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  1. Oh I didn't need a second opinion, I accepted your previous explanation as a valid one I was just saying why I thought it could count and how I accept the "city has to be shown in game-play" bit. I've played the intro of Darksiders now and it's set in a city under attack from angels and demons, so I guess it should count. Though I've just realised that Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is releasing tomorrow, which I want to play as well. I think it's partially set in a city as well though I'm not sure as I haven't researched every bid of information that has come out on the game. Which title are you talking about with that last line? Darksiders, Octodad or something else? It wasn't confusing to me but that doesn't mean I greatly enjoyed it
  2. Shitzu, How could I not mention Mario Kart? Probably because it was the most recently played game on my Switch. So I played through 8 games. I've played through all of the championships on 50cc on my first two days with the game, which I'm counting as 'played through' since just like with story games, the rest is just upping the difficulty. Getting all trophies with three stars, and then getting all extra vehicle parts would count as 100%ing the game. Blaster Master Zero - not completed yet Bulb Boy - not completed yet Death Squared - played through Fast RMX - played through Human Resource Machine - not completed yet The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - played through Shovel Knight: Shovel Of Hope - played through Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment - played through Snake Pass - not completed yet Super Mario Kart 8 Deluxe - played through Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! - 100% completed World Of Goo - played through
  3. Sure, what the hell, sign me up. I'm not active enough here to keep up the events I created myself but I could try discussing the Switch games I've been playing every once in a while. Total games played through: 7. Blaster Master Zero - not completed yet Bulb Boy - not completed yet Death Squared - played through Fast RMX - played through Human Resource Machine - not completed yet The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - played through Shovel Knight: Shovel Of Hope - played through Shovel Knight: Specter Of Torment - played through Snake Pass - not completed yet Snipperclips: Cut It Out, Together! - 100% completed World Of Goo - played through
  4. I'm definitely going to recommend it, I can elaborate on a status update or wherever (seeing as this specific thread is probably not the place for it). Come to think about it, I've made a pretty decent post about it a while ago, showing the differences between it and No Man's Sky (which many people compare it to, but the two actually have a lot of differences): That's the cleverest thing I've ever heard a straight person speaking from religion ever say about same-sex marriage. Now if only every religious person could see that their "reasons" for banning same-sex marriage are bat-shit insane... By the way, I'm just going to leave this right here...
  5. Well, I thought Whispering Willows would count because while not seeing the city itself, it is constantly there in the story, but I get it if you wish to keep it like that. Yeah Whispering WIllows was an enjoyable game. A bit too short, a bit too easy, a bit too predictable but whatever, it was a fun ride. I just bought Darksiders 1&2 in the sale, I guess that first one counts for city? Won't give me a gold/platinum but it will give me a better game to use as a silver. I've also still got Uncharted: The Lost Legacy on pre-order for next week and I've got enough free time and spare money that I think I'll just actually get it, even though I've got a bunch of expensive game purchases in October with Assassin's Creed, Super Mario Odyssey and South Park (that's not yet counting Middle-earth, which I will probably skip on - their fault for releasing in such a busy month). Octodad's controls are a lot of fun though, and it's a very relaxing game regardless of the controls. I'll make sure to check in to see what's what! I thought the ending with the final boss of the movie was pretty good, everything after became a bit too meta. I like media that's meta usually, but somehow this didn't really do it for me, perhaps because it was still a game pretending to be a DVD that goes meta instead of actually going game-meta or a film that goes meta.
  6. I bought the Darksiders duology in the sale and I've had some issues with the download so I figured I'd warn everybody.


    I bought the duology and tried to start the downloads, but apparently I did not have enough storage space left. So, I deleted some games, restarted the DS2 download (which had already appeared on the download list before being stopped by lack of space, while DS1 had been blocked before going on the list), and I went back into the store to restart the DS1 download.


    For DS1, DS2 as well as the duology; all show up in the store with their prices instead of a download button...


    Whenever I tried adding them to my basket again I got an error, but there was no way of downloading any of them, neither through the store nor through the library, where the two separate titles did show up on my purchase list.


    Restoring my licences did nothing to correct this issue.


    In the end, I got the download to work by going into the app (online should work as well), logging in and clicking on "download to PS4" on the DS1 page.


    So if you want to buy this duology, either make sure you have enough space beforehand, or solve it through the app/online remote download prompt.

  7. So, my wife's parents have just returned home from their holiday. My mother-in-law had something to complain about a male gay couple who stayed on one of the campings a few spots removed from them. She started her complaint with "Now, I don't have anything against gay people, everyone should be free to do whatever they want if they don't mistreat others, and several of my co-workers are gay, but..." Which leads me to ask the following question: Anyone else notice that if someone starts a sentence with "I don't have anything against gay people", the longer it takes for them to get to the "but" part of the sentence, the less the complaint will actually have anything to do with said people being gay and the more it seems like the complaint is only there because said people are gay? Whoop-tee-doo, they take two hours to get ready for going on a trip to a nearby town, I've seen a straight couple do the same (worse, actually) on my last holiday. ... In gaming news, I've been enjoying Elite Dangerous a lot. I bought the disc version, which comes with the season pass and 1K credits in the microtransactions store, which basically is customisation of the looks of your ship with paint jobs, icons and the likes. ... Long story short, the ship I use I've called the "Dragonfly", it's deep purple now and it has pink exhaust glow and fumes. Because I can. ... Or move to Holland! Gay marriage is allowed here, and while the country itself isn't that interesting (to me), there's loads of interesting European countries just a short drive or plane ride away.
  8. Okay, so the Darksiders duology is on sale now for €15... I think I may just have to buy it at that price.


    For some reason, I never played these games before. According to everyone who has played them, they should be right up my alley though.


    When the duology appeared on PSN for €20 (the main price of DS1, DS2 is €30) I almost bought it, but two things held me back - I had enough in my backlog, and the separate sales prices for the two titles went as low as €18 for the both together. They're both on for that price again (€8 for DS1, €10 for DS2) yet the duology is now on sale for €15...


    ... I think I just have to get them now. My backlog is nice and quiet, I've been playing Elite Dangerous non-stop on PS4 for the past two months and I can stand playing something new alongside it now and it can get me up to speed in time for the third game.


    Yes, I know either one will be on PS+ eventually but I don't care about that, the games are cheap enough now and the series has apparently been in enough financial troubles already. They're apparently great games so I figure I can stand paying the price of a decent pizza in a restaurant for two massive games.

    1. BillyHorrible


      Also in doubt about getting:

      Batman: Return To Arkham for €15 (played them twice already, once on X360 and once on PS3)

      Headlander for €7 (thanks to the great review of @DamagingRob)


      I'm also semi tempted with some of the Telltale sales but I'm afraid I've been burned out on their games.


    2. DamagingRob


      It's too bad that Headlander price isn't chopped in half.. Was just on sale for $4 in the NA Store. :/

    3. BillyHorrible


      That's too bad, but then again I'm accustomed to EU not getting the kind of sales the US gets.


      I've bought the Darksiders games, don't know yet if I'll buy anything else. Might be that I have enough for now.

