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  1. Well, roughly seventy people (myself included) sat outside our local GameStop for five hours this morning eagerly awaiting the chance to snatch up the next limited pre-order batch of Playstation 5's (the ones with the disk drive) that GameStop had tweeted about arriving at their stores last night. Sadly, all that waiting didn't pay off for the majority of the people standing outside of the store. At 11:50 AM, the doors of the GameStop opened (the store hours are Noon to 8PM), the manager of the store walked out, and said the following:

    "The first eleven people in line will be getting the opportunity to pre-order the Playstation 5 today! Everyone behind the gentleman with the LA Dodgers baseball cap, you will not be getting a Playstation 5 this morning! Unless you are here to purchase anything other than a Playstation 5, you should leave. No more Playstation 5's at this location apart from the eleven we have available to pre-order! Thank you, and have a good day!"


    Unfortunately, I was thirty-fifth in line, so no opportunity to pre-order the Playstation 5 today. The frustrating hunt for the ever-elusive PS5 continues for another week... 

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Better luck next time...

    2. PooPooBlast


      I feel your pain. Nothing like showing up to a store to purchase something only to find it out of stock :/. Maybe next time

    3. MidnightDragon


      Don't give up. Your time will come. 

  2. Surprise! Looks like the pre-order situation for the Xbox Series X and Series S is turning out the same way as the Playstation 5: nigh impossible to find somewhere still taking pre-orders with scalpers already selling their orders on eBay for anywhere between $799 to over $1,500.

    1. Honor_Hand


      Do you know what's going to be cheap to find this coming holiday? An Xbox One. Microsft is lagging a lot behind Sony and I'm sure they will want to get rid of all that old stock they have laying around in many stores to make room for the new consoles.


      If I see an Xbox One bundle this holiday going for around $150, I might go and get it depending on how much money I have available around then. I'm a cheap guy and it's difficult to resist such a good deal. :P


      As for the scalpers, they can go fuck themselves. I really don't favor that kind of stuff. If they're willing to inflate the prices that much, my guess is that the supply is most likely not meeting the demand. I can sort of see it on Sony's side but I'm surprised even the Xbox is going through the same. :hmm:

    2. Stan Lee

      Stan Lee

      Hope all the scalpers lose all that money they forked out for consoles they didn't buy for themselves. Vultures. I'm happy not to have a PS5 before the year's end since the game I was most looking forward to is coming to PS4 now as well

  3. Will admit, this guy is pretty talented (voices the majority of the characters from Regular Show for this unique Among Us spoof):


  4. *scours the internet for nearly five hours after returning home from work at 11PM trying to find any online stores that are still taking pre-orders for the Playstation 5*

    *finds nothing but a sea of "Currently Not Available", "Sold Out", "Currently Unavailable", "Not Available, check back on release date", "Pre-orders have sold out. Check back on release date", "No Longer Available", and "Out of Stock"*


    *gives up the hunt for a Playstation 5 for now, off to bed to get some much-needed sleep*

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    2. snakebit10


      It is beyond ridiculous. I seen one guy on Twitter say he had one pre ordered from each of the major retailers. 5 in total. Why would someone do that. That is probably some of the reason they are selling out. People ordering more than one.

    3. MidnightDragon


      @snakebit10 Two reasons:


      1. For friends and family

      2. (More likely) To resell


      Just keep checking. Some may have more available in the future.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Pretty sure they are not going to meet up pre-order numbers based on expectations. A lot of people want the console right now for very good reasons, but due to current world events (the pandemic mixed with the recession), I really doubt they're going to be able to meet demand.


      Be prepared to see peddlers selling the console on eBay for 3-4 times its price during launch week.

  5. Well, for the first time in roughly two weeks, I fired up my Playstation 4 Pro after a long day of watching Opening Weekend of the NFL (Raiders/Panthers on CBS, Cardinals/49ers on FOX, and then the Sunday Night Football opener between the Cowboys and LA Rams on NBC) and finally got back to slowly chipping away at the trophies for Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment. Since most of the trophies for the game require quite a good chunk of time being invested into the game, I decided to go after the trophies that were much easier to get my hands on and obtain without too many issues.

