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  1. Return Of The Obra Dinn #200
  2. you got your wish !!!!!!
  3. any reason why this isn't in the preorder section of the UK PlayStation store, its in the US one and obviously out in Japan? is it even coming to EU ?
  4. ok thank you
  5. cant find it on the UK PS Store ?
  6. can you farm checkpoints for the kill related trophies or no ?
  7. does this still work ? is there a guide on how to do it ?
  8. PS4 Pro Bundle £430 Only a year old with upgraded 2TB HDD Recently cleaned and Includes Jet Black Controller HDMI, Power and Controller Charging cables, Mono Earbud Headset PS4 Pro Box Includes Following Games in either Like New or Sealed Condition, Available separately depending on price Price of bundle will go down the more games sell Games will be posted Red Dead Redemption 2 (Sealed) - £45 Spiderman (Sealed) -. £30 Doom (Sealed) £ 5 Strange Brigade - 15 Spyro Reignited Trilogy - £20 Fifa 19: Champions Edition £30 Assassins Creed Odyssey: Gold Edition £35 Mass Effect Andromeda £5 Hitman 2 £35 Send me a message if interested All set up and ready to show working Due to previous Time Wasters No Reserving Best offers will be selected Collection Only for Console Less
  9. can confirm this works !!!!
  10. Nitro in tribute to the CTR Remake
  11. no, just waiting for the patch before trying it. Got an extensive backlog so trying to put a dent in that as well as work on my game design coursework, as soon as the patch drops ill give it a go probably
  12. downloaded the new patch, loaded up Sapienza and no trophy again, I'm going to try completing a challenge to see if that triggers it EDIT: Apparently getting patched in the next update sometime next month
  13. only trophy not unlocking so far, wish I could just reset it, annoying as hell
  14. yeah I done them all , I gone back through getting suit only and completing the level so it must be the bonus missions
  15. ill give it a try, will let you know EDIT: Nope, even completing the full escalation and I didn't have any older saves , thanks for the suggestion @lordzeze