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  1. Well, roughly seventy people (myself included) sat outside our local GameStop for five hours this morning eagerly awaiting the chance to snatch up the next limited pre-order batch of Playstation 5's (the ones with the disk drive) that GameStop had tweeted about arriving at their stores last night. Sadly, all that waiting didn't pay off for the majority of the people standing outside of the store. At 11:50 AM, the doors of the GameStop opened (the store hours are Noon to 8PM), the manager of the store walked out, and said the following:

    "The first eleven people in line will be getting the opportunity to pre-order the Playstation 5 today! Everyone behind the gentleman with the LA Dodgers baseball cap, you will not be getting a Playstation 5 this morning! Unless you are here to purchase anything other than a Playstation 5, you should leave. No more Playstation 5's at this location apart from the eleven we have available to pre-order! Thank you, and have a good day!"


    Unfortunately, I was thirty-fifth in line, so no opportunity to pre-order the Playstation 5 today. The frustrating hunt for the ever-elusive PS5 continues for another week... 

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Better luck next time...

  2. Surprise! Looks like the pre-order situation for the Xbox Series X and Series S is turning out the same way as the Playstation 5: nigh impossible to find somewhere still taking pre-orders with scalpers already selling their orders on eBay for anywhere between $799 to over $1,500.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Do you know what's going to be cheap to find this coming holiday? An Xbox One. Microsft is lagging a lot behind Sony and I'm sure they will want to get rid of all that old stock they have laying around in many stores to make room for the new consoles.


      If I see an Xbox One bundle this holiday going for around $150, I might go and get it depending on how much money I have available around then. I'm a cheap guy and it's difficult to resist such a good deal. :P


      As for the scalpers, they can go fuck themselves. I really don't favor that kind of stuff. If they're willing to inflate the prices that much, my guess is that the supply is most likely not meeting the demand. I can sort of see it on Sony's side but I'm surprised even the Xbox is going through the same. :hmm:

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Hope all the scalpers lose all that money they forked out for consoles they didn't buy for themselves. Vultures. I'm happy not to have a PS5 before the year's end since the game I was most looking forward to is coming to PS4 now as well

  3. Will admit, this guy is pretty talented (voices the majority of the characters from Regular Show for this unique Among Us spoof):


  4. *scours the internet for nearly five hours after returning home from work at 11PM trying to find any online stores that are still taking pre-orders for the Playstation 5*

    *finds nothing but a sea of "Currently Not Available", "Sold Out", "Currently Unavailable", "Not Available, check back on release date", "Pre-orders have sold out. Check back on release date", "No Longer Available", and "Out of Stock"*


    *gives up the hunt for a Playstation 5 for now, off to bed to get some much-needed sleep*

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    2. snakebit10


      It is beyond ridiculous. I seen one guy on Twitter say he had one pre ordered from each of the major retailers. 5 in total. Why would someone do that. That is probably some of the reason they are selling out. People ordering more than one.

    3. MidnightDragon


      @snakebit10 Two reasons:


      1. For friends and family

      2. (More likely) To resell


      Just keep checking. Some may have more available in the future.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Pretty sure they are not going to meet up pre-order numbers based on expectations. A lot of people want the console right now for very good reasons, but due to current world events (the pandemic mixed with the recession), I really doubt they're going to be able to meet demand.


      Be prepared to see peddlers selling the console on eBay for 3-4 times its price during launch week.

  5. Check this link out, my good sir:'s_Butterfly
  6. @AndyKazama Psst! Check out the bottom video on the tweet! @[email protected]@[email protected][email protected] [email protected]
  7. Well, for the first time in roughly two weeks, I fired up my Playstation 4 Pro after a long day of watching Opening Weekend of the NFL (Raiders/Panthers on CBS, Cardinals/49ers on FOX, and then the Sunday Night Football opener between the Cowboys and LA Rams on NBC) and finally got back to slowly chipping away at the trophies for Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. Since most of the trophies for the game require quite a good chunk of time being invested into the game, I decided to go after the trophies that were much easier to get my hands on and obtain without too many issues.

    I ended up spending around four hours late Sunday night into early Monday morning working on getting as many of the primary female NPC characters you can interact with in the town to maximum affinity (Lv. 5 on the romance meter for each of those characters). Managed to get three bronze trophies out of my gaming session (got max affinity with Asuna, Lisbeth, and Leafa) and got the affinity with Sinon & Silica up to the low Lv. 4 affinity range. about trophies that you need to have a decent amount of patience with in order to get. Each of the three NPC characters I got to max affinity took around 50 minutes apiece to make it happen, and boy did it require a lot of "special" dialog sessions near the town fountain, in Kirito's bedroom, and at various spots around town. At least the game rewards your hard work and dedication towards getting maximum affinity with lewdish artwork of each female NPC character in question (hidden away behind spoiler tab):

    ***NOTE: I don't recommend opening the spoiler tab to view the images in question if you are somewhere that frowns upon NSFW content. No nudity involved, but ecchi content is featured so please view it at home and not in public/at work.***

      Hide contents

    Now...I can understand the one with Asuna (your character is married to her in the game, for those who don't know)...