    I ended up spending around four hours late Sunday night into early Monday morning working on getting as many of the primary female NPC characters you can interact with in the town to maximum affinity (Lv. 5 on the romance meter for each of those characters). Managed to get three bronze trophies out of my gaming session (got max affinity with Asuna, Lisbeth, and Leafa) and got the affinity with Sinon & Silica up to the low Lv. 4 affinity range. about trophies that you need to have a decent amount of patience with in order to get. Each of the three NPC characters I got to max affinity took around 50 minutes apiece to make it happen, and boy did it require a lot of "special" dialog sessions near the town fountain, in Kirito's bedroom, and at various spots around town. At least the game rewards your hard work and dedication towards getting maximum affinity with lewdish artwork of each female NPC character in question (hidden away behind spoiler tab):

    ***NOTE: I don't recommend opening the spoiler tab to view the images in question if you are somewhere that frowns upon NSFW content. No nudity involved, but ecchi content is featured so please view it at home and not in public/at work.***

      Hide contents

    Now...I can understand the one with Asuna (your character is married to her in the game, for those who don't know)...


    ...but wasn't expecting the ones for the other female NPC's (especially considering that you are married, wouldn't Asuna get mad and kick your ass/divorce you for engaging in a full-blown harem under her nose?):43Pmyzw.jpg


    Questionable in-game harem/relationship shenanigans aside (what are you doing, man? That blonde one you are in bed with is your actual sister!), I look forward to knocking out the last two bronze trophies for getting max affinity with both Sinon and Silica. Then I won't have to worry about running around town with the select NPC in my party, sitting through the same conversations over and over again in order to boost affinity, and taking each girl back up to Kirito's room in order to do that whole bed conversation nonsense (at least the lewdish artwork slightly makes up for the painfully-repetitive grinding for affinity) anymore. Then I can finally turn my attention back to helping the lower-leveled NPC's (Lisbeth, Leafa, Sinon) in the in-game friend list level up by taking them out into the field to grind for XP in many fights with various monsters in differing areas before moving forwards with the story.

    Well, this post carried on longer than what I was expecting it would (hooking up my portable hard drive up to my PS4 in order to fish those in-bed scenes and getting them onto here via Imgur took longer than I realized). Have a good night, everyone!

    (PS: If anyone has a problem with the images hidden away behind the spoiler tag, please message one of the awesome Moderators on the PSN Profile forums and see if they can remove them if you deem them to be too lewd. I can't remove them since there is no edit button on Status Update posts...)

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    2. Honor_Hand


      To be fair, this is pretty tame to be considered NSFW or even ecchi. x3 But I understand why you put those disclaimers there, I sometimes wonder that same thing when posting some stuff here. So far I've managed to get away with a number of them, but I'm always very careful myself too. Point is, from what I know, you can up the ante a bit more as far lewd images go around here. Of course not to full-blown nudity, but you can get away with a bit more ecchi on your posts. Trust me, I know. :awesome:


      As for the game, Kiritu is such a stud that he has no problems in getting all those ladies on the bed. :P He is supposed to be married to Asuna, but man, I really don't know what she's thinking or if she has ever found out about Kirito's extra-marital affairs, lmao. xD


      Thanks for that lovely artwork. ^^

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      To be fair, if my boss had walked into my editing room and saw me looking at those images (the Lisbeth one, in particular), I'm pretty sure my ass would get into some serious trouble for violating the workplace code of conduct in regards to materials deemed to be NSFW. That is why I decided to post that warning just in case anyone here on the forums decided to view those images in a public (around others) or work environment. I just didn't want someone to open that "hidden contents" tab at work or around others and get in trouble for doing so, causing them to get mad at me for not warning them about the contents inside.


      Personally, the images in question are not very lewd (I don't consider them to be, for I have seen much, much worse in my 10+ years of exploring...erm, *quality* artwork via Reddit/Twitter along with reading various hentai manga :eyebrow::awesome::eyebrow:). However, to certain people with a negative view towards anime/manga content featuring female characters under the age of 18 in any situation they deem to be inappropriate, the images would certainly catch their ire/negativity. I debated for ten minutes last night if I should or shouldn't include those images in my Status Update, but I ended up going with them since I decided that they didn't quite reach the threshold of being too lewd for most people to handle or have an issue with.

      Back on topic (the game itself), I am still enjoying playing SAO Re: Hollow Fragment for the most part, outside of the repetitive affinity grinding part of the game with the main female NPC characters. I have noticed, however, that there are some areas in the game (the area around the in-town cafe/fountain locations in particular) where the game really starts chugging along performance-wise. The frame rate begins to stutter pretty bad, and the character/NPC movements along with simply moving the camera around causes the frame rate to dip into the low 20 FPS range. Sometimes it is pretty noticeable/awful, and other times there is little to no issues with the frame rate in that one area. I guess that depending on how many NPC characters are walking around in that specific area, it may or may not cause issues with the FPS.

