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  1. Been playing the Railway Empire Beta (Steam) like crazy the past two weeks. Already have 29 hours in just 15 days of owning it. It brings back memories of putting nearly a hundred hours into Railroad Tycoon back in my youth.

    1. dermarx


      I'm hyped for this one too, since I played Railroad Tycoon (2) a lot back in the days. 

  2. Mother of god! After all of these years wishing and hoping that someone under the Sony banner would finally get around to working on a either a remake of the original games or a new MediEvil game, my long-held dream is finally coming true! I nearly jumped out of my chair in total excitement when they rolled the trailer near the end of the Easy Allies stream of the PSX Experience last night and had to rewind the stream to make sure that I was not imagining things! As a HUGE fan of the original two games (I still own both PS1 disks for MediEvil and MediEvil 2 along with replaying the first game several times a year on my PS3 via the PSOne Classics purchase I made on the PSN store), I can't wait to finally play as Sir Daniel Fortesque in his remastered adventures across Gallowmere!
  3. Man...hard to believe that this year is nearly over already. Just seems like yesterday it was New Year's Day and I was looking forward to the year, not knowing everything terrible that would go down (health issues on my end, those horrible mass shootings, disasters, and other tragic events that have made 2017 one of the roughest years I have been apart of)...

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    2. Aranea Highwind

      Aranea Highwind

      Lol time for me to change my avatar. Just noticed we are both using the chrismas version of Katsuragi latest card.

      Lol time for me to change my avatar. Just noticed we are both using the chrismas version of Katsuragi latest card.

    3. Aranea Highwind

      Aranea Highwind

      But yeah 2017 has been terrible for some people. I will never forget being without electricity for 32 days due to hurricane Maria. Hopefully next year is better for all of us.

    4. Rexnight303


      I remember that night I was playing the campaign of Titanfall 2 at master difficult 

  4. Here is the one that I am currently using as of today. It is of Tamamo no Mae (Caster) from Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star.
  5. Finally got Photoshop on my new gaming PC. Getting back to making paint schemes for both iRacing and NASCAR Racing Season 2003 for the first time since my old iMac that had Photoshop CS5 broke in July).

    Here is some of my prior work (NASCAR Racing Season 2003):





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    2. glassthursday


      These are textures?

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      @glassthursday These are NASCAR paint schemes created on Photoshop using various race car templates (PSD files) and logos that match the real-world cars. Each car I create on Photoshop takes between two to seven hours, depending on how detailed I make them). Each one is custom-created using various assets (logos, numbers, signatures, decals, etc) that I arrange on each template and then finalize each design. The bottom image (one that shows the #20 Tide Pods Toyota Camry) shows what one of the templates looks like (when open in Photoshop).

      All of the other images in the OP (the ones with the 3D cars) are professional renders handled by the guys at SimRacing Design (SRD). They take your work and apply it to full 3D models and can customize each one to your liking.

    4. MossyOakRcn42


      @Aranea Highwind Cheers for the modified version of my current avatar in your post (had to wait until I was home from work before I could check it out). I am currently debating which avatar I will be using for the holiday season, and I may or may not go with the one you shared as I look at all options.

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, everybody!


    1. marvelboy10


      Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! :)

    2. ee28max


      Happy Thanksgiving :) 

  7. Sigh...stuck working 1PM to Midnight all the way through next Tuesday. At least for Thanksgiving I will be getting $25 an hour (double OT for holidays), so it will be worth it (a much fatter paycheck).

  8. Here is the entire Mother 4 fan-game soundtrack, which was finally released by GameChops on Youtube after the death of the Mother 4 fan project. Enjoy what might have been had the game actually released instead of dying off due to worries about Nintendo cracking down with their cease and desist orders in regards to copyright.
  9. The weekend can't come soon enough. Work has been hellish this week so far (lots of breaking news, especially that terrible shooting in Rancho Tehama roughly 35 miles from our TV station that we covered over the past two days) stress-wise. That, coupled with doing tons of work for each newscast has wore me out, and it's only Thursday!

    Thankfully I get most of Saturday off (only work the late shift) with both Sunday and Monday off. Going to put more time into The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, and replay both The Walking Dead: A Telltale Adventure (Season 1) and it's 400 Days DLC.

  10. 7/10 For a full-sized version of my avatar, see the spoiler section below: