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  1. To see Emile Bertin's L2D skin in action, please view the GIFS below (click on the blue play button):
  2. June 3rd Azur Lane Server Maintenance Summary (all changes for the Chinese, Japanese, and English servers): BACKUP LINK (if the image above fails to show):
  3. New Stuff Inbound (credit to the Japanese and English Azur Lane Twitter pages):
  4. My unfortunate wallet (after seeing all of the recent skin reveals and the upcoming Oath skins for San Diego, Minneapolis, and Unicorn): NOTE: After 13 months of playing Azur Lane as a free-to-play shikikan, I finally bit the bullet and ended up purchasing the new Littorio dress skin along with a bunch of gems and a few oath rings from that darn Akashi. Ended up putting rings on Hood, Belfast, and Warspite (all three were at 100 Affinity) with the three oath rings I purchased. Now planning out a small budget that I can tap into every few months to purchase gems for new skins (or the occasional order of Wisdom Cubes). Don't plan on oathing any more ships until July at the earliest.
  5. @[email protected]@Leon [email protected]@[email protected] HMS Eskimo revealed (for the Chinese Azur Lane servers): New oath skins inbound! (credit to the Azur Lane Japanese and English Twitter Pages):
  6. @Tosmasta00 @Leon Castle @AndyKazama @Revvie @TheVader66 @Hanzoadam May 28th Azur Lane Server Maintenance Summary (for the Chinese, Japanese, and English Servers): BACKUP LINK (if image above fails to show): Various Swimsuit/Revealing Skins Being Removed From The Chinese (CN) Azur Lane Servers:
  7. SOURCE:
  8. More stuff incoming! (credit to the Japanese Azur Lane Twitter and sources with access to the Chinese Azur Lane content):
  9. More stuff incoming! (credit to the Japanese Azur Lane Twitter page):
  10. May 21st Azur Lane Maintenance Recap [All Servers] (credit to the Azur Lane Reddit page): (BACKUP IMAGE LINK IF THE ONE ABOVE FAILS TO SHOW): New NPC Character [MNF Le Terrible] (Chinese and Japanese Server Only For Now): New Skins (from the Japanese Azur Lane Twitter Page): SOURCE:
  11. @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] Castle Tons of new stuff incoming!
  12. @Tosmasta00 @Leon Castle @Revvie @AlchemistWer @AndyKazama @TheVader66 Upcoming Azur Lane Roadmap (what is coming up over the next five to ten weeks): Other Announced Stuff (NOTE: Not all of these are for the EN server, some will be on the Chinese and Japanese servers only for now):
  13. It is. See below: SOURCE: Look who got revealed for the Japanese and Chinese Azur Lane Servers! New Surcouf Skin:
  14. New shipfus and skins inbound! (note: not all of these are for the EN servers, some will be on the CN and JP servers only for now): SOURCE:
  15. Azur Lane 5/14/2020 Maintenance Notes (All Major Changes/Additions/Removals for Chinese, Japanese, and US servers): New Chinese/Japanese Server Event (starts 5/14/2020): New HMS Swiftsure Skin [Study Hall Cyclamen] (HMS Swiftsure rocking major weakness!) MNF Vauquelin coming soon for the Chinese and Japanese Servers: