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  1. Heads up: the "Sega Mega Drive And Genesis Classics" Collection is on a 75% off sale on Steam. This includes ROMs for the games so it provides a completely legal way to add more ROMs to your RetroPie. (P.S. many ROMs are of *.68K and *.SGD extentions, but a simple renaming to *.smd is enough to make them work with RetroPie)
  2. But it's not for free, as you could also use the coins for a discount on a different game. There's so many awesome games on the Switch you haven't tried yet, it would be a shame to spend the coins on Oh Sir simply because that's the one cheap enough to be nought completely with coins.
  3. Neww poll is up.... My answers: Games I'm likely to get day one are: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, Kirby Star Allies, Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo Labo - Variety Kit, Pokémon and Yoshi. I'm in doubt about a couple of these but I'll probably cave, especially if I manage to keep my backlog down. Games I'd like to see sequels/ports to: I'd like to see a port or sequel of 3D World, and I'd like to see sequels to Smash and Party. I couldn't name them because they already have a sequel (either released or upcoming) but I wouldn't mind seeing ports of the Wii U's Zelda games, Yoshi's Woolly World, and Kirby's Wii U title Rainbow Curse or Wii title Epic Yarn. My most played game has been played 60-70 hours and it's either The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild or Stardew Valley - both of these I've played in between 65 and 70 hours, according to my Switch. These were the final results for the last poll:
  4. Well, loads of new info on Nintendo Labo (still a weird name, I think). Seems like there's much more to the games in the mixed kit than I initially thought. I will probably get that one. Especially if we can send each other our own created motorbike tracks.
  5. Perhaps the devs think you don't need a map because it's obvious enough where to go? Stealth Inc 2 doesn't think you need a map either. Neither does The Fall or The Fall 2 by the way,which brings me to the next point: I'm really enjoying The Fall 2 on the Switch, played about an hour now. It also made me remember to tell you, @MosesRockefeller, that The Fall and its sequel are kind of "MetroidVania-lite" games, featuring a bit of exploration and backtracking as well as unlocking new 'powers', while on the whole still being a linear game - that is to say, you move from larger area to larger area which all have subsets to backtrack in.
  6. Yeah, the first game gets pretty cerebral too. I thought it had a pretty intelligent and interesting story, though I'd put it more with Asimov than Dick. It's good that you moved away from that mindset perhaps the first game should be given another chance? I would have gotten the game regardless but I liked the sound of a longer game (first one was over in an hour or three or four, if I recall correctly) and an overhaul of the action gameplay. I've played about an hour now, I think, and I really enjoy the game. Might be much better to not play this before playing the first game though, it's a pretty direct sequel that builds on the story of the first game.
  7. 16:9? BOOOOOOO! I keep any game on its original aspect ratio. I also use a CRT shader because that's the kind of screen those old games were made for and it really shows in my opinion when you don't use it, with graphics that are 'off' and too bright an image. As long as we're talking fun stuff to do with RetroPie, I love that scraper thing for game info, it makes the menu seem a lot cooler. I don't scrape ratings though, because fuck other people's opinions.
  8. @Joker so how do DLC completions count? Specific case: I completed the "Pic-a-Pix Colour" DLC for Pic-a-Pix Deluxe on the Switch. This DLC costs half the main game price, contains half the number of puzzles (150 to the main game's 300) which are all the puzzles from the old 3DS / Wii U title.
  9. I didn't look into trailers etc. because I was set on getting the game anyway after being wowed by the first. What is it about the second game that makes you want to give it a try even though you didn't like the first one? To each their own but I don't get this approach. It's a game heavy on story, probably with a twist or two, probably not longer than six to eight hours and probably not that hard to get through. Why spoil the surprises by using a guide right away? If you want the completion without all the effort, you could always do a first playthrough blind and look at a guide for a second playthrough.
  10. Mèh. €30 and above is premium indie pricing to me. €20-€25 is Axiom Verge and Shovel Knight money, I'm willing to bet a price like that on a game that fits my genre preferences, takes me at least eight to ten hours to play through and has already been getting good response from other gamers, on this system or a different one. If you already have it then you should certainly give it a try. Gameplay can be a little bit rough around the edges but it's got a great story and feel. Weren't you the one who loved Axiom Verge? I thought that game was pretty good at not making it clear where I should go four or five times in the second half.
  11. Bought The Fall Part 2: Unbound today. Like, duh. Updated my first post. Back at square one, on to three games played through before March 16 so I can buy Kirby.
  12. No hijacking needed when it was intended as a general discussion thread from the start I had some questions a year ago but I've had a RetroPie myself now for over a week, so for all I care this is a thread to discuss RetroPie stuff anong ourselves and to inform others about the possibilities. @Dreakon13 glad you like it so far. Shame it doesn't all go super smoothly but I guess that's part of the charm of such a system; figuring how to make it better along the way. Personally, I've put general emulation settings on use of the CRT shader and viseo smoothing together, so it looks really cool now (I mostly play SNES games for now).
  13. Well, it's finally the day of The Fall Part 2: Unbound and Owlboy. Anyone picking up either, or even both, right away? I'm getting The Fall 2 when I get back from work. Loved the first game. If you haven't played this yet, PS4 gets a bundle for a decent price with an extra 20% off for PS+ members, meaning you only pay €0,60 for the first game. Kf you already have the first game, at least in the EU the second game seems to be cheaper on the Switch than on the PS4.
  14. Anyone played this yet, or picking it up today? I picked up the first game when it was on sale last June, and I loved it. Will definitely get this second game, in a rare instance of me buyong a game before seeing any reviews. Note: if you don't have The Fall yet, there's a bundle available for a nice price, with an extra 20% PS+ discount. The Fall is a sci-fi game about the AI in a suit of armour trying to get to a hospital before the suit's human pilot dies. This results in an action/puzzle game with mood comparable to The Swapper, another hidden gem (although The Swapper gets a bit more freaky premise/execution with a cloning and soul transferring gun, and The Fall explores android morality). Note: if you have played The Fall already, have a Switch and just want the second title, in an instance of reverse Nintendo tax the game is slightly cheaper on the Switch. This seems to happen on occasion on the Switch now with a few smaller games, where instead of the standard $=€ price, the Euro price actually gets a bit of compensation for the currency being more expensive.
  15. Do figures of vehicles count? My first "epic" from the miniatures. Got loads of smaller ones - Y-Wings, TIE Fighters, YT-1300, YT-2400... Not even playing the miniatures game any more but I'm using these for dogfights in the Star Wars RPG that I run.