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  1. Good to see this event is still going strong, that people keep picking it up. I'm very tempted to join. I'm not really active on the site any more with the exception of talking Switch and the occasional KYC event, but it seems like my (admittedly smaller than before) backlog could use a bit of a push. Might get me to boot up the PS3 again, I haven't turned it on for a while, not even to download PS+ games. I wouldn't even know which games would actually count now. I'd have to reopen my trophy list and check.
  2. I just bought the physical version of A Day In The Life Of Marlon Bundo. Glad it's finally available again. I bought the e-book version back when I made a post about it but I love to have the actual book. And all revenue goes to two good causes, plus it's a really cool way to stand behind diversity and say "fuck Mike Pence" at the same time. Watch Deadpool 2, people. Not only is it better and funnier than the first movie (my opinion), but for a raunchy immature action-comedy it's surprisingly inclusive of alternative people. A few jokes about ethnic diversity and how "X-Men" is a sexist name, but at the same time there's a lesbian couple as supporting characters and there's a genuine complaint about there being no heavy-set superheroes, while this movie has a heavy-set main character. I also heard a character came out as bisexual on Brooklyn Nine Nine but the new season is not on Netflix yet over here. I think that's nice, lesbian/gay orientations are more and more included these days but writers often forget there's stuff in between. I'm annoyed with straight characters suddenly "realising" they're homosexual on shows without even thinking about bisexuality. Like with Willow on Buffy. Good that they had a gay main character but it completely invalidated the whole plotline about both Xander and Oz. I hope Brooklyn Nine Nine handles it as well as asexuality of a main character on Bojack Horseman was handled.
  3. Anyone doing anything special with their extra cash from their holiday pay and/or their tax returns?


    For me and the wife, we'll use some for our summer holiday, save up some. I'm thinking about a new sound system though. The last one gave up on us.

    1. Temmie


      I got nothing but vacation time.  I took a vacation tomorrow so I have a four day weekend.  I have hella catching up trophy wise o.o;

  4. So, anyone playing Bloodstained?


    Seems interesting but I've got a couple of doubts. Mainly about the 8-bit art style and the on the fly character switching.

    1. BG_painter


      I will play eventually, i dont buy games on launch. ^_^

    2. Cthulhu


      Well, that's one way of reducing money spent :)


      These days, I'm more willing to spend money on a game I think I'll enjoy, especially if it's independent developers sticking to their vision.


      I mean, Bloodstained (at least the side game Curse Of The Moon that is out now) is only €10. Whatever price it will eventually be, I'll have to wait a damn long time before I'll save enough on the purchase to buy a pizza.

  5. So, anybody played it yet? Seems interesting to me. Looks a damn lot like old Castlevania even though I haven't played any of the titles that came before Super Castlevania IV. It's only €10 too so I'm very much thinking I'll just buy it on my Switch for the summer holiday, only things holding me back are the 8-bit art style and that I don't feel confident about the mid-game character switching. Bringing @MosesRockefeller because as a MetroidVania fan he'll probably want to know about this game.
  6. Yeah, his face looks like a Pyrenees alright interesting mix. Our Vizsla is nearing ten years now (we've had him for less than two) but can still act like a hyperactive pup.
  7. It definitely will... We have a Vizsla. First dog ever for my wife, first dog for me that I own myself but I grew up with dogs. We do kind of treat him like our little kid; he can always come on holidays, he's allowed on the couch, he has a lounge chair to sit in next to the dinner table... Though he's been without basic human contact for several months at his previous owner's home (when said owner was slowly dying of cancer and had his neighbours look after his dogs, which for the non-dog-owning neighbours meant "walk for ten minutes, give food and leave them be in their own home instead of taking them in") so we do try to include him just so he's more at ease. I take it the dog from your pic is your dog.. looks still young, what kind is he?
  8. I thought God Of War was so-so. Perfect score on the bait though. Fun read. I have also a son who is a dog. Welcome to the site!
  9. Yeah people somehow think that GameMania is very expensive but it's basic suplly and demand for them. Everybody returns Andromeda and nobody wants it, so the price has plummeted. Something like Watch_Dogs 1 is €5 used. South Park: The Fractured But Whole had a successful release but anyone who wanted it bought it right away so it's €20 now. Meanwhile, GTAV is still €35 because not many people sell it to them yet there's always people who want to buy it.
  10. I saw the deals earlier and was going to say this in the thread: Mass Effect: Andromeda is tempting for €8. On the other hand, it's still €8 I'm giving to EA. It's €10 used at GameMania, I might pick it up there. No money to EA and I can sell it on again when I'm done. Then again I've got enough actually good games in my backlog, so I might still not bother.
  11. Agreed. And I didn't know you owned one, at least that makes weight/battery a personal opinion thing instead kf just something picked up on Sony boards. Though I still think battery life is a weird one, as personally I can go for hours without needing a recharge. Though when I'm on the move I pick, say, Celeste instead of Zelda to play, which drastically improves battery life. I'm semi interested in Labo and would have gotten it if it was €40 instead of €60 (and if there hadn't veen a few other releases that were more aimed at me, like Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze). Though I'm not a part of the target audience either. I know a couple of people with small kids who have Labo and those kids apparently think it's a blast.
  12. Almost sounds like they're going to release a(nother) handheld device that can connect to a home console over the internet. Personally I think this is a bad move for handheld consoles as I'm using those at so many times when I have no internet connection to speak of. Probably going to regret responding, but... To each their own, but it sounds very much like an opinion of someone who hasn't done any research. As someone who almost exclusively uses the Switch as a handheld: it's neither to heavy nor too cumbersome (I thought the Vita was too small actually, kept hurting my hands when I tried to play it), and battery life is pretty good (especially with less demanding titles that don't feature huge open worlds). As for weak/underpowered: yeah, if you want high end graphics, feel free to stick with PC/PS4Pro/X1X and ignore that to many people, it's a secondary device for Nintendo exclusives and for gaming on the go. As for sequels(/ports): as if PS4 was any different, and for either console it's not the whole picture. As for Labo: it's still weird to me how many people keep going "DUHR $80 for cardboard!" while they're obviously not the target audience. Can't we just all agree that PS4, Switch, X1 and PC are all different kinds of gaming machine that cater to different kinds of gamer? Can't we stand together as gamers without resorting to infighting? This whole console war thing seems as weird to me as the DC versus Marvel fanbase. It's all comics, it's all video games. We're a small enough groups of people as it is, let's not let the groups splinter any more. There's no need to stay blindly exclusive to one single mega company. And trash people that are exclusive to another company. Plenty of people aren't exclusively committed anyway
  13. Am I the only one amazed by 400GB microSD cards?


