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  1. @Crimson Idol @Super-Fly Spider-Guy I think I've been misunderstood a bit on the forums thing. It's not that I hated that people didn't like what I liked (if Spidey dislikes TLJ, that's his right), and I do enjoy discussions, for instance with @Paleblood who disagrees with me on just about every game, but discussions stop being fun when the other side can't see and won't accept that there are conflicting opinions just as valid as theirs for other reasons. And that's what I'm done with, I just don't have the energy any more to keep going into discussions which have people keep repeating the same catchphrase over and over ("digital gaming is a glorified rental service" is a popular one these days, or claiming something is "SJW" just because the main character is not all three in the straight white male section). I've tried keeping just to the discussions I like, but I know I'll eventually get pulled into the discussions I don't like too, which is why I'm making the choice to stop being on forums at all. Those meaningless discussions aren't worth my spare time, and if I can't help but getting pulled in, I'd better stop completely. I might return to the forums again at some point, as I've done before, but I think the chance is getting slimmer. Used to be the KYC event pulled me back in because I enjoyed jumping into many games and reviewing them, but I kinda stopped buying new games on PS4 and I completely stopped caring for trophies, so there's less of an incentive to rejoin for the event this time. Wish you all the best, and perhaps I'll see you around.
  2. I guess you didn't look farther because, next to deleting you from my friends list early December, what else I did that same day was: Delete everyone else from my Switch friends list. Delete everyone from my PS4 friends list. Make my trophies completely private (I had already disabled trophy notifications months ago). Log out of PSNP and stop posting on it and all other forums I was on. I'm just done with the whole online thing. I didn't remember who most of the people on my friends lists were, and I didn't care for all the negativity in the forums. The Last Jedi sucks! Indie games suck! Digital games suck! Nintendo sucks! Marvel sucks! DC sucks! Whatever, I'm completely spent. Since quitting on forums, I've had more time to game and I've even picked up writing again. So yeah, I'll log out again right after finishing this post. But don't worry @Super-Fly Spider-Guy, I'll re-add you if you want to see my Switch games Also, while I'm here: great Direct, thankful I'm getting a Yoshi demo because I'm not too sure about that one, I've never played Link's Awakening and it looks sweet, I love how we're getting more Star Fox stuff for Starlink, yes on the extra content for Captain Toad, Box Boy + Box Girl will be something I'll play with the missus, I'll probably get Bloodstained as I liked the 8-bit one, I'll probably rebuy Hellblade, Unravel 2 is the only game EA has I'm prepared to give money to them for until they make a good Star Wars game or give up the franchise. Also, little known games currently on sale that I played and loved: Pode, Agatha Knife. I also liked Membrane but haven't finished it yet. Kjthxbye!
  3. I was just going online to see if this game was worth it, since the version plus DLC is on sale for €5 now. I have to say, this thread is the funniest thing I've come across online all weekend.
  4. It's not the quality of the game, it's an easy platinum combined with a relatively small open world and every side thing you need right there on the map. On PSN the platinum rate is around 11%. Open world games in general have a higher than average completion rate if there's no trophy for the difficulty level. Given the relatively short time in which Spider-Man can be completed, I actually would have thought its completion rate would be higher than it is. Not that I'm calling Spider-Man a bad game (I thought it was flawed, but still pretty good), I'm just giving a bit more context. @Edunstar84 I bought Hollow Knight day one on Switch. Still need to play it some time... @xFalionx I also cared less than I thought I should for Spy Chameleon. Still haven't finished it. @MarkusT1992 I loved Octodad! I've got fond memories of it, and when it released on Switch last year I rebought it right away.
  5. @DuckSwimmer might want to change the thread title, as the day one update was only 18 GB or thereabouts. I bought the game physically after all* and right now the update size for the most recent version (1.02) is about 19,7 GB. *did so because someone didn't pick up their pre-order, which was the only edition that would make me get the game physically anyway:
  6. Someone didn't pick up their pre-order so I still got the only Spyro edition that made me want the game day one, the edition with the cable guy. Lucky me, I only saw they had this a day or two before the game would be released and they were sold out by then.
  7. Bought a game! Someone didn't pick up their pre-order so I could get the only edition of Spyro that made me want it day one: the version with the cable guy. I've used the store credit I was initially going to use for Smash, so either this one doesn't count as being bought or Smash does. Going for this one counts as bought - I don't know yet if I'm still going to pick up Smash, but I just want to keep myself in the minus here so I don't buy too many new games (I'm looking at Rick and Morty Virtual Rick-ality right now but other than that I want to be done for the year). I'd say somewhere in between three and four hours. I recommend not looking at the trophies until afterwards, you can just rush through the game in an hour or two to lap up everything you might have missed, and it should be possible to go back to an earlier day (think the game takes thirty in-game work days, or thereabouts).
  8. Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. You say trophy - is what used to crash something that's not part of the main game, just an easter egg or secret room or something?
  9. Finished the story! Glad I got it on a sale, would have been disappointed at its full price. For €5, it's pretty neat, though ultimately forgettable because it's too much by the numbers. No thoughts on Iconolast (or Iconoclasts, for that matter, whe-hey), but I have thoughts on SOMA and Papers, Please. Play them. Play them right away.
  10. People asked for a third Banjo game, and were upset when they actually got it - warts and all, without the improvements made by other games since Banjo-Tooie. If all you expect is another Banjo game, with the same collectables, voices and camerawork, then you get what you want. I really enjoyed it (got distracted by a different gsme, I should go back to this soon - playing it on Switch though, the PS4 one is only on my card because I wanted to try it out to see if I was willing to pay full price for the Switch version). My main gripe eith the game is that the side characters are so random and have nothing to do with the levels themselves or Yooka and Laylee's design. Like that female refrigerator that pops up everywhere. Sound is actually pretty much how they did it in Banjo, up to and including the "eh-uhh-eh" voices. It's a love it or hate it deal, I guess.
  11. That's why I try to keep my backlog under control. I have no problems with a game which I bought coming to PS+ down the road. Yes, SOMA is on PS+ now, but I bought it half a year ago for just over €7 and I loved it so much that I felt sorry for both me and the devs that I didn't buy it closer to release for a higher price. I'm glad more people get to play it now, but I still wouldn't have minded if I had gotten it earlier. I don't mind funding devs when they make a good game. There's also the risk of not seeing the games you anticipate end up on PS+. People have been calling Octodad a future PS+ game since it was revealed. Well, it might still be on there at some point but I played it close to release over four years ago and a bunch of times since then. Bottom line, I agree with @TJ_Solo. If you want to play a game, and it's on for a price you're willing to pay for it, just do so. Well, most of the Vita's failure is only Sony's fault. Handhelds don't seem to be dying even outside of Japan. The Vita launched in the same year as the 3DS and that one ended up a massive success, not as huge as all DS versions put together but that can be written off as not as many people willing to try a 3D handheld. The Switch is also very successful these days, and even though that one has the advantage of being able to be played as a home console (which would be a great thing if more handhelds started doing this), it seems Sony has nothing to blame the failure of the Vita on but themselves.
  12. Unfortunately, zero games that I'd even be willing to try that I don't have already. If, however, I might recommend two games to others... SOMA is an awesome game, simply amazing. Great setting, great story. It's mostly puzzle exploration but there's a bit of stealth too. Papers, Please is the reason I set up a Steam account, and it was worth it. Great game and if I still had a Vita, I'd definitely play it again.
  13. Going by that Reset Era thread (you know, first time I read that site's name I thought it Resetera was some sort of pun on "etcetera" I wasn't getting), it might just plainly not work for Tomb Raider at all. So, you might want to look at it this way: is the PSN sale price good enough that you're willing to start all over again? It's a shame Sony (or Nintendo or Microsoft, for that matter) doesn't have that two hour playtime refund thing that Steam has. I love digital games but there's some steps still missing.
  14. Got the platinum! A promising, but ultimately boring game. I blame the short length, and the large amount of repetition when going for the platinum. Glad I got it through PS+ though because I was all ready to buy it on the first sale it'd get on the Switch. Now I know I don't need to bother, and that it's overpriced.
  15. Huh, weird... That thread says it happens with many games so Tomb Raider might be one of those. All I know is when I got Just Cause 3 through PS+ digitally it worked pretty fine with my disc save. Though, now I do recall Rayman Legends not loading my save, but at the time I blamed myself for going from PS4 to PS4 Pro and not checking beforehand if every game had auto uploaded their saves to the cloud service.