      Perhaps I should have at least watched the first season of Sword Art Online before I got into this game. Then I wouldn't be as lost as I currently am due to having very limited knowledge of the franchise (somehow managed to go all these years and avoided pretty much all of the major spoilers). I do find the in-game lore/world that all of the characters experience via the virtual world they are trapped in to be interesting, even if I don't know very much about it.

    4. Honor_Hand


      Good point there with the images. They aren't exactly lewd for any of us here, but I can totally see someone at work having problems with them due any other short-sigthed individual coming around and making any stupid remark on them. Speaking of the Internet... The things I've seen, man, they cannot be unseen! O_O All joking aside, there's a huge variety of NFSW art of all types around the interwebs, for all types of fetishes you can think of. Nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. Then again, I'm very open-minded when it comes to that, and I understand some people may outright dismiss it or find it inappropriate for a number of reasons, but eh.


      With the buddies here, though, you know you are not going to face that problem. We're all going to revel with them titties and sing along the wonders of hometown and such. :awesome: 


      It's a shame the game gets so laggy in the more busy parts. I've definitely enountered a few other JRPGs that go through the same problem. I think what they lack is a little bit more of optimization and polishing in those areas. It's not as if their grapichal engines are pushing the machine to the limit, but more like the developers failed at optimize the power of the device. It can be somewhat annoying when it happens.


      I think the first two seasons would probably get you up to speed with most characters in the franchise. (I cannot really speak about the latest seasons because I haven't seen them myself either yet 😅).

  6. The long rumored Xbox Series S (aka Project Lockhart) gets leaked Monday night, then officially confirmed by Microsoft in the wee hours of Tuesday morning:



    1. Raveniteh


      300usd for digital only console is a very fair and competitive price. No way in hell Sony is going to match it as they are not matching current digital only x/s price, then again Sony does not have digital only PS4.

    2. PooPooBlast


      Damn that's a pretty good price for the console. Curious to see how don't prices theirs. 

      See how Sony*

    3. Honor_Hand


      Good price, very competitive for a next-gen console. It's a shame that it's a digital-only console, though. I have zero interest in that.


      Also, it looks like a wireless speaker to me now. :hmm:

  7. For those here on PSN Profiles who live in the United States, have a wonderful Labor Day this fine Monday! For those who live in Canada, may you have an excellent Labour Day today!

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    2. LegacyJKO09


      its my only day off but my company is paying me time and a half so yay




    3. funboy1246


      😒 well aren't you the lucky one..... lol enjoy your day off

    4. NERVergoproxy


      A little late, but thank you! Hopefully you had a good day yourself. No holiday pay here though. I have the cheapest boss in the world. :P

  8. Gaming Progress Update
    Over this past weekend, I invested quite a bit of time into gaming on three different games. Below are the three games I devoted my time to (in no particular order):

    • Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (PS4)
    • Fallout 4 (via Steam on my Gaming PC, using mods via Nexus Mods and the Vortex launcher)
    • Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (PS4)

    - On Atelier Ryza, I put in roughly six hours into the game exploring around the world, getting into a good number of battles, hunting down ingredients/materials that I needed to synthesize into items in order to advance the story, and slowly working at getting better at the alchemy part of the game. I got my butt kicked by a big red dragon on top of the ruins of an old castle several times before I went back to other areas to farm XP for my party (as of this post, all four characters are sitting at Lv. 24). After another six attempts, I finally beat that stupid dragon. Now I find myself running around exploring for high-quality ingredients/materials needed to craft a bunch of Powerful Fishing Bait with a item quality over 70. I managed to get three trophies for Atelier Ryza out of my gameplay this weekend, but there are a lot more that I still need to get!


    - Regarding Fallout 4, I spent three hours messing around with a few weapon mods from Nexus Mods. You can see them in action below (the AKM Complex Weapons mod and the Post-Apocalyptic Homemade Weapons mod):



    - In regards to Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment, I finally fired my copy of the game up (it has been sitting dormant on my PS4 Pro's HDD from over two years now) and put around six hours into it on Sunday night into early Monday morning. Being a total and complete n00b when it comes to the Sword Art Online franchise (never watched any of the anime, never read the manga or light novels), at the very least, I do have a rough knowledge of some of the characters from the franchise (Asuna, Sinon, and Leafa) through various anime/gaming forums (and, *quality images* :eyebrow: via my Reddit and Twitter feeds).


