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  1. New Incoming Shipfus: @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected]@[email protected] Castle New Skins Ahoy! NOTE: LARGE VERSION OF ABOVE IMAGE [1554 x 2048]:
  2. Glad to see that Sony (after seeing the massive backlash from unhappy gamers and all of the negative publicity/videos being made on the subject) has reversed course and will no longer be shutting down the stores for both the PS3 & PlayStation Vita. Hopefully Sony realizes that we do, in fact, enjoy playing our older games (PS3/Vita) even after all of these years and will start making the effort to make the PS5 backwards-compatible with our beloved older games (even if it involves a separate drive with a small PS3 Cell Processor installed and the backwards compatibility of the OG launch-era PS3 where it can play PS1/PS2/PS3 games without issues that you plug into the USB port of the PS5).

    Something like this (NOTE: just pretend that the external Blu-Ray player in the image below would be the backwards-compatible add-on I am talking about that you could buy for the PS5 and would allow us to play PS1/PS2/PS3 games on it through the PS5 via USB):

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    2. DaivRules


      I made the case a few years ago that I would love an external box that contains a shrunk down cell CPU with Emotion Engine that you could buy and hook up to a PS4 or PS5 that allowed them to have complete backward compatibility (well as complete as you're getting at that point, the Emotion Engine was only compatible with around 94% of PS2 titles). That way the people that want the BC can pay for it and everyone else who doesn't end up ever using it wouldn't have to pay for it.


      There's a lot of challenges, namely that IBM isn't about to start producing Cell processors again, nor that the R&D necessary to shrink the die size down from a 45nm die to something more modern like a 10 nm die would be economically feasible, short of charging around $200-$250 or more per box, since the purchasers would have to absorb all the expenses as no one would be making new games to offset the costs sunk in bringing it to market. 

    3. AihaLoveleaf


      Despite the real life difficulties making such a thing unlikely, I would make immediate plans to buy a PS5 and a BC accessory if such a plan ever came to life. I'm in.

    4. Honor_Hand


      An add-on like this is an extremely smart idea. I can see myself paying for something like this. You would think that with the technology and advances that we have nowadays a feature like this would easily be accomplished. I can imagine the main reasons why they haven't done this is, outside of logistical and manufacturing concerns, because they don't see much of a market for it.


      But outside of hardware add-ons, from a software point of view, Sony could easily allow more PS1 & PS2 to be offered on the console through emulation or via PS Now, but well, they don't do this. Even PSP games could be offered as well. All of these legacy systems can easily be emulated in other devices via homebrew and stuff. Surely, an official alternative wouldn't be too hard to do either.

  3. Put the finishing touches on the Broken Steel DLC last night for Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition after getting home from work (enjoyed watching the Enclave get their asses kicked and their base blown to smithereens). Spent roughly six more hours today going around and mopping up a handful of trophies that I decided would be worth the effort of getting. As of writing this, my trophy completion rate for Fallout 3: GotY Edition currently sits at 82% (59 of the 73 trophies).


    I am usually a very patient person who can tolerate games that have known issues/problems, but I finally hit the end of the road of my patience half an hour ago when it comes to putting up with all of the performance issues that the PS3 version of Fallout 3 suffers from. I am no longer having fun while playing this game, and because of all of the different annoying issues that have been popping up on a frequent basis, it has now devolved into a tedious chore trying to play Fallout 3. In the six hours I played the game today, here is what I dealt with:


    • Game Freezing/Soft-Locking PS3 Console - this happened seven times during those six hours, all requiring that I turn off the console [via holding down finger on power button sensor] since my PS3 became totally unresponsive. Never in my life have I played a game that caused any of the consoles I have owned in my thirty years of existence as many issues as Fallout 3 has done in the past 40-ish hours of gameplay (once I surpassed the 8MB save file size).
    • Massive Frame Rate Woes - now that my save file is almost at 14MB, the game is starting to become nigh unplayable with how much the frame rate begins to stutter/chug along in the low teens pretty much everywhere I go in the game. Killing off the last Super Mutant Behemoth (located around Takoma Park) in order to pop The Bigger They Are... gold trophy became a massive headache, considering the frame rate dropped down into the single digits while trying to kill it (along with dealing with the three Super Mutant Brutes and the two Super Mutant Masters who were also shooting at me). Thank god I had Fawkes (the Super Mutant companion you get from the main story) with me, for he was able to knock a massive chunk of health (about 60%) off of the Behemoth and take down the other Mutants using his Gattling Laser as the frame rate chugged along while I used the Tesla Canon from the Broken Steel DLC to put the injured Behemoth down in two shots.


