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  1. It was for me, You get some from the DLC or playing the final mission again , i had the complete edition so reached the cap and still needed three skill points
  2. okay ill try that, thanks
  3. is the "what the doctor ordered glitched" ? Cannot get it work in offline or online
  4. Hi guys, new to the youtube thing, If you like Gameplay and Trophy List Opinions, Check it out in the link above, got 2 uploads a day scheduled of the Velo Time Trials On CTR:NF as well as the occasional other game and starting a trophy list review series soon
  5. For the weapon kills in MP, getting a double kill with the BFG unlocked it for all 3 of us
  6. Fixed, 666 demons is through the single player
  7. Return Of The Obra Dinn #200
  8. any reason why this isn't in the preorder section of the UK PlayStation store, its in the US one and obviously out in Japan? is it even coming to EU ?
  9. ok thank you
  10. cant find it on the UK PS Store ?
  11. can you farm checkpoints for the kill related trophies or no ?
  12. does this still work ? is there a guide on how to do it ?
  13. PS4 Pro Bundle £430 Only a year old with upgraded 2TB HDD Recently cleaned and Includes Jet Black Controller HDMI, Power and Controller Charging cables, Mono Earbud Headset PS4 Pro Box Includes Following Games in either Like New or Sealed Condition, Available separately depending on price Price of bundle will go down the more games sell Games will be posted Red Dead Redemption 2 (Sealed) - £45 Spiderman (Sealed) -. £30 Doom (Sealed) £ 5 Strange Brigade - 15 Spyro Reignited Trilogy - £20 Fifa 19: Champions Edition £30 Assassins Creed Odyssey: Gold Edition £35 Mass Effect Andromeda £5 Hitman 2 £35 Send me a message if interested All set up and ready to show working Due to previous Time Wasters No Reserving Best offers will be selected Collection Only for Console Less