    I do own at least one thing from the SAO franchise (picked up a 1/7th Scale PVC Sinon figure that was being sold at a big discount on Amazon back in 2015). Why did I buy it, you ask? I picked it up for nearly 50% off and I thought that it looks pretty cool (been a sucker for anime figures that feature weapons, like my Strike Witches Charlotte E. Yeager figure that features Charlotte packing her M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle [BAR] weapon). See below:




    Don't have a image of my Sinon figure sitting on the bookshelf on me at the moment (it is on my old iMac, which sadly does not work anymore), so here is an image from the original listing on Amazon:




    Back on topic, the game itself is decent for what it is trying to be. Six hours in, and I'd give the game so far a 6.75 out of 10. Is the gameplay fun? Well, not exactly (never was a major fan of these type of games), but at least I can sink multiple hours into it before it starts to bore me. The combat is decent (nothing special), but there are some unique things about it that interest me somewhat. The characters and their interactions with you are ok, but the whole love octagon (eight-way love triangle) stuff going on between a bunch of the characters has me somewhat confused...


    ...all the NPC female characters that I have encountered seem to be quite interested in being with or wanting to be intimate with Kirito (male character you control), even though he is already married to Asuna in the game? You can hold hands with other female characters, get their affection/mood up to "Love", pick them up to princess-carry them around, raise their affection/mood to "head over heels" & "impulsive", and them take them to your room in the inn to get in bed with them (game rewards you with a somewhat lewd image of the girl half-dressed on your bed). To be honest, I was not expecting this type of gaming mechanic in the game (had no knowledge of what was in the game prior to starting it on Sunday), so it caught me off-guard when I stumbled into it when those "special" conversations triggers at various places around the town (especially near the water fountain, where all of the "Marriage, huh?", "This is a dating spot!", and "Wow, this water fountain..." conversations popped). Weird, but I've seen worse... :eyebrow::awesome::eyebrow:

    ...whoa, sort of went off the rails on that one. Pardon my wandering mind regarding that, and now we dive back into the game itself. I mainly focused on exploring the Hollow region in the game, taking lower-leveled characters (Leafa and Sinon) with me in order to help get their in-game levels up (got Leafa up three levels to Lv. 72, and Sinon up four levels to Lv. 63) as I explored various areas for loot.

    *looks at clock on the bedroom wall, which now reads several minutes past 2 AM PST (5 AM EST)*

    Damn...I spent nearly a hour writing this update. Sorry it dragged on so long, but I got a little carried away with the part on Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment.


    Will be busy with work this week (pulling long shifts at the TV station again...sigh), so I won't be able to game much until Saturday rolls around. I intend on splitting my time this upcoming weekend between Atelier Ryza and Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment as I slowly chip away at the trophies for both games (although the trophies for SAO seem to be quite the pain in the ass in terms of having to sink well over 100 hours into the game). Wish me luck, everyone!

    1. Honor_Hand


      I have Hollow Fragment pending to play. Got it from a sale a long time ago for cheap and, well, since I'm a good fan of SAO, I thought I had to check it out. Actually, I'd love to check all of the SAO games myself but I want to try and get the other ones in physical format instead. As for the SAO franchise itself, I liked it. I haven't seen the most recent seasons, but up until Mother's Rosario, I was pretty hooked on it. It was a gateway anime for me in a way that it pulled me back to anime in the early 2010s. The anime itself is just a fun time for us gamers, it doesn't really have the most complicated plot or deep writing ever, far from that actually. But it's just a good time to watch. Plus Kirito always gets all the ladies easily somehow, lol. :eyebrow: I guess that explains why all the female characters in the game you were playing wanted to be so intimate with you. That's, in a weird way, part of the SAO franchise as well. I never thought they would add that to the games as well, lol. xD


      You have a lovely Sinon figure there. I'd love to have one of either her or Silica since they're my favorite characters in the series. I actually do have one of Asuna, but it's a bootleg that I got unknowingly from a local seller years ago. It's a replica of the one made by Kotobukiya but its quality is very, very subpar. Here is a stock picture of the one I have.




      I have to actually get rid of it and replace it with the legit one because it looks way off compared it. I don't mind it being a bootleg, what bothers is me how crappy the quality is in the one I have. xP


      Best of luck with your games. :D

    2. MossyOakRcn42


      @Honor_Hand Just a heads up...this post is quite massive (took nearly two hours to write), so please bear with me on this one.

      Shame about the Asuna figure being a bootleg, bud (the one seen in the stock image you provided looks pretty cool). Hopefully you can find a proper one for a decent price to add to your collection someday soon.


      In regards to Sword Art Online, the anime (at least the first season of SAO) has been sitting on my "To Watch Backlog" list of anime for many years now. I have wanted to get into the series on several occasions over the past six years, but I always ended up getting busy with other stuff going on in my life or never got around to doing so. I remember seeing the first few promotional ads for the show back when it was about to launch back in 2012 and taking interest in the series, but I never did get around to watching it. It ended up going onto my massive "To Watch Backlog" list, joining over sixty other anime series that I have yet to get around to viewing.