    In short, I am dropping Fallout 3: GotY Edition for now. Sure, it sucks that I am not going to end up getting the platinum trophy for the game, but I just can't tolerate how poorly the game is running anymore. Also, I would have to start a new playthrough in order to pick up the handful of bronze/silver trophies for reaching certain XP levels with a neutral or negative karma rating.

    Next game up: Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition). Going to start a new game on this one (since my old save file is kind of screwed, being stuck on the final in-game mission at the Legate's Camp) and hope for the best. At least I can enjoy the game running quite a bit more smoothly (up until the file size exceeds 8MB) in the short term. Here is the order of PS3 games that I am going to tackle over the coming few months:


    1. Fallout: New Vegas (Ultimate Edition) - mopping up missed trophies along with attempting all of the DLC expansions I have never played before. Will play this game until it also devolves into an nearly unplayable mess (like my current save file in Fallout 3 when the save file exceeded 8+ MB).
    2. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots - got the version of the game that features trophy support (from the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection), so now I can replay this game and earn trophies for my troubles.
    3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - mopping up trophies I failed to get.
    4. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - mopping up trophies I failed to get.
    5. Dragon's Crown - experience this game for the first time, try to get as many of the trophies as possible.
    6. Red Dead Redemption: Game of the Year Edition - mopping up trophies I failed to get, also make an effort to play/complete the Undead Nightmare DLC.
    7. Hyperdimension Neptunia - go back and beat the game (along with mopping up missed trophies). Just need to find a cheap used copy of the game (sold my original copy of this game back in 2013) first.
    8. Hyperdimension Neptunia Mk2 - experience this for the first time, try to get as many of the trophies as possible.
    9. Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory - experience this for the first time, try to get as many of the trophies as possible.


    I almost feel bad for my Playstation's going to be sitting there collecting dust for the next two to four months while I plow through all of these PS3 games.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Awesome status!


      It's impressive the number of bugs and performance issues one has to experience in Fallout 3. What's more impressive, though, is that the developers never went back to address those issues at the time. Sounds like an optimization patch was in high order to make the game more playable. Pretty sure the PC version already must've gotten optimized by fans at this point already, but the console versions had to remain with all of these issues. That's one thing that kind of puts me against enjoying these unique games on PS3 (I own both 3 & New Vegas), the fear of going over that save file threshold, and the game becoming damn nigh unplayable because of that.


      Seeing as you're fresh right now playing the game, wouldn't it be possible to start a new save file and go straight for the trophies that you're missing without playing the rest of the game? Or do you need to carry over your current progress, stats, and equipment to be able to obtain the trophies you're missing?


      You have a great selection of PS3 games to enjoy for the next few months I'd say. Dragon's Crown is sweet, loved the art style and the gameplay itself. It does get repetitive because it's a beat 'em up and the trophies require you to go through the game a bazillion times, but it's a damn good time, especially if you play co-op. Wait till you see Kamitani's artwork on the girls. 👌


      The Modern Warfare games are excellent as well. Neptunia, I own all of the Vita games digitally but so far I've only played ReBirth 1. It was good. A bit too grindy but enjoyable, especially the characters, the story, and the references. I've heard the very first PS3 game is awfully bad. Like, the developers hadn't gotten a hand of the formula of the franchise yet, so it might be a very raw experience.

  4. So the geniuses (idiots) at Amazon appear to have sent me a used copy of what seems to be the European version of The Order: 1886 (big giveaway was the PEGI-18 sticker and the various languages on both sides of the box that I don't understand) instead of the version of the game that was released here in the United States. I have a question for the people on this site that may know more about this (since I am not well-versed when it comes to games from outside of the US market...