    Just bought one for my Switch as my 128GB card would likely be full before the end of the year. Now that I've decided to go fully digital, I need more storage space.


    But 400GB on such a small card... I worked with floppy disks when I was young. I remember a PC game magazine here advertising that it came with two floppy disks filled with games.

    1. dermarx


      I second this, it is amazing.

      I rember having a old game on like 13 Floppy Disks. 

      My first PC had a 40GB HDD (and I thought this would be enough for years. Silly little me).

    2. StrickenBiged


      It is, indeed, quite crazy. I recall shelling out over £150 for an external HDD that had its own power supply when I was a student and movie/series piracy was all the rage, just so that I could store everything that I wanted to watch. The external HDD was only 80GB! I wouldn't even give a damn phone with that little storage the time of day now!

    3. DaivRules


      My first hard drive in my first pc

      was 2 Gb. Couple years later, I upgraded to a 10 Gb and thought it was massive (I was also burning 650 Mb CDs like crazy. But compact flash came around and led to micro drives. I thought they would be the future. Even bought one with 512 Mb because all the flash media was really limited to 128 Mb. To think now about kids coming up talking about how 64 Gb!!!! MicroSD cards are around $20 and people expect 128 Gb of storage in the phones really blows my mind so yes, 400 Gb microSD is amazing. You’re carrying around the Library of Congress (at one point anyway) in your pocket on something smaller than my fingernails. Definitely amazed. 

  14. I've gone through the first world in Runner3. Cool game. I also bought a 400GB microSD card so I'm safe for now regarding memory. Still had 20-30GB to go on my 128GB card and haven't saved any games on the internal storage yet so thwt one's almost empty but I felt like planning ahead since I could get a 400GB card for a reasonable price. Also: shit, 400GB on a card as tiny as my pinkie fingernail. I am old enough to have actively used floppy disks. Played through the main portion of Celeste. Really a great game. At the boss of world five of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze. I really love the explosion the eShop had of platformers, as this post will probably tell you.
  15. I think the problem in interpretation lies in the CEO's use of "final phase" as starting when hardware sales start to decline. Personally I'd have called that the pre-final phase, the final one being 'hardly any hardware gets sold any more but there's still many active users'. So yeah, the point isn't "PS4 dead" as much as it is that we're starting to reach saturation PS4 console-wise. The best action is now to keep a hold of these PS4 owners and keep coming with new and interesting games. Honestly, I agree with your whole post. I think that this really mostly applies to AAA gaming though. I feel like there are many independent developers who focus on innovation. Basically there's indie devs who try to innovate (Elite Dangerous creating our galaxy on a 1:1 scale, Papers Please having a 'check for inconsistencies' puzzle gameplay in an Eastern Bloc border immigration office setting), and indie devs who focus on gameplay/genres the AAA world has moved on from (Shovel Knight combining Mega Man and Duck Tales, Thimbleweed Park going classic point and click). It's been a while since an AAA game positively surprised me. I think Mario + Rabbids was a crazy idea that worked very well. Then again, I feel like Ubisoft is actively trying to do something different these days, both with established and with new IPs. I'm very interested in Starlink, love to see how that unfolds. I still like games like Assassin's Creed and Mario and Donkey Kong, but they're not the games that surprise me any more. Personally, these days I try to take more of a chance with indie games. I get burned once in a while, but on the whole it seems worth it.