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  1. The only three I have left as a digital owner
  2. was a tester for this, enjoyed my time with it and will pick it up in a sale
  3. Ghost Recon Wildlands - 11.12 %
  4. Would delete the vita tie in game on my account that has no timestamps
  5. A simple " Easy Games " section to separate them is the only solution now
  6. I don't mind some of these easy games, My glass half full view is that they are trying to raise money to develop and make better games
  7. any tips, been at it for ages ???
  8. Only downside is the voice for me
  9. For some reason it's showing that i have 1166 bricks to collect but everywhere I've seen has shown there are 1116 anyone else have this will edit with image when home
  10. I had just won a 20 min iron man match on legendary yesterday and it didnt register
  11. do unlocks such as nameplates etc transfer over, i cant see them but not sure jf bug ?
  12. Has anyone got a in depth text guide for this, I followed one I found on reddit and it didnt unlock, must have done 3-4 playthroughs just to get these trophies as they are the last two I need ?
  13. How do you get both sets of chapter 4 ? Will I have to wait until new game plus ?
  14. I'm fed up with you Christians criticising us Muslims for sleeping with animals. I'll get my goat.