      To be 100% honest with you, I have hardly watched any anime over the past four years. I have only myself to blame in that regard, but it has been a combination of factors as to why I have not watched very much anime over the the past 47 months. See below for a detailed summary:

      - Anime Viewership Burn Out

      Back in the first few weeks of 2016, I made the decision to invest some serious effort into catching up on One Piece. I had watched the first thirty episodes of the show several years earlier (Fall of 2013), but I got sidetracked with some stuff that was going on in my life around that time and never got back to watching the anime. Enter January 2016, when I resolved to not only get back into watching One Piece, but I decided to plow through over 500+ episodes in order to catch up to where the One Piece anime was around that time.


      From January to October of that year, I pushed myself from Episode 30 ("Set Sail! The Seafaring Cook Sets off With Luffy!") all the way to Episode 630 ("Explore! A Kingdom of Love and Passion Dressrosa!"). I was watching anywhere between four to ten episodes a day during that span of nine monthsThat is exactly 600 episodes that I had plowed my way through, the most I have ever watched in that span of time (my previous record was watching around 160 episodes of the original Naruto anime during a five month span of time in 2012 back when I was dating my ex-girlfriend [who was a massive Naruto fan] in order to jump into Naruto: Shippuden).

      By the time I reached the final few episodes of the Punk Hazard arc, I began to notice that my interest in the anime was sharply declining. I had pushed so hard over the previous nine months trying to catch up to where the anime was at that I burnt myself out on watching any more anime for the time being. After watching Episode 630 on October 18th, 2016, I simply could not bring myself to watch another episode of the show and thus decided to take a break from watching any more anime for several months.


      In the years since I put down One Piece on that day back in October of 2016, I have only watched one anime series in the nearly four years that have passed. That honor falls to Azur Lane: The Animation, which I watched back in May of this year. I intend to get back into watching anime on a more regular basis later this year (goal is during the last two months of 2020). In preparation of doing this, I have purchased a bunch of anime series from my massive backlog from Amazon over the past year (all on Blu-Ray) that I will devote myself to watching this Fall/Winter. I have given several of the shows I purchased to my little sister (who is 15) to watch whenever she feels like trying them, so long as she returns them to me when I start going through my backlog.


      - Crappy Internet Issues (Living in the Middle of Nowhere Edition)

      From February 2012 to April 2018, the mobile home I was living at during those years was serviced by AT&T and their sub-par DSL internet services. Since I live out in the middle of nowhere (surrounded by almond/walnut/olive orchards and rice fields) roughly 10 miles outside of the nearest town, the only internet provider in my neck of the woods was AT&T, who serviced our area with expensive-as-hell DSL internet service that was somewhat unreliable. How overpriced was the internet they were offering in my area, you ask? They were charging over $60 a month (I was paying $69.95) for speeds around 3 Mbps, while my late Aunt Judith (god rest her soul, she passed away from a terrible liver disease earlier this year) paid around $60 for Comcast internet that operated at between 90 to 100 Mbps. I was paying more that she was for internet that was vastly inferior to what she was getting at her house from Comcast.

      There was the option for satellite internet (speeds between 25 to 75 Mbps) where I lived (Digital Path and HughesNet), but the latency issues (the ping was pretty high) would mean that I could no longer game online without having issues, so I stuck with AT&T. For the most part, I was able to watch videos/anime online without too many issues (took between ten to fifteen minutes to load up an episode of One Piece at 360p video quality) and game online with both my PS4 and gaming PC (Steam) with minimal problems (occasional connection issues, but nothing serious).

      Enter April 2018, where the infrequent internet issues that occasionally popped up with my DSL internet became a massive nightmare that effectively ended my use of the internet at my mobile home. For some reason, the phone lines in our area began having some serious issues, which caused the DSL internet service to take a massive dive in quality. I started getting weird, scratchy static on my home phone line (it was worse during the night) and my router (provided by AT&T) effectively decided that due to the static on my phone line, it didn't want to receive the DSL internet signal any more. AT&T sent out two service reps out to my home to look at the issue, but they couldn't pin-point what was causing the problem after poking around for three hours. Frustrated, I ended up terminating my internet several days later after they had failed to fix the problems I was having. Later that year, I eventually moved out of the mobile home (having no internet sucked, and the place had started falling into disrepair) and into the spare room at my parent's massive house (my dad had inherited the two-story house from his mother [my grandmother] when she had died in November of 2012), hence how I got to live in my parent's old mobile home for free (outside of paying the natural gas and phone/internet bill each month).


