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  1. They're not missing - I tried Bioshock multiple times, farthest I got is about five hours in, felt very boring and a real disappointment after everyone called it "best FPS ever". Still gave Infinite a try, thought it was better but still got bored and stopped about halfway through. Still can't explain exactly why I thought they were boring as the setting sounds really interesting to me. Opinions and feelings are weird.
  2. I started anew with the Switch so I'm around 600-700 platinum and around 120-150 gold I think, would have to check. You wanna join, join - I'm not stopping you on account of 13 posts. @MosesRockefeller will see this one coming, but...
  3. Shovel Knight did not add more stuff with the price increase. Shovel Knight is getting more DLC, this is true, but the people who paid €15 early on are getting the exact same package as people who are paying €25 now. The developers even came out and said that they needed to increase the base price if they wanted to finish all the free DLC they promised, and they gave the official date on which the price would increase so people could still get it for the lower initial pricing. I paid the full price (the Switch version came out at release last March, the price increase was somewhere in January I think) and I'm very glad to have sponsored these developers. Stuff like this happens. Early access, Kickstarter sponsors, pre-order sales... There's lots of reasons why someone buying the game before it's finished can be off cheaper than people who wait a while. All that matters to me is if the game is worth the price I will be paying when I buy it myself.
  4. Pasting images is easier than having to write down everything, all the cool kids are doing it these days @RingUnlimited Games I've played through on your list and enjoyed a lot:
  5. Have to disagree here; while I don't see the point of having first person in L.A. Noire, I thought it was brilliant in GTA V and kept playing through the game like that even after getting the trophy.
  6. You're welcome, and have fun, it really is a great game. And not "hey let's jump on the TLOU bandwagon because it has great presentation even though it has bland gameplay" great, L.A. Noire truly is a unique gem, if a little bit rough around the edges.
  7. For €15 or less I'll probably get it right away. Anything higher than €20 and I don't feel like buying it until there's a sale. With sales, I'm waiting with buying Little Inferno, Snake Pass and Bomberman until there's a good sale. I don't think Little Inferno and Bomberman are worth their base price and I see the sales from Snake Pass on PS4; I want to get it on the Switch but I don't feel like paying more than I should so if they're going to make it a PS+ game on PS4 before they're doing a sale on the Switch then that's their loss. I also hope we get good sale prices with our mynintendo coins, those platinum coins don't last that long.
  8. @Super-Fly Spider-Guy on a different topic, since you're the only one here next to me actually posting updates and having finished four games already... Since we're discussing games in the general Switch thread as well, I was thinking about shaking things up a bit for this thread. My new idea would be that with four games, you've "completed" your mission for the event and further updates are not needed. People who have completed 4 games or more get a in the OP, and working down from there people who have completed 3 games get and so on. This way, us big Switch players don't have to keep updating everything here as well as in the other thread, and we can push the others a little bit in playing some more, or at least saying some more on how they're doing. On a different note, I hope Shakedown Hawaii gets a decent price and is released before I go on my summer holiday.
  9. The game is lots of fun and just like the other old Rockstar games, it's on sales on PSN very often. Just remember, the game HUD says your three options in questioning suspects are "truth, doubt, lie" but as the character in the tutorial missions informs you, it's really not like that. Truth: Yeah, the person is telling the truth, you believe them. Lie: You can prove that the person is not telling the truth thanks to some item you have picked up during the case, you will confront them with this proof. Doubt: here is the biggest problem. It's not so much "doubt" as it is "you think the person is not telling the truth so you'll have to roughen them up a bit", meaning you shout accusations at them, trying to coerce them into telling the truth. If you don't realise this difference, it can get very confusing when you doubt someone and Phelps suddenly starts shouting at them I think Zero Punctuation has a very good review on the game though I can't recall if it has any big spoilers.
  10. You can check the description of your ingredients. Hot peppers will increase your cold resistance, for instance. Yeah, I think you would remember, go check them out You have to tame horses before you can ride them You get a short tutorial message the first time you walk past horses but the rest you'll have to figure out on your own. Also, as the game states, your horse is not magical and can't just appear anywhere when you have to be close enough for it to hear you, the game remembers where you leave your horse. You can 'save' horses at stables. Pro tip: sneak up to a spotted horse before you try one with just one colour, the spotted horses are easier to tame.
  11. Assassin's Creed III gets a lot of flack these days and I didn't think it lived up to its predecessors when I played it the first time, but I definitely liked it enough to play through it a second time. Haven't played it on PS3 but I loved MagRunner on X360, I think it's not really "underrated" as much as it is just obscure, though. Not enough people take Kung Fu Rabbit seriously as a fun little platformer. Dogfight 1942 gets slammed for not being as good as its big budget competitors but I thought it worked. L.A. Noire gets flack for some of the main protagonist's choices and for the ending, but the only problem I see was that the Homicide storyline would work much better as a final story if drops of information about that had been scattered in earlier departments instead of the arson stuff. Most people here hate Luftrausers simply because it has two unobtainable trophies but I like it, it's a short little game that's a lot of fun. People slam Fez a lot for Phil Fish, but I still like the game.
  12. Don't worry about it. Remember that there's also a lot of profiles on here who aren't actually active but get added by friends or co-players, who can get flagged once and never find out because they are not even on here themselves.
  13. I'd put those odds of it being bogus even higher, just not because I think Rockstar does not have the code Rockstar doesn't always rush to make remastered versions of their games, GTA V had a lot of extra work done and was a good candidate because it also has online. I think Rockstar would create a new title in the franchise before doing a remaster, though a polished version would be possible if they're actually making a sequel (just like the odds of Red Dead Redemption getting a remaster have increased now). I do believe that at least Rockstar owns all of the rights for the L.A. Noire name and content, none of that has stayed with Bondi. ... Come to think of it, I think Rockstar working on an L.A. Noire sequel would be just about the only reason possible that a remaster of the original would even be considered. I don't think Rockstar would give such a job to a non-Rockstar company and I don't think it would be considered important enough for them unless they're going to do more with the franchise.
  14. Beyond Two Souls, because I liked the game playing through it once but I started to loathe it on repeated playthroughs as I started to see how little my button inputs actually mattered. QTEs could be failed, conversations could be ignored... Ugh. Are there games on your card on less than 10% completion which you know you will never ever go back to?
  15. ... But that number is only about people who either have three or more games flagged, or who have one or two games flagged but have hidden them. If you have one or two flagged games, and you've hidden every flagged game, you don't count as a "removed cheater" because you're back on the leaderboards again. That being said, I would have no problem with the "cheaters removed" text being changed to "gamers removed" or something.