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  1. Been enjoying Dragon Quest Builders 2 on my PS4 Pro this week. Nearly done with helping the citizens of the mining town, with only the last part of the final building and the boss fight to go. If you are a Dragon Quest fan or enjoyed the first Builders game, I highly recommend the sequel!

  2. Prayers for the victims of the horrible arson attack at Kyoto Animation (known for Violet Evergarden, Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions). As of this posting, 12 people are dead, 35 more injured after some crazed man entered the building, poured flammable liquid around (and on people), set a fire, and there was a minor explosion that neighbors heard when the fire broke out. 


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    2. MossyOakRcn42


      UPDATE: Death toll is now over 20. BBC has it at 23 and CBS News has it at at least 20. See below:

    3. Icebrand1270


      So sad. Is there no end to this?

    4. Angel


      I just saw these horrible news, my prayers to the families and those affected by this tragic event.

      The saddest thing is there will be no end to horrible acts like these.

  3. Well, I invested a total of 86 Wisdom Cubes on the Iris of Light & Dark event (which concludes in a few minutes), and I failed to get my hands on Jean Bart. Did get two Massachusetts, two Surcouf, and five (yes, five) Forbins out of the build sessions. Pretty much got every ship from the event apart from Jean Bart and Le Triomphant, which is a win in my book (getting nearly all of the event ships). Mildly disappointed that I did not get Jean from all of the cubes and coins that I spent, but at least I did get the awesome Dunkerque out of it. Looking forward to getting some of the new Submarines that are arriving in the next update. Now to rebuild my stock of cubes (as of tonight, I only have one left) over the next few days in order to go after building those subs.
  4. Finally finished the story mode for Super Mario Maker 2. Now to focus on Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled on my PS4 Pro and will get around to playing Days Gone this weekend.

  5. Chipping away at Super Mario Maker 2's story mode (53% complete). Will get around to playing Crash Team Racing: Nitro-Fueled this coming week along with getting around to either Days Gone, RAGE 2, Kingdom Hearts III, or Persona 5 from my backlog.

  6. It has been some time since I have last posted in this thread, but here is all of the wonderful shipfus that I have acquired over the past month or so. I am going to split this up into two different segments hidden away behind their own spoiler tab so this post isn't huge length-wise. First will be the shipfus I got from the previous event (building and drops) and then the assortment of French shipfus (with the one Eagle Union ship) I have gotten so far in the current Iris of Light & Dark event. Not pictured is the lot of Nevada, Oklahoma, Tennessee, California, Shropshire, Suffolk, and Chicago that dropped when I spent my cubes, along with some common-rarity ships. Part One: Ships From Time-frame of Previous Event (via Construction & Drops) Part Two: Ships Obtained During Iris of Light & Dark Event (via Construction & Drops)
  7. I pretty much make the rounds on a frequent basis between the following sites (since some of them feature stories or news that the others do not): Game Informer IGN (main site and the Playstation/Nintendo forums) Gematsu US Gamer/Euro Gamer (not very often, but usually several times a month) Kotaku PSN Profiles (the forum section on this awesome site) Easy Allies (podcasts, videos, news) Giant Bomb (not very often, but several times a month)
  8. Newest additions to my expanding fleet of ship girls (since midnight last night): Main Menu Screen (with Yorktown sporting her new outfit), along with her drinking in the dorm):
  9. Newest additions to my fleet in the past few days. Since I am out of cubes (for now), I have not gone for Lena or Clevelad yet. Working on the requirements for getting Li'l Sandy to join my fleet:
  10. After spending 8 cubes on the event build and another 10 on the Wishing Well, here are the latest additions to my fleet of shipfus. Not pictured are the Chicago, Shropshire, Northampton, Long Island, and several other common-rarity ships that dropped from both build sessions:
  11. My poor wallet....Akashi is going to clean out my bank account at this rate (so many quality skins on the horizon, including the Live2D Ark Royal one that was teased on the Azur Lane Twitter the other day). Speaking of Ark Royal, guess who got her from the Wishing Well on Friday night? Finally got the steampunk lolicon as part of my fleet:
  12. Recent shipfu additions to the fleet (spent all forty-six cubes I had, and I got Bismark on just the fourth construction). Not shown is the group of common-rarity (White and Blue) ships that dropped from my latest building spree (Nevada, Oklahoma, Portland, Chicago, Northhampton, etc). Time to turn to the Wishing Well to get two other ship girls that I am interested in (Illustrious and Ark Royal)
  13. Darn AT&T DSL internet...ever since that storm several days ago, the internet service at my place has gone down the drain. Can't go 5 to 10 minutes without the internet connection crapping out.

    Can't update Azur Lane to the new version (with the new UI), so I can't play the game via the emulator I have on my PC... *insert disappointed face here*

    1. Spaz


      So you cannot get cable/fiber internet nor use your mobile phone data in a pinch?

  14. Well, after finally putting her into regular service in one of my formations for two weeks (along with a three day stint as my secretary ship), I got Atago up to 100 Affinity. She becomes my second shipfu that I have put a ring on it since starting Azur Lane roughly five months ago.
  15. Sigh...failed to get Bel-chan (which was a major bummer) and didn't spend too many cubes going after any of the rarer Kizuna AI ships (focused on getting Zeppy, Akagi-chan and Hiei-chan). On the grinding XP front towards PR shipfu FFNF Saint Louis, currently sitting at 21% completion towards the first 1 Million XP goal (have gotten 210,000 XP so far). It has been slow going, but outside of the 1 Million, 2 Million, and the one goal where you turn in 5 golden blueprints, all of the other goals for unlocking her have been completed. At this rate, it might be another month or two before I end up getting her and start working towards getting either PR Ship Monarch or PR Ship Roon (just need a few more Ironblood ships first to unlock development).