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  1. I invested about 20 hours online, maybe a little under. With better efficiency (such as not spending so much extra time on 4 player trophies and using a different xp grinding method) I could see 15 hours being a reasonable estimation with a capable enough group.
  2. I actually wasn't aware of this game, so thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  3. I adore the franchise, but your post has likely dissuaded me from playing this. I've already spent numerous hours on V3's post-game content and am not even finished with it all yet. It's not bad, but it's been so tedious, with the character events the only truly rewarding aspect for me. If S builds itself on bonus game modes from its "predecessor," yet can't even improve on that foundation while feeling protracted and incorporating microtransactions, I'll gladly abstain. I haven't read up on Danganronpa's future lately, but I'm still holding out hope for a proper entry someday.
  4. I took a break from Outlast for years because I figured Insane Mode just wasn't something I could handle. Well... very recently I decided to revisit the game. After a couple more playthroughs to get all collectables and to practice, I managed to nail my Insane run on my first attempt. Had a couple close calls on chapters 1 and 3 due to panic-induced forgetfulness, but I mostly breezed through it. A majority of the encounters/enemy behavior are so scripted that a specific tactic will be successful every time. Even the fuses section in Chapter 6 is extremely easy with the right strategy. I did consult PS5Trophies' video for a bit of guidance during chapters 5 & 7, because there were 3 encounters I hadn't quite mastered. Finally, I can play Whistleblower!
  5. Okay, my 2 step verification is still disabled. I'm not sure what my problem is, then. I get the error code E-80558309, which I recall seeing when I had 2 step verification enabled in the past. I'm also having download list errors. PSP downloads weren't working, then suddenly they were. Right now Vita downloads aren't working for me (NP-9948-0). Is anyone else having issues? Can anyone else transfer applications from PS3 to PSP and PS Vita? Maybe things will resolve themselves soon...
  6. I haven't seen anyone mention it, but does this mean we can no longer directly copy applications from the PS3 to the PS Vita? I recall 2 step verification was a hindrance to achieving that. There are some games that can't be downloaded to the Vita except through PS3 transfer. I've been trying to copy Silent Hill: Origins from my PS3 to my Vita and only get error codes. I can't seem to copy it to my PSP, either. Not sure if I'm forgetting something...
  7. I'm fairly certain Unstoppable is the only trophy which requires the player to do public matches. Everything else can be done in private matches or offline splitscreen. Playing Ghost Arcade doesn't register anything in the Public Match Stats. It basically just takes the place of needing to use multiple controllers locally, to my knowledge.
  8. I don't have this issue on PS3 or Vita for any of my downloaded titles. No expiration date even appears on PS3. Chrono Cross is fine, too.
  9. As of March 28, 2022, I can verify that this method is essentially still viable. Except that... once he started a private match, I had a new option within Resistance itself--on the Party Matchmaking screen--to join the host's (PSN name appeared) game. I didn't use the Vita's Party app to join the match. Though, I assume that still works, too, if it did before.
  10. I actually auto-popped the second list while my original was at 80%. (I hadn't seen this thread and didn't realize that would happen.) The new installer was in my download list, while the original one could still be downloaded from the console store. Since then I've earned Infallible for the original list, then loaded up the new installer and popped the aforementioned trophy, as well.
  11. The one in the thread title, Sweet Thieves.
  12. Finally had my stroke of luck and got 5 favorable matchups in a row. Thank God it's over. Took at least 6 hours!
  13. Last night I had 4 wins. Fifth one I was on the Guardians team, and my closest teammate only jumped the whole match and ruined my run. In fact, I see Guardian players do this in at least a third of the matches. I can't understand it. Generally it just seems I get lesser teammates regardless.
  14. So far this has proven to be difficult because I can't get competent teams more than 2 matches in a row... Guess I'll try again tomorrow and hope for a better draw.
  15. Well, I didn't need any of these tweaks the first time, but I guess this is good to know if I ever bother with this difficulty again. Yes, I understand how imbalanced Brutal is, but I'm glad I completed the games normally. It'd be fascinating to know what percentage of players on the website earned the Brutal trophies without this method.