      For the past two years, I have been using a mix of both the Mobile Hotspot on my AT&T iPhones (iPhone 6 and my current iPhone 11) along with some of the DISHnet satellite internet my folks have at the house in order to get online. Both are too slow/unreliable enough to where I can't game online without there being a lot of issues that pop up, so it has been since April 13th, 2018 since I last gamed online (the last day I played Team Fortress 2 online via Steam on my gaming PC).


      - Budget Issues (Stupid spending habits earlier in life bit me on the ass in the form of debt)

      Between the years of 2010 and 2017, I had pretty much gone nuts with my credit card buying a bunch of stuff that I should not have purchased. I spent between $17,000 and $20,000 in those seven years on all sorts of stuff (over a dozen expensive anime figure imports from Japan, over thirty-five diecast NASCAR race cars [1/24th scale], tons of model railroading stuff [O Scale; Lionel, K-Line, MTH, and Atlas products], three gaming consoles (Nintendo Wii U, Playstation 4, Playstation 4 Pro), a gaming PC, two different HDTV's, and a metric ton of video games [PS3, PSVita, and PS4 games], for starters) that I could have lived without. See below for a good chunk of the roughly $750 worth of NASCAR diecast race cars I was dumb enough to purchase off of eBay:








      Back on subject, by the time December 2017 rolled around, I found myself buried in over $10,000 in credit card debt with soaring interest on that amount of debt from my bank pushing it as high as $12,500. Working a minimum wage job along with my reckless seven years of spending a metric fuck-ton of cash had finally caught up to me and knocked my off of my high horse of thinking I could spend all this money without any consequences or issues. I had to cancel a bunch of subscriptions I had (CrunchyRoll, Pandora, Spotify, a couple others), get my finances into order, and I ended up not buying much between 2018 and 2019 (would trade in old games at Gamestop to ease blow a new game would deal to my wallet, for example).


      *looks at the clock to see that it is nearly 3:40 AM PST, just realized that I have spent nearly two hours writing this*


      Holy crap...I got carried away on this one, Honor_hand. Sorry if I bored you to tears with this massive reply, but hopefully you understand why I never did get around to watching Sword Art Online or have hardly watched any anime over the past four years (along with self-inflicted financial woes due to stupidity on my end).

    3. Honor_Hand


      @MossyOakRcn42 Hey, no problem dude, I always enjoy a thoughtful reading. ^^


      I can see why you ended up tired with anime. You were tackling two out of the Big Three series at the same time. From what I understand, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are these 3 epic series that require unfathomable amounts of time to sit down and watch through. I'm pretty sure they must be exceptionally good to have lasted all the episodes they lasted, bot hot damn, I really don't have the time to sit through them. Unless you were a big fan of those when they originally aired out, it's difficult for some of us to just find the time to sit through that many episodes. When I was younger, I could set some time aside to watch stuff like Dragon Ball, Saint Seiya, or Inuyasha, but nowadays, I rarely look for long series anymore. Series today usually air for like 12 or 24 episodes at most, and if they're good enough, then they get a second chance later at another season. Of course, this means that sometimes stories and relationships aren't as well established as some of those other anime series of old, but I personally find that format to be easier to invest some time into.


      As much as I'd like to watch anime on a more frequent basis today, I really don't have the time to do so. I have to balance my work and my responsibilities in real life, plus I also have other hobbies competing against anime, with gaming being at the forefront of that, which means less time to watch anime. I know what you meant by you hardly being able to watch anime over these last few years. Sometimes we just don't have the time (or the motivation) for it.


      At this point, I think it'd be really hard for you to come back and finish both Naruto and One Piece. Especially One Piece, since it is to my understanding that new episodes are still being aired, right? You can maybe put them on hold (indefinitely?) and dip your toes into a shorter, more self-contained experience. I loved Saint Seiya as a kid, and a few years ago, I went back to it and finished all of the main episodes in the series. I also went back to Inuyasha, another favorite of mine, but I just couldn't quite finish that one and ended up dropping it somewhere around episode #120. What I'm trying to say with this is that finding the time investment to finish these gigantic anime series of old can be hard nowadays.


      About the bad Internet service, I can totally relate to that. If AT&T was charging you $60-70 a month for a 3 MBPS connection, they were downright ripping you off...and badly. What your aunt had seemed more like it. That's an exceptionally high speed for a somewhat reasonable price. Not sure if you can get something better in your neck of the woods, but sounds like you're seriously in need of that right now. I wish I could recommend something to you, but I don't know a single thing about ISPs in the US. My Internet is pretty crappy as well. What I have is a 4 MBPS connection (of which I get roughly around 1.7 MBPS) with the local public phone company, CANTV. The service is pretty bad, but I barely paid anything for it. I think it costs me about $0,70-1 a month, mostly because the government has a freeze on the costs of public services. Good for my pocket, bad for the company to actually update their infrastructure. My country's Internet hasn't really evolved or seen any improvement since 2007-2008 or so. In fact, I think we're going backward with each passing day. Nowadays with the crisis and the recession that's been going for more than 6 years, I doubt that's going to change. There are private alternatives to it but the prices are ridiculous. Like, for example, a satellite internet option of about 10 MBPS goes for around $100-140 a month, plus a $400-600 fee on buying the antennae and having it installed at your home. Insanity, given the extra low-income level we have here. The worst part is that, if you check the opinion of these private services online, they aren't exactly forthcoming either, with lots of reliability issues and whatnot. So they're hardly an alternative. That's why I'm stuck with this crappy Internet I have. I'd be willing to pay $20-30 a month for a service of around 25-50 MBPS that was reliable, not jittery, and with low latency, but such a thing doesn't really exist here.


      What I do to alleviate that is download anything I'd like to watch overnight and then watch it the next day. I personally like the work most fansubs in the region do compared to what Crunchyroll offers for a monthly fee, so yeah, it's more the way of the pirate for me. I'm trying to get some of my favorite series in Blu-Ray or DVD format mostly to assemble my own anime collection, and to at least give something to the ones I've enjoyed the most and that I think deserve at least something in return. Manga, Blu-rays and DVDs, I get them from RightStufAnime in the US. They have sales every now and then and my experience importing stuff with them has been great. Other merch like figures, plushies, dakimakuras, et cetera, I get them either directly from Japan or China. It really depends of what I'm looking for and who has the best price-quality relationship. Now, I don't have that much stuff due to budget reasons, but I do like to give myself a little something every now and then when money allows it. =)


      Regarding the bad spending habits, I think that's probably what's bitting you in the ass more. Oof, I have read about those compulsory credit spendings and have more or less of an idea of what you're going through, but I really have no experience on that myself since here is the other way around and we get zero credit instead. Everything I've bought so far has been one straight money transaction, I either have the money for what I want or I don't have it. I haven't really had any access to credit myself ever, mostly due to the absurd policies of my country that I really don't want to go explaining because it's one big clusterfuck, but yeah. Those diecast NASCAR models you have are pretty cool. And you have a great selection of stuff at your disposal as well right from the get-go. Now, that debt is gonna consume you over unless you get your finances in order, I reckon that. COVID has messed up things considerably over there but I hope you can keep your job or move to a better opportunity to finally be able to go over that debt and get some freedom.


      If worse came to happen, I guess the best thing to do would be to sell your stuff in order to pay the debt, right? Man, that'd suck. I'd hate having to sell any of my items. I kinda have mine as a backup strategy of sorts, but I'd hate being pushed into such a spot. >_<


      Hey, don't worry. I really enjoy reading about other people. It gives me a good context about their lives and whatnot. ;)  Don't feel bad, man. I understand where you're coming from. I hope you can get around to watching that massive backlog of yours at some point. Plenty of cute waifus to go around watching and learning about, eh? Cheers.



  9. *FIXED* Chadwick Boseman, the man who played Black Panther, Jackie Robinson, and James Brown in hit movies has died at 42 from Colon Cancer. (Deleted original post, had a mistake with one of the characters he played)

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. grimydawg___


      Bruh, I'm gonna be 40 next year.  So young SMH

    3. Otonio_Bruno


      Whaaat? I'm genuine shocked on this, he was so young...

    4. MidnightDragon


      Fuck cancer! 

  10. Platinum #7: Ghost of Tsushima

    First Trophy: July 18th, 2020 (Gathering Storm - Bronze)
    Final Trophy:
    August 22nd, 2020 (Have A Nice Fall - Silver) (Popped Living Legend - Platinum trophy upon earning)
    Time To Platinum:
    1 Month, 4 Days, 20 Hours
    Game Score: 9/10
    Platinum Difficulty: 4/10
    Would You Recommend This Game To Others?: Hell yeah, bud!

    From start to finish, Ghost of Tsushima was a blast to play. From the interesting cast of characters to the engaging main story (and side stories/missions) to the wonderful Japanese Feudal-Era world that Sucker Punch lovingly crafted in the game, I enjoyed the 45 hours that I ended up investing into the game over the course of 5 weeks. From the combat to the wonderful in-game music to exploring the diverse island of Tsushima, nearly every aspect of this game was wonderful to experience as a gamer and from someone who appreciates open-world games. Outside of a few annoying bugs that I encountered during my gameplay (the worst being a bug that showed up during one of Norio's side stories where a Mongol I was tasked with killing mysteriously disappeared from the camp I was at, thus not allowing the mission to complete and forcing me to redo that segment over), the game ran without a hitch on my Playstation 4 Pro. The photo mode (which I wasn't terribly good at) was fun to mess around with from time to time, and boy the game was quite different when I put on the black & white "Kurosawa" mode for a three hour span of my gameplay.

    I highly recommend this game to anyone who has a Playstation 4, for this is one of those rare games that you must experience for yourself and behold the home run that Sucker Punch knocked out of the park with this amazing game!



    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. MaximumOverdrive


      Well done! 💯 

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      Thanks for the support, everyone! I ran out of likes to give today (25 is the limit) unfortunately...

    4. MidnightDragon
  11. Progress Update: Over the past weekend, I managed to get nearly all of the trophies I was missing for Ghost of Tsushima. As of today, I am only two trophies away (1 Silver, 1 Bronze) from popping the platinum trophy for it. Ghost of Tsushima joins Saints Row: The Third - Remastered as the other game in my collection that I am just two trophies away from getting the platinum trophy on. As of this post, I am sitting at 95% trophy completion for GoT.

    I also got back into the remaster of Destroy All Humans! this past weekend, slowly chipping away at some of the trophies I hadn't gotten yet. I have yet to beat the main story...


    (that last mission with the fight against the towering Robo-Prez and then the unmasked Silhouette is much harder than I remember from the PS2 game)

    ...but I am working on getting the other trophies in the game (side content stuff) until I can find a proper way to beat the final mission without getting my butt kicked up and down the block. Sitting at 66% trophy completion as of today.

    The plan (for now) is to go for those final two trophies for Ghost of Tsushima this upcoming weekend along with putting more effort into beating Destroy All Humans! (that last boss fight is wrecking me). Depending on how busy I am this weekend, I might dive back into Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (PS4) as well (the game is fun to play, just need to get better at the whole Alchemy part).

  12. Four years ago, I took what would end up being a 35 hour dive into No Man's Sky (PS4) as the summer of 2016 dragged along. The No Man's Sky of 2016 was a vastly different game in comparison to how the game is today. Starting out in a random corner of the in-game universe, I explored eight large planets, nine smaller planets, and traversed several star systems via hyperspace jumps over the span of several weeks. Unfortunately, I grew bored with No Man's Sky after noticing the repetitive nature of the game, the somewhat lackluster gameplay, and noticing that the game was missing some of the features that players had been told would be in the game at launch (something pointed out by the game's Wikipedia page):


    No Man's Sky received mixed reviews at its 2016 launch, with some critics praising the technical achievements of the procedurally generated universe, while others considered the gameplay lackluster and repetitive. However, the critical response was marred by the lack of several features that had been reported to be in the game, particularly multiplayer capabilities, though Murray had tried to downplay expectations prior to release. The game was further criticised due to Hello Games' lack of communication in the months following the launch, creating a hostile backlash from some of its player base.

    Murray stated later that Hello Games had failed to control the exaggerated expectations of the game from the media and the larger-than-expected player count at launch, and since have taken an approach of remaining quiet about updates to No Man's Sky until they are nearly ready to ship to avoid miscommunication. The promotion and marketing for No Man's Sky became a subject of debate, and the video game industry has used No Man's Sky as an example of missteps to avoid in marketing.

    Four years later, No Man's Sky is nothing like the original version of the game I put time into back in the summer of 2016. I have been tempted to get back into the game on several occasions (especially after they put in the multiplayer mode), but I have yet to venture back to the far reaches of the NMS universe.

    EDIT: I dug through my old Playstation Network photo folder on my Facebook page and found several screenshots I took from my first six days of playing the game back in August 2016. Damn...I forgot how weird some of the alien creatures on some of the planets were:







  13. Thank god that it is Friday...this week at my job has been more stressful than it should have been. Won't go into details about it (would bore all of you to tears, but it involves a lack of staff and myself having to do the work of 2 to 3 people to bridge the gap in production). Looking forward to investing quite a few hours into Ghost of Tsushima this weekend as I mop up all of the trophies that I missed out on while I completed the main story.


  14. Well, after 35 hours of gameplay, I finally finished the main story for Ghost of Tsushima last night. I found the game to be quite enjoyable to play, I loved exploring the diverse, interesting world that Sucker Punch lovingly crafted within the game, and I enjoyed (for the most part) experiencing the story (and