  9. @RizzleAbbey12 @SyIaris I 100%ed Whispering Willows, and I'm going to need your opinions on if it counts for the theme. Why it would not count: The gameplay is entirely set on the grounds of a single decrepit mansion, including gardens, guest house, catacombs et cetera. Not really a city. Why it would count: Said mansion was built by the founder and first mayor of the city where the player character lives, and the story (shown through the finding of diary pages of several characters) is about the years surrounding the founding of the city, including nasty stuff the founder did like having Native Americans murdered, in contrast to how he is portrayed in the player character's history classes, where the city's founder is naturally portrayed like a saint. As such, while we never "see" a city in-game, the mansion (and its grounds) the game is set on is part of a city and the founding/founder of that city is what the whole story is about. The crazy controls of Octodad are the whole point of the game though Thanks for putting me in the main list again. South Park counting for October would depend on how you're going to interpret the "Halloween" theme. If it's about dressing up - The second South Park game (just like the first one) will have you dressing up your character, only the second game is about pretending to be super heroes while the first game was about playing fantasy characters. I should add that because I've pre-ordered the new South Park game, I'm also getting the PS4 version of the first game for free. Rebel Galaxy is on my backlog list, I've indeed obtained it through PS+. Yeah I didn't really like the final chapter of Deadly Tower but I still enjoyed the game as a whole a lot. Just get over here in Elite Dangerous, that game is amazing Witcher 3 was great, still have to do the final DLC.
  10. Picking this part because I disagree with it; Yes they shouldn't go for 2.5 hours just because they can but if it fits the story... For instance, Hot Fuzz is a police comedy that certainly deserves its two hour runtime. Captain America: Civil War clocks in at almost 2.5 hours and it wasn't bloated. Outside of the comic/comedy genres, Quentin Tarantino's movies are often very long but never really bloated. On the other hand, the Marvel films that are not Avengers or Captain America rarely go past the two hour mark and contrast to DC (or Transformers, for that mater) people never seem to think that the Marvel films go on for too long. Of course, Marvel has other problems, like every single superhero with their own movie being a Straight White Man. Luckily, the idiot responsible for choices like that (and who said shit like how Terrence Howard from Iron Man 1 could easily be replaced by Don Cheadle because people wouldn't tell the difference anyway) is not in control any more and in the next two years we're getting both a female superhero (Captain Marvel), a black superhero (Black Panther) and a male/female superhero combo (Ant-Man And The Wasp). Yeah, it's a good time to be alive for a movie fanatic with an unlimited cinema pass. I see your list and I raise you Baby Driver, Kingsmen 2, Kong: Skull Island, Spider-Man, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword, The Hitman's Bodyguard, IT, The Dark Tower... Good year for movie goers, indeed. Though I've had my pass for about five years now and I've always managed to find enough to want to go to for my pass to be profitable every month. Flash in this trailers feels like an exact replica of Spider-Man from Captain America: Civil War - newbie superhero who doesn't "get" the main rules yet (Spider-Man quips too much during battle, Flash doesn't get the "sneak away while Gordon is not looking" thing). A lot of what DC is doing outside of the comics themselves is what other people have done already. Though I really have to give them credit for making a female superhero movie before Marvel, and for setting it in WW1 instead of WW2, which would have been the easy choice and which has been done to death already.
  11. Hope you all have had a lot of fun, depending on how I feel I might join for KYC5 (if Hemiak allows it) but for now I don't think I'm on the forums enough. I'm popping in every few days or so but it's mostly just a few minutes to respond to whoever quoted me. Sorry to hear you had issues with Elite Dangerous, what were they? I've sunk dozens of hours into the game by now, I'm loving it!
  12. @RizzleAbbey12 @SyIaris Oh fine, if I'm going to log in every once in a while anyway, I guess I can be added to active participants again. This event is the only one I'm doing that for though, and you shouldn't expect me to be here every week. And don't expect me to do a lot of platinuming/100%ing of games, I'm kind of done with trophies that way I guess. I'll probably complete something on occasion but South Park and Assassin's Creed Origins might be the first games I take the time for and I don't know if they'll count for your themes in Oktober/november. Best bet is I'll mostly only be doing silvers until the end of the year. Here's my 'reviews' on my games for July and August... July The Fall The Fall is an amazing little game, and I'll definitely recommend it. It's a puzzle game with heavy emphasis on the story, and on what we think constitutes as an AI. We play as ARID, an AI in a combat flight suit whose main function is keeping the pilot alive. ARID is activated after the suit crashes on an unknown planet, and with most functions being locked or defective from the crash, ARIDs best hope is getting to a hospital. Which is easier said than done, considering the environment she finds herself in... The Fall is not a large game and can be played through in a few hours. It's not an expensive game either though with