 'invisible' kill count (the one that matters). I think I killed well over 1000 as the player warden so that might have been the case, but I cannot confirm this either way.
  4. I can also confirm this. Unfortunately, I have still been getting a good amount of real players. Almost 50% of the time.
  5. Holy crap it works. Thanks a ton.
  6. I'm not entirely sure, but I don't think it is required to complete any part of the main storyline as you can fail the objective and keep playing from my understanding, but you might not have ever have access to the safehouse if you don't complete it.
  7. So, I've completed the game once so far, and I have built all of the following items. Handgun Bullets Shotgun Shells Sniper Rifle Cartridges Assault Rifle Cartridges Magnum Rounds Flamethrower Fuel Shock Bolt Smoke BoltExplosive BoltHarpoon Bolt Freeze Bolt Medical Syringe Medical Kit These are the only craftable items that I found were mentioned online. Is there something else from the list that I've missed? The only thing I can think of is the craftable Sniper Rifle early in the game, which I didn't create. Now, I have the Sniper Rifle from the later section of the game, and am unable to make another sniper. Unless I'm missing something, I think this might be the problem. If so, does anyone know a workaround? One that preferably doesn't mean playing through the entire game again?
  8. No way, me too, stranger. We should work on it together or something.
  9. I think I might have had a similar problem on awhile back although I'm not sure how I fixed it. Do you have any extra non-critical save files? I feel like that may have been a problem for me. I'll copy-paste from part of a Neoseeker post I found in another thread. "1. Collect all Xehanort reports, so Terra should do Mirage Arena before beating Xehanort.2. Beat the final bosses with TAV.3. Do NOT touch any of your saves after you've beaten the game. Don't reload it for anything.4. Complete FE.5. Now, load your Terra's save and see in the increase in battle level, which should have increased. Save that file. Do the same for Ventus.They also say to remove all unwanted saves if you are not using them. Back it up on your pc if you might use them later on.The trigger here is the creation of MF. If you acidentally reload your save before doing the Final Episode, your save gets glitched and doesn't get the increase in battle levels. Anyway, refer to that link for more information." -Ultravegeta, Neoseeker
  10. Limited and Standard editions are available for pre order on Play-Asia.
  11. I just finished ALL of the games on both PS4 and PS3. Wow, that was a hell of a challenge. Could I be upgraded to Master of Hearts?
  12. New trailer for Little Witch Academia
  13. Great timing for me. I just started LWA. A sidescroller hack and slash isn't really my thing (if that is inded what it is), but I'll definitely be getting it regardless. (Physical western release pleeease)
  14. Aranea's boss fight is incredibly easy in comparison to Cor's.
  15. I bought the season pass awhile ago and got Episode Gladio, but at the moment Episode Prompto is only available for $4.99 for me. Anyone else experiencing this?