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  1. @SyIaris @RizzleAbbey12 If at the end "one word title" is tied with or at most one ahead of another option, please consider my vote as going for the other option. Unless the other option is the group one, which is even more useless to me. Also, just going to throw it in here as well: anyone feel like joining the ID/avatar Pokéclub with, @Blissey, @Cubone, @Ditto and @Shiny Suicune? It's going to be a thing, decide now that your favourite mon is still available!
  2. I'm saying that you'll get better and if you do enough puzzles, you can do them instinctively. I'm also saying you should become @Pikachu.
  3. Since my last post, I saw IT, and surely this is one of the better horror movies in recent years, and among the best Stephen King adaptations ever. I never liked the 1990 version as I thought it was a kid's version of the book and not scary or interesting at all, while dropping too much interesting scenes (note that I read the book and saw the adaptation in my early teens). Another great horror film I watched in recent years is Crimson Peaks, though that is more of a gothic horror period piece than straight-up horror.
  4. It's weird how each time a discussion about a pre-order starts, people come in and say that pre-ordering is stupid, while it's just a different opinion. Never mind that most stores that allow pre-orders won't make you pay until you've actually picked up the game and allow you to cancel your pre-order even right on release (five days after release, in the case of the store I pre-order at). That's most of the anti pre-order arguments made invalid right there. Some people just like the collector's edition or plain pre-order extra's, or the pre-order sales, or paying off a game bit by bit in advance, or trading in games for store credit and putting it in an upcoming game, or the pre-downloading of the digital version so they can start right away at midnight, or whatever the hell their reason is. It's their reason. Give it a rest already.
  5. I'll pick "Games where you Assassin's Creed", and by sheer silly coinkidink BillyHorrible is not the one participant voting for that 😂 South Park hasn't really had much scary stuff yet, by the way, but I'm betting I will see something that counts before it's over. For example, I think the vampire kids will make an appearance at some point (since I could list them as a weakness).
  6. Well, I just bought Putty Pals to play with the missus. By the looks of the trailers this is strictly a co-op game. Keep playing for a few months and you won't know any better. I smell someone chickening out... It's all or nothing on the joining It's more of a phasing out because it's old enough and the Switch can become very successful if it's embraced by both the home console and the handheld console gamers. Samus Returns can be called "going out with a bang" All aboard the Switch train! CHOO-CHOO!
  7. @Shiny Suicune @Ditto @Blissey IT'S HAPPENING

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    2. Shiny Suicune

      Shiny Suicune

      @AlchemistWer Ummmmm o.o


      @Cubone Yes unless specified. Example

      1) Heatran. Male or Female

      2) Latias. Only Female

      3) Latios. Only Male

      4) Cresselia. Only Female

      5) Tornadus. Only Male

      6) Thundurus. Only Male

      7)  Landorus. Only Male.

      Are the only known gendered legendaries

    3. AlchemistWer


      Uhmm... Let me think about it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    4. Soneto
  8. Sounds like the beginning of the end for the 3DS. It's been a good run, but making way for the Switch is the right thing to do.
  9. We do zero assists, but then again me and the missus both do these kind of puzzles all the time on holidays One is enough do it! Take the leap!
  10. Yeah Nintendo is definitely handling third party better now, especially independent developers. It's not an argument, Super Bomberman R is massively overpriced. They were one of the commenters on the article, if we read the same article. Yeah it's not perfect but it gets many points just by being different. I thought the W1 and W3 bosses were hilarious. Once we got to 15x10 and more difficult it was fine, but 10x10 was too small for us playing together. Looking forward to the 20x15 ones. And I now understand that any larger would probably be unreadable in handheld mode. Join usss.... I think it would be pretty funny if more people would rename themselves to a Pokémon. I saw @Blissey around when they were Chancey but once DamagingRob became @Ditto, I felt like I just had to join in. Figured I'd lampshade it in here as in this Nintendo thread, there are probably more people willing to go along with this.
  11. Well, correct me if I'm wrong but it seems that the Switch is already much more popular with indie devs than the Vita (at least devs with a western audience). It remains to be seen how well the indie devs fare once the AAA list starts growing. I think we read the same thing. One of Freedom Planet's devs, right? I would pick up that game on the Switch, for the right price. I do think that Nintendo's vetting is a good thing though. Who is this BillyHorrible you try to talk to? I still think VC would undermine AAA games as well, but yeah it would hurt indie devs even more. There's more wrong with the Vita than just that in my eyes, but let's not open that can of worms Mario+Rabbids spiked in difficulty for me at the final boss of world three, the most difficult boss in the game in my eyes. They make general Picross games and the occasional Nintendo themed one. I would pay double for the same number of puzzles without thinking if they were Nintendo themed (though then I would still be hoping on puzzles that are a bit larger).
  12. I pre-ordered mostly because I could pre-order it for €19 ifI traded in two older games. I figure if I get through the single player I'll just sell it on again, will even be more profitable than trying to sell those two old games on their own. And I get a cool Star Wars USB stick along with it now. I generally only pre-order if there's a collector's edition or if there is a pre-order sale such as the one I just described (or hose 20% pre-order sales on PSN of Double Fine remaster titles). If it's just he regular game, I generally speaking don't pre-order, with the exception of Zelda, which I wanted physical and was sold out on release, as expected. I also pre-ordered Super Mario Odyssey for the same reason though I've been thinking about just buying that one digitally.
  13. The question has now become, how many other Pokémon will join in the next event?
  14. @Ditto, @Blissey


    So, 148 people to convince they should join the team, or did I miss someone?


    And yeah, I blame you two with your name changes that I'm doing this now too. You knew I would be easily influenced like that.

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    2. Cubone


      @LucileRose that's why I changed my title, so at least the people in the threads have an easier time dealing with this sudden change :)


      @Blissey thanks, and if there's anything I can do to help the party grow, just let me know :) is there a Pokégroup thread somewhere?

    3. Ditto


      xD I changed my title, too. But it probably doesn't make sense to anyone but me and one other guy. Lol. But Blissey is #242, so we need a lot more than 151. ;)

    4. Cubone


      Dang, I thought Blissey was one of the old ones. I know Chancey and Geodude were. Jeez @Blissey, you changed names a lot before this started taking off.

  15. @Feral AAAAAH! SPOILERS!