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  1. i'm not having any pop, i've tried everything mentioned above, anyone have any ideas i haven't tried, if not, might wait until a patch is out
  2. here with you, must have tried 100 times haha
  3. I had one trophy pop, must have tried everything, will try the method above and if it doesnt work then will wait for a while
  4. this would have been a great source during my dissertation but interesting read nonetheless
  5. reset my progress and trophies popped, it gives me incentive to play it again and unlock all my stuff back through Hitman 1-3
  6. @TheDblTap I have the challenge completed on Dubai and all places unlocked so may have to reset my progress when that's my last trophy
  7. Dune Raider Still wont pop after repeat visits
  8. I will give it a go and will update for others EDIT: Visited all locations in one and it popped
  9. I have this issue, did you do anything special ?
  10. great guide, i have had two of the all locations trophies not unlock on me but enjoying the game so far.
  11. Great News on the Platinum
  12. It was one of the H1 trophies i believe so the likelihood of this becoming the game with the most trophies just got a whole lot more realistic
  13. Ps5 40 hours in, It has crashed 22 times since launch, often while driving but the story is great but most NPC's cant be interacted with which is strange for a game of the genre and would have definitely benefited from a few more months of development, CDPR have lost years of goodwill in just one week, not having the game work on the generation it was supposed too is astonishingly bad, feel sorry for the devs but ironic that a game about corporations is hampered by poor management. With patches galore, I do believe that it will be the game promised but this might be a turning point in shady promotions and not letting people see the content they payed for. Personally if im offered a refund, I will take it and see how the game is doing in a few months time
  14. thanks for all the answers so far 1. That third question isn't really something i had thought of @pogo_loco but it does bring up an interesting point, rarity of the achievement is definitely a factor, easy game is hard to quantify but for the purpose of the study, i would say games that require no skill such as road bustle etc. 2. I agree @ladynadiad and @Clarink that quick platinums can be a sort of palate cleanser between big open world experiences , in my paper, I narrow down achievements into 12 different categories and Multiplayer/peripheral achievements are definitely low on the totem pole, i may do a another poll with the 12 categories and which type is a player's favourite. 3. A general question for everybody, would you feel the same about trophies if there was no popup, no ding, it was just added to your statistics 4.If a game had a glitched trophy and you had started the game, would you continue until you were at the 99% or would you leave it until it was fixed or potentially never fixed ?