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  1. Has anyone got a in depth text guide for this, I followed one I found on reddit and it didnt unlock, must have done 3-4 playthroughs just to get these trophies as they are the last two I need ?
  2. How do you get both sets of chapter 4 ? Will I have to wait until new game plus ?
  3. I'm fed up with you Christians criticising us Muslims for sleeping with animals. I'll get my goat.
  4. I've won the games and didn't get it so I contacted EA help to see if they could unlock the trophy and after 9 different people checked the case, I was told to put it on the FIFA forum to be looked at. so helpful. So much money made in cancerous FUT with Whales, Wallet Warriors and "Influencers" all funding it and they need 9 different people to sort out a simple thing, Couldn't find their arse in the dark with a torch and a mirror 😂😂🤡 EDIT: I managed to get four people that were slightly worse than me in a row so got lucky so pray you match with people who couldn't pass a parcel
  5. have you got the trophy now as i have 1499/1500 so next match will do it for me ?
  6. EA Help are looking into it but i dont hold out much hope
  7. I have 3 wins in a row and lost and it still didnt unlock, i unlocked the trophy with no issue on PS5, EA Help are useless so does anyone know if there is a precedent of EA unlocking the trophies from their end ?
  8. so if I earned them on PS4 and don't cash them in then I can also unlock the trophy on PS5 I assume
  9. Has anyone earned this, do you keep the points if you don't enter FUT champs ?
  10. i'm not having any pop, i've tried everything mentioned above, anyone have any ideas i haven't tried, if not, might wait until a patch is out
  11. here with you, must have tried 100 times haha
  12. I had one trophy pop, must have tried everything, will try the method above and if it doesnt work then will wait for a while
  13. this would have been a great source during my dissertation but interesting read nonetheless
  14. reset my progress and trophies popped, it gives me incentive to play it again and unlock all my stuff back through Hitman 1-3