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  1. Finally beat the main story for The Outer Worlds (PS4) earlier today. Will be moving on to Death Stranding (PS4) later tonight after I get home from work, and I will be updating the Azur Lane app on the PC emulator I use as well.

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      I really wanted The Outer Worlds but I really don't care for FPS games :(

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      Thanks, @BlackSquirrell1. The game itself is pretty fun, for the most part. I was able to beat the main story in roughly twenty hours (that included doing most of the side missions, companion quests, and exploring around each world looking for cool stuff), the cast of unique companions you can recruit to your crew and go adventuring with was great (extremely fond of SAM and Parvati, who both use powerful area-of-effect special ability attacks to knock down/status effect enemies), and the variety of weapons that I got to use in combat (Plasma, semi-auto, automatic, melee, special Science weapons, flamethrowers, shock cannons, etc) were fun to use. Had a few good laughs at the humor used in the game (along with some of the dialogue options you can select) as well. Outside of a few minor issues and bugs I came across during my travels, the game was very enjoyable to play, and I look forward to whenever Obsidian/Private Division team up to create a sequel.

      I would recommend the game to you, but since you are not the biggest fan of FPS games, I just wanted to let you know about it (from my perspective). Hopefully one day, you will get to try it for yourself and get to enjoy it as much as I have.

    4. AndyKazama


      Always welcome to have a long lengthy chat with some about Azur Lane. Especially Takao

  2. Currently working through the closing chapters of The Outer Worlds (PS4) as of this week. Will start Death Stranding (PS4) on Thursday once I wrap up playing The Outer Worlds and messing around with Akiba's Trip: Undead & Undressed (PS4), which I originally purchased back in the summer of 2017 from the PS Store & only just stumbled across it installed in my game library when deleting older games to make room storage-wise for upcoming games.

  3. Happy Halloween, everyone! May the spookiest day of the year bring you plenty of frights, some laughs, and possibly a ton of quality candy as well *eyes small stack of King-Sized Crunch bars*

    1. BlackSquirrell1


      And turn off those lights so you don't have to share any of the candy!

  4. Currently working on my 5th Platinum trophy with MediEvil (PS4). Collected all of the Chalices, laid all of the Lost Souls to rest, and currently mopping up the five trophies I missed out on during my first playthrough. With luck (due to a busy week), I should achieve the platinum for MediEvil within the next week or so.

    1. Parker


      I'm working on Modern Warfare right now, but I think MediEvil will be the next game I play. I've played a couple levels in the remake and it brings me right back to my childhood playing the original game on PlayStation. I really hope this isn't a one off and Sony revive the series. 

  5. Well...poured roughly 230 cubes into the event, and I failed to get HMS Formidable. I was able to get pretty much all of the other event ships (only failed to get RN Trento), but the one ship I was most interested in eluded all of my cubes. Somewhat frustrated, but hopefully one day I will be able to obtain her as another fine addition to my vast Royal Navy fleet. After checking the Azur Lane Wiki, I am surprised they did not include FFNF Jeanne d'Arc in the Iris of the Light & Dark event back in June. Her artwork looks awesome (and would have been a nice addition to any Commander's fleet)! SOURCE:'Arc
  6. When celebrating your team finally doing something successful, don't try to punch your QB's head off! Rutgers center throws one hell of a punch when trying to celebrate his team scoring that rocks the unfortunate QB's world.



    1. skateak


      Lol, holy shit.

  7. More Info (credit to Brotaku):
  8. Slowly chipping away at Borderlands 3 (PS4 Pro). Roughly eight hours in, and I am enjoying it for the most part. I went with Moze (the Gunner), and her mech suit ability adds a fun twist on gameplay when taking on the various wildlife (Skags, Rakks), Fanatics, Tinks, and Psychos I've come across so far. Been enjoying the gameplay, some of the humor, and the different types of weapons I have experienced as of now.

  9. It launched last month in Japan (August 29th). See below (from Wikipedia):
  10. I would recommend the following videos (they will get you up to speed on how to play): ...along with this helpful Azur Lane video playlist (lots of informative videos). Best of luck, new Shikikan!
  11. @Helmet_time @Artemisthemp @Revvie @TheVader66 @Tosmasta00 @LastWarriorXIII @Melty @Leon Castle More skins were announced in the second special Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Live Stream. Image of new skins below video: SOURCE: New Skins: Other Things Announced/Shown (During Live Stream): Shigure Getting Retrofit: Siren Operation - New Game Mode Teased: Taihou Announced As First DLC Character For Azur Lane: Crosswave - New Trailer (PV4) Released For Azur Lane: The Animation (arrives next month!):
  12. Congrats on getting to be the newest PSNP interview, @DaivRules! @Dragon-Archon Question for PSNP Interview: If you were able to create your own video game (complete with a large budget and supporting team of talented individuals), what genre would it be, would it be focused on single-player or multiplayer, and what would your game be like?
  13. For those interested (while we wait out the ten hour update that is currently taking place when I post this), here is all of the stats, abilities, and other information regarding all of the new ships (all Sardenga Empire ships + HMS Formidable). Credit to the Azur Lane Reddit page:
  14. @Helmet_time @TheVader66 @Artemisthemp @Revvie @Tosmasta00 @LastWarriorXIII @Melty Here are all of the new skins announced in the special Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Livestream (from earlier today). Images below the video: SOURCE: New Skins (A lot of them, so hidden behind Spoiler Tag to make post shorter):