a base price of €10, and a sale ever so often. I bought it during the last sale but I can tell you now that the game has left me impressed enough that I'll buy the second game right away once it releases later this year (The Fall is the first game in a planned trilogy). Even though the puzzles and art style are different, I was reminded of The Swapper a few times and "if you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other" definitely applies here. August Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack!!! This game can be described as "2D Katamari with platformer puzzles", and if played for free (I did through my PS Now trial) it can definitely be enjoyed for the snack-sized game that it is. There are some problems that prevent me from recommending it though: It being so obviously like Katamari immediately highlights the obvious: Katamari is much better, and it's a shame that Katamari Forever seems to have been removed from PS Now. The idea of being a blob that constantly grows is appealing, but for unexplained reasons the blob shrinks back down in size a bit between about every level. some consistency would have been nice. The platforming puzzles are fun but they aren't always executed that well, it also makes me wonder why the hell these things were constructed in the first place. At €7 and with no sales in sight, I don't know if I would recommend the game at this point, though if you have PS Now anyway then you should give it a go. Issues aside, it's a fun little platformer that brings some cool ideas to the table, even if it doesn't always know how to execute them. Here's some more screenshots from Elite Dangerous, now that I've copied them to my computer anyway... That "Dragonfly" is my current ship by the way, it's a Diamondback Explorer, and the one I've chosen to do my pilgrimage to Sagittarius A* with.
  13. Snake Pass is definitely something that will not appeal to everyone, but it's been developed well for sure. I mean, not everybody will like Octodad because of how weird it is but that doesn't mean it hasn't been made well. Of course the other games don't sound familiar - there's a reason the indie haters of PSNP think I'm King Of The Indies (Never mind me pre-ordering every Assassin's Creed and every Rockstar game, can't have an opinion without automatically being a fanboy these days) I feel like my modus operandi works rather well though. Ever so often, I stroll the PSN and eShop pages to see what's what. If I find something that looks interesting, I do a few minutes of research online - watch gameplay, read reviews - and if it still looks interesting then I'm getting it. I need even less convincing if I got it through PS+. I've played a lot of amazing games this way that don't even have 5K players on PSNP. I thought the chests were much more boring than the damaging in Syndicate. The chests took me two full days, the damaging took me an hour or so of grinding at the end, maybe even less. I played two out of three and I definitely would not call those "open world" games. You're thinking of MetroidVania games here - the world may seem open but thanks to power-gates there's always one clear path to take and rarely do you ever need to go back to an area except to open a new door. If you wanted actual open world games in 2D, you could mention games like Terraria, Retro City Rampage and the likes. @RizzleAbbey12, @SyIaris, I finished the story of Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, so you can put me down for a silver. Doubt I'll get anything to 100% this month, Elite Dangerous is too much fun. Speaking of, today I started on the long journey towards Sagittarius A*. I've left known space behind, nothing but me and 25K lightyears of uninhabited space... Feels great. This is what it's like... Sorry for the crude picture, I just photographed my television instead of doing the roundabout way. @RizzleAbbey12 thought about our discussion of last month and I'm thinking you should keep No Man's Sky in your backlog for now. They're still releasing updates, who knows how much better to play it will be a year from now... Better explore Elite Dangerous first!
  14. ... I had done everything in Unity except the chests and it STILL took me two full days of gaming to get the remaining chests. It's bad. It's very bad, especially since I started the game with exploring Paris and I refurbished all theatres right away so I had more money than I knew what to do with by sequence three. Chests are useless, and the locked ones are damn annoying.
  15. Well, I still play Mario Kart occasionally but mostly only when other people join in. I bought three new games: Death Squared: awesome puzzle game, it's available on PS4 as well. I can really recommend this one, I completed the story and I'll move on to the multiplayer levels once my gaming mates have set a date. Snake Pass: great platformer, available on PS4 as well. I've done two out of four worlds at the moment, it's got a good learning curve and great level design. You don't move too fast as a snake but that's not a big issue as the levels are packed with stuff, so you don't need to auto-pilot traverse a lot like in the Banjo-Kazooie games. Bulb Boy: hardly played it because I want to play it in one go, tried the first two rooms and it's awesome. Really weird puzzle game, some people online compare it to Courage The Cowardly Dog (if that rings a bell), I'm not completely sold on that comparison but there are definitely some overlapping themes. Don't see it as pointless, see it as fun playtime without trophies The Assassin's Creed games have a lot of cool side content not linked to trophies, personally I think there should be a 100% DNA completion in each, with chests not counting towards completion.