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  1. When celebrating your team finally doing something successful, don't try to punch your QB's head off! Rutgers center throws one hell of a punch when trying to celebrate his team scoring that rocks the unfortunate QB's world.



  2. More Info (credit to Brotaku):
  3. Slowly chipping away at Borderlands 3 (PS4 Pro). Roughly eight hours in, and I am enjoying it for the most part. I went with Moze (the Gunner), and her mech suit ability adds a fun twist on gameplay when taking on the various wildlife (Skags, Rakks), Fanatics, Tinks, and Psychos I've come across so far. Been enjoying the gameplay, some of the humor, and the different types of weapons I have experienced as of now.

  4. It launched last month in Japan (August 29th). See below (from Wikipedia):
  5. I would recommend the following videos (they will get you up to speed on how to play): ...along with this helpful Azur Lane video playlist (lots of informative videos). Best of luck, new Shikikan!
  6. @Helmet_time @Artemisthemp @Revvie @TheVader66 @Tosmasta00 @LastWarriorXIII @Melty @Leon Castle More skins were announced in the second special Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Live Stream. Image of new skins below video: SOURCE: New Skins: Other Things Announced/Shown (During Live Stream): Shigure Getting Retrofit: Siren Operation - New Game Mode Teased: Taihou Announced As First DLC Character For Azur Lane: Crosswave - New Trailer (PV4) Released For Azur Lane: The Animation (arrives next month!):
  7. Congrats on getting to be the newest PSNP interview, @DaivRules! @Dragon-Archon Question for PSNP Interview: If you were able to create your own video game (complete with a large budget and supporting team of talented individuals), what genre would it be, would it be focused on single-player or multiplayer, and what would your game be like?
  8. For those interested (while we wait out the ten hour update that is currently taking place when I post this), here is all of the stats, abilities, and other information regarding all of the new ships (all Sardenga Empire ships + HMS Formidable). Credit to the Azur Lane Reddit page:
  9. @Helmet_time @TheVader66 @Artemisthemp @Revvie @Tosmasta00 @LastWarriorXIII @Melty Here are all of the new skins announced in the special Azur Lane 2nd Anniversary Livestream (from earlier today). Images below the video: SOURCE: New Skins (A lot of them, so hidden behind Spoiler Tag to make post shorter):
  10. I can't freaking believe it...not even 12 hours after being released by the Oakland Raiders, the juggernaut known as the New England Patriots have swooped in and picked up Antonio Brown for the season. Suddenly, the jeers and wild laughter from millions of Pittsburgh Steelers fans who were making a mockery of the Oakland Raiders having to deal with the D.I.V.A died out, almost as if they were all silenced in one fell swoop....

    1. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      You are like the John Madden of PeeSNPee : )

  11. Took long enough, but the Oakland Raiders have finally had it with all of the petty crap, extreme drama, and crazy antics of the D.I.V.A known as Antonio Brown. Earlier today, they did what any sensible NFL team would have done with a player who causes so many issues and kicked Antonio to the curb after AB went on Instagram demanding he be released when he found out that his petty antics from the past week effectively screwed him out of the $30 million guaranteed in his contract.

    Hopefully Antonio (who walks out of Oakland with ZERO money since he violated every term of his contract, thus allowing the Raiders to not pay a single cent to him) takes some time to reflect on his stupidity and gets some help. Dude has some incredible talents, but ever since Vontaze Burfict nearly took AB's head off in the Playoffs when the Steelers were playing the Bengals several years ago, AB has been spiraling out of control with a massive ego, childish antics, and stirring the pot to the point where NFL teams don't want to deal with his shit anymore.

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    2. BlackSquirrell1


      @MossyOakRcn42  Totally agree with you.  They just love those "disgruntled" players.  Let's see just how this bites them in the ass.

    3. No It Was My Cousin

      No It Was My Cousin

      Man I don't know any of this foosball stuff. Why u guys liek it so muchh?

    4. MidnightDragon


      I wonder how long he'll last in New England.

  12. New Illustrious-class aircraft carrier for the Royal Navy is on the way:
  13. Looks pretty interesting, so I will keep this game on my radar and look forward to seeing more of it down the road (especially gameplay video). That reminds me....I really need to go back and start watching Fairy Tail again (it's been nearly ten months since I last watched the original series, the last episode that I watched was midway through the "Tower of Heaven" arc featuring Erza's backstory).