    • Would I be able to play this game (Euro Version) on my PS5 without any issues? I have never owned a version/copy of a video game that came from outside of the US market (games under the PEGI or CERO ratings system). I don't even know if this game is region-locked or not. I am half-tempted to send this back to Amazon and request they either give me a refund (this used copy was $14) or find me a North American version of the game (the ESRB rated one).

    Before anyone asks, here is where I got the game (exact link) showing the ESRB version of the game (not the PEGI version):


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    2. PooPooblasterAOK


      To be far its from the link comes from a seller Over9k Store on my end not Amazon.

    3. BlindMango


      Yeah as said above, it's usually all third party sellers sending these games under one big shiny main page that looks more like Amazon or Sony themselves is still selling the game (they're not). If you don't plan on getting DLC then you may want to return it and just say you were sent the European version of the game and not the US version, but otherwise it should play fine

    4. DrBloodmoney


      To add to what @BlindMango said - if the seller is anything like i was when I was selling stuff on Amazon, it was probably an honest mistake, and if you contact them, they will probably just do what I did when (on occasion) similar stuff happened with wrong- region dvds - they will probably just refund your money and say to keep the product, as it’s more hassle than it’s worth to receive it again, relist it correctly and repackage for a new seller!

      Bearing in mind - that is - that a lot of these ‘stores’ are actually just a person.selling off their old stuff - like I was!

  5. Put a solid eleven hours into Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition over this past weekend on my ancient PlayStation 3. Outside of a couple of annoying issues that popped up on a few occasions, I had a wonderful time diving back into the Capitol Wasteland for the first time since July of 2018 (when I put the finishing touches on the Point Lookout DLC expansion and mopped up all of the trophies for it). I spent the majority of the eleven hours I put into the game over the weekend going around and doing whatever it took to get some of the trophies that in the many years of owning the game (and four different playthroughs) I had not yet gotten. I even dived into the Broken Steel expansion, the last and final of the five DLC expansions for Fallout 3 that I had never played before in my life.


    Thankfully, my old PS3 made it through the extended gaming sessions without too many issues, outside of soft-locking/freezing multiple times and suffering a weird audio problem while doing the Reilly's Rangers mission in Fallout 3 (more on that below). Here is a list of the handful of issues I ran into while playing Fallout 3 this past weekend:


    • Soft-Locking PS3 Console: On four different occasions (three times on Saturday, once on Sunday), the game became completely unresponsive and the image froze on the screen. This occurred twice while using V.A.T.S (oddly enough, against two different Deathclaws), once when trying to barter/trade with a wandering merchant at one of the train yards (screen froze as the inventory menu popped up on screen), and the last time was when I exited Rivet City (went to turn towards the bridge that takes you back to land from the ship, and the game froze). However, the in-game sounds (background music, music from the radio on your Pip-Boy) were still playing normally, even with everything else becoming unresponsive. Since both the game and console would not respond (nothing happened by pushing the PS button on the DualShock 3), I had to hold my finger on the power button for several seconds until the console beeped, the light began blinking, and after a few seconds, the console shut off.
    • Some Serious Frame Rate Woes: There were three main areas of the map where the game really started to suffer from some major performance issues (the frame rate dropped into the low teens) while I was playing. This occurred in the general vicinity of Tenpenny Tower, the outside area surrounding Rivet City, and when I tried sneaking around the backside of Paradise Falls trying to not piss off/trigger the Slavers who have set up shop there (didn't want to get into another fight due to the stuttering frame rate that reared its ugly head whenever I got close to Paradise Falls). In addition, when I started the Broken Steel DLC, I dealt with some more frame rate issues when clearing out all of those Enclave soldiers stationed at that satellite relay station you raid alongside the Brotherhood of Steel (with some brief help from Liberty Prime). I know that the game starts having performance issues once your in-game save file exceeds 9MB (as of this post, my save file is at 11MB), but boy were those frame rate issues that popped up stressful (nothing worse than getting demolished by a pissed-off Deathclaw you are trying to kill as the game chugs along with a frame rate down in the low teens).
    • Gattling Laser Audio Bug: When undergoing the Reilly's Rangers mission, my in-game companion for the mission was Fawkes (the Super Mutant you meet during the main story and can recruit as a follower if you have good karma). Each time we got into combat with the various types of Super Mutants you encounter during the mission (the standard Super Mutants, the Super Mutant Brutes, the Super Mutant Masters, and the tough-as-nails Super Mutant Overlords added into the game by the Broken Steel DLC), Fawkes would pull out his massive Gattling Laser and use it to pretty much decimate the majority of them without too many issues. However, while making our way up the Statesman Hotel towards the roof, the firing sound the Gattling Laser makes suddenly began playing non-stop after I used V.A.T.S to put down two Super Mutant Masters that had been weakened by Fawkes.

      For the next five minutes, the constant firing sound was audible everywhere we went, no matter what I did (the only time it went away was whenever I started a conversation with Fawkes, only for it to come right back once you exit the conversation). The only way I managed to get the noise to stop was by reloading the save file I created when starting the mission. Sure, it was annoying to lose all of the progress I had made in the mission (I have auto-save disabled, so I had to go back and do all of the stuff again), but thankfully that annoying audio bug never popped up again after that.
    • Reilly's Rangers Auto-Failing (Three Consecutive Times): I made a separate save file after reaching the top of the Statesman Hotel before heading through the door to the roof area (where you find the stranded Rangers facing off against a bunch of Super Mutants). However, just walking (or running) towards the final set of stone stairs that leads you to where the Rangers are holed up ended up with the message "You are now hostile to Reilly's Rangers" popping up along with the "Quest Failed" text appearing on the upper corner of the screen. This perplexed me, for I hadn't done anything negative (attacking, pick-pocketing, etc) to warrant the hostile response from them. I went up to where they were, all three drew their weapons, threw some insults at me, and pumped my poor character full of lead/laser beams (I let them kill me as I sat there, unsure as to what I may have done during the mission that triggered this hostility from them). Turns out this is a bug that happens from time to time (depending on if you have a companion with you during the mission and/or enter the roof area with your weapon drawn).

      Only bad part was that it took me three more attempts at the mission (loaded the older save file from when I first got the mission from Reilly in the Ghoul-run Underworld and replayed the entire mission three more times) before I realized this. Having Fawkes (Super Mutant) as my companion apparently triggered the "You are now hostile with Reilly's Rangers" message and auto-failed the quest once Fawkes (following behind me) got within a certain distance of where the Rangers are located on the roof. Even when I told him to "Stay" where the entrance to the roof area was (so he didn't get anywhere close to where the Rangers were), the hostile message kept popping up and the quest would again fail.

      I loaded up that previous save file (at the Underworld), told Fawkes to hit the bricks (he went back to the Museum of History near the entrance to the Underworld), and replayed the entire mission one last time before finally managing to complete the quest in order to get the trophy for it (reached the roof, the Rangers didn't go hostile/mission didn't auto-fail, spoke to them, installed the Fission Battery to fix the elevator, killed a handful of Super Mutants [4 Brutes, 2 Overlords] in the lobby of the hotel, and then traveled back to the HQ location for Reilly and her Rangers to finally finish the damn quest). Now that is roughly two and a half frustrating hours of my life that I will never get back...

    Even after all of these years since it first released on my 18th birthday in 2008 and the advancement of two gaming generations from the heyday of the PS3 (PS4, PS5), Fallout 3 remains as one of my Top-10 favorite games of all time. It never gets old getting to explore around the Capitol Wasteland, wondering what you might run into (Raiders, Slavers, Mutants, wild animals, Enclave troops, those Talon Company asshats that popped up every now and then, Ghouls, humans, etc) during your travels between locations on the map. Looking forward to finishing the Broken Steel DLC this week, along with going around trying to get as many of the trophies for the game that I can with my current character save file before moving on to Fallout: New Vegas on Friday of next week (4/23/2021).

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    2. MossyOakRcn42


      @ResoluteRock I am well aware of that notorious issue (it started for me when I hit the 26-ish hour mark and my save file reached the dreaded 8 to 9 MB mark). Been dealing with it (frame rate issues, soft-locking/freezing, and other performance woes) for the past 34 hours of in-game playtime (see below):



      I put eleven hours into Fallout 3: GotY Edition over this past weekend, taking my in-game playtime from around 49 hours to nearly 61 hours of gameplay. Just wished that the game didn't all of these annoying problems with it on the Playstation 3 (shame that Bethesda never managed to fix the game properly), for it is the one major factor that prevents Fallout 3 from getting a near-perfect score from me (without issues, this game would easily be a 9.70 out of 10...however, with all of the annoying bugs/issues/woes the game suffers from after your save file reaches 9MB, I end up dropping the score down to a 7.75 out of 10).


      @PooPooBlast I'd still recommend that you look into the game one of these days. For the most part (up until your save file reaches around 9MB), the game runs fine without too many issues and is still fun to play, even after all of these years. However, once you reach that dreaded 8MB/9MB on your save file, it all starts going downhill from there (frame rate starts acting up, loading areas/saves starts taking longer, game will start freezing/soft-locking your PS3 on a infrequent basis). If you have a PS3, I'd recommend playing it (getting the majority of the trophies for the game isn't too hard, only a handful that are annoying to get or are missable/buggy).

      Besides, the trophy guide for the game (and the 5 DLC expansions) here on PSNP is quite helpful if you do need some guidance when going after all of the trophies for the game. As long as you can overlook some of the issues the game develops when you reach the 8MB/9MB file size, you should be able to enjoy the game. Just bring some patience, make saving on a regular basis (in my case, every 10 or so minutes after reaching 9MB file size) a priority, and try to enjoy what Bethesda was trying to deliver, even if it does all start to slowly go to hell in a hand basket once your save file reaches the point it triggers all of the aforementioned issues I listed in the OP.


      Oh mentioned the PS3 version of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim *has traumatic flashbacks to 2011* o_O



      At the launch of Skyrim, many technical issues of varying severity were reported. Some examples include a texture down-scaling issue on the Xbox 360 version when the game was run from the hard drive; crashes, slowdown and frame rate issues on the PlayStation 3 version when save files exceeded 6 MB, commonly occurring due to extended gameplay times; and various crashes and slowdowns on the Windows version. According to Skyrim's director Todd Howard, the notion that bugs were caused by "restrictive RAM" is incorrect. Howard said, "It's literally the things you've done in what order and what's running."



    3. PooPooBlast


      Thanks for the reply! Got it so it's a classic Bethesda game 😂. In other news the sky is blue! 


      Thanks for the recommendation but tbh I think it might be better for me if I wait a little and hope for some remake or remaster on the current consoles. I mean who knows right? They released Skyrim on so many platforms after all so it wouldn't be too far fetched if fallout also got a similar treatment!

    4. Honor_Hand


      Skyrim has had so many newer versions come out on so many devices, it's just mind-boggling. You would think Bethesda would want to maybe port or remaster some of these Fallout games onto a newer generation, but nope. So far it doesn't look like that's the case. There's been rumor and speculation about a possible Fallout 3 remaster but I don't think I've read anything concrete on that coming from Bethesda themselves.



  6. If you could create your very own video game (complete with a several million dollar budget, talented game developers, etc)... What genre of video game would it be? RPG? JRPG? Action/Adventure? Racing? Puzzle? First Person Shooter? Third Person Shooter? Sports? Anime-related? Fighting? Visual Novel? What studio or developer would you want to create your video game (Rockstar, EA, Activision, 2K, Ubisoft, Capcom, Square Enix, Gust, Idea Factory, Bandai Namco, Kojima Productions, Konami, Insomniac, Naughty Dog, PlatinumGames, Vicarious Visions, Toys for Bob, Nintendo, Bend Studio, Japan Studio, Playstation Studios, Microsoft Studios, etc)? What would your game be about? What kind of world would it have? What kind of features and in-game systems would it have? Would it be a 2D or 3D game? What kind of visuals would you go for (photo-realistic graphics, cell-shaded, anime-style, cartoon-style, etc) in it?