    ...but wasn't expecting the ones for the other female NPC's (especially considering that you are married, wouldn't Asuna get mad and kick your ass/divorce you for engaging in a full-blown harem under her nose?):43Pmyzw.jpg


    Questionable in-game harem/relationship shenanigans aside (what are you doing, man? That blonde one you are in bed with is your actual sister!), I look forward to knocking out the last two bronze trophies for getting max affinity with both Sinon and Silica. Then I won't have to worry about running around town with the select NPC in my party, sitting through the same conversations over and over again in order to boost affinity, and taking each girl back up to Kirito's room in order to do that whole bed conversation nonsense (at least the lewdish artwork slightly makes up for the painfully-repetitive grinding for affinity) anymore. Then I can finally turn my attention back to helping the lower-leveled NPC's (Lisbeth, Leafa, Sinon) in the in-game friend list level up by taking them out into the field to grind for XP in many fights with various monsters in differing areas before moving forwards with the story.

    Well, this post carried on longer than what I was expecting it would (hooking up my portable hard drive up to my PS4 in order to fish those in-bed scenes and getting them onto here via Imgur took longer than I realized). Have a good night, everyone!

    (PS: If anyone has a problem with the images hidden away behind the spoiler tag, please message one of the awesome Moderators on the PSN Profile forums and see if they can remove them if you deem them to be too lewd. I can't remove them since there is no edit button on Status Update posts...)

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    2. Honor_Hand


      To be fair, this is pretty tame to be considered NSFW or even ecchi. x3 But I understand why you put those disclaimers there, I sometimes wonder that same thing when posting some stuff here. So far I've managed to get away with a number of them, but I'm always very careful myself too. Point is, from what I know, you can up the ante a bit more as far lewd images go around here. Of course not to full-blown nudity, but you can get away with a bit more ecchi on your posts. Trust me, I know. :awesome:


      As for the game, Kiritu is such a stud that he has no problems in getting all those ladies on the bed. :P He is supposed to be married to Asuna, but man, I really don't know what she's thinking or if she has ever found out about Kirito's extra-marital affairs, lmao. xD


      Thanks for that lovely artwork. ^^

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      To be fair, if my boss had walked into my editing room and saw me looking at those images (the Lisbeth one, in particular), I'm pretty sure my ass would get into some serious trouble for violating the workplace code of conduct in regards to materials deemed to be NSFW. That is why I decided to post that warning just in case anyone here on the forums decided to view those images in a public (around others) or work environment. I just didn't want someone to open that "hidden contents" tab at work or around others and get in trouble for doing so, causing them to get mad at me for not warning them about the contents inside.


      Personally, the images in question are not very lewd (I don't consider them to be, for I have seen much, much worse in my 10+ years of exploring...erm, *quality* artwork via Reddit/Twitter along with reading various hentai manga :eyebrow::awesome::eyebrow:). However, to certain people with a negative view towards anime/manga content featuring female characters under the age of 18 in any situation they deem to be inappropriate, the images would certainly catch their ire/negativity. I debated for ten minutes last night if I should or shouldn't include those images in my Status Update, but I ended up going with them since I decided that they didn't quite reach the threshold of being too lewd for most people to handle or have an issue with.

      Back on topic (the game itself), I am still enjoying playing SAO Re: Hollow Fragment for the most part, outside of the repetitive affinity grinding part of the game with the main female NPC characters. I have noticed, however, that there are some areas in the game (the area around the in-town cafe/fountain locations in particular) where the game really starts chugging along performance-wise. The frame rate begins to stutter pretty bad, and the character/NPC movements along with simply moving the camera around causes the frame rate to dip into the low 20 FPS range. Sometimes it is pretty noticeable/awful, and other times there is little to no issues with the frame rate in that one area. I guess that depending on how many NPC characters are walking around in that specific area, it may or may not cause issues with the FPS.

      Perhaps I should have at least watched the first season of Sword Art Online before I got into this game. Then I wouldn't be as lost as I currently am due to having very limited knowledge of the franchise (somehow managed to go all these years and avoided pretty much all of the major spoilers). I do find the in-game lore/world that all of the characters experience via the virtual world they are trapped in to be interesting, even if I don't know very much about it.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Good point there with the images. They aren't exactly lewd for any of us here, but I can totally see someone at work having problems with them due any other short-sigthed individual coming around and making any stupid remark on them. Speaking of the Internet... The things I've seen, man, they cannot be unseen! O_O All joking aside, there's a huge variety of NFSW art of all types around the interwebs, for all types of fetishes you can think of. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Then again, I'm very open-minded when it comes to that, and I understand some people may outright dismiss it or find it inappropriate for a number of reasons, but eh.


      With the buddies here, though, you know you are not going to face that problem. We're all going to revel with them titties and sing along the wonders of hometown and such. :awesome: 


      It's a shame the game gets so laggy in the more busy parts. I've definitely enountered a few other JRPGs that go through the same problem. I think what they lack is a little bit more of optimization and polishing in those areas. It's not as if their grapichal engines are pushing the machine to the limit, but more like the developers failed at optimize the power of the device. It can be somewhat annoying when it happens.


      I think the first two seasons would probably get you up to speed with most characters in the franchise. (I cannot really speak about the latest seasons because I haven't seen them myself either yet 😅).

  8. @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected]@Helmet_time Lads! A TON of new stuff was announced in the Japanese Live Stream of the Azur Lane 3rd Anniversary Event! See below: My poor wallet (after seeing all of those awesome Party Skins that will one day come to the EN servers):