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  1. Borderlands 2 (Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - PS4 Pro) Better Than You Were (Bronze): Phased and Confused (Bronze): How Do I Look? (Bronze): Token Gesture (Bronze): An Old Flame (Bronze):
  2. Working on trophies for both God of War and Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star this week. Might get back into Borderlands 2 and NieR: Automata this upcoming weekend.

    1. ee28max


      Have fun and good luck :) 

  3. God of War (PS4 Pro) Twilight Beckons (Bronze): Last Wish (Gold): Unfinished Business (Silver): Why Fight It? (Bronze): Chooser of the Slain (Gold): Fate/Extella: The Umbral Star (PS4 Pro) My Gaze Will Take Down the Titan (Bronze): Another Promise to the Round Table (Bronze): Let's Compare Our Skills (Bronze): Glory Lies Beyond the Horizon (Bronze): The One Who Observes the World (Gold):
  4. Ordered the Collector's Edition for God of War (PS4). Can't wait for it to arrive on Friday!

  5. Behold! One of the most random videos you will ever see in your life! So much "Lol What?" packed into just 19 seconds, it will make your head spin! Be sure to watch with closed captions enabled for even more fun:


  6. Picked up Far Cry 5 last night. Won't be able to play it until tomorrow, however (since I am pulling a double shift at work today and will not be home until after 1AM). Fingers crossed that it turns out to be fun, interesting, and a solid gaming experience.

  7. Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4 Pro) Crystal Rain (Silver) - Shoggoth Schmoggoth (Silver) -
  8. Tesla vs Lovecraft (PS4 Pro) Extinguisher (Silver): Polymurderous (Silver): Epic Awesome (Gold): Second Showdown (Silver): Third Showdown (Silver): Wardenclyffe Victory (Gold):
  9. Man...this cold I am currently dealing with is really kicking my butt over the past 36 hours. Looks like I will not be gaming today (or tomorrow possibly) if I keep feeling like this...

    1. Condemned09


      That sucks :( get well soon 

  10. Burnout Paradise: Remastered (PS4 Pro) Successfully land 10 Super Jumps (Bronze): Smash 30 Burnout Billboards (Silver): Drive through 200 sets of Yellow Smash Gates (Silver): Earn your 'B' Class License (Silver): Complete any Bike Day Road Rule (Bronze):
  11. Burnout Paradise: Remastered (PS4 Pro) Smash 3 Burnout Billboards (Bronze): Drive through 10 sets of Yellow Smash Gates (Bronze): Visit a Paint shop to change your vehicle color (Bronze): Drive through 50 sets of Yellow Smash Gates (Bronze): Earn your 'C' Class License (Silver):
  12. NieR: Automata (PS4 Pro) One Battle Ends (Silver): Fighting's Not My Thing (Bronze): Machines vs Machines (Silver): Not That I Mind... (Bronze): Sonic Mania (PS4 Pro) The Most Famous Hedgehog in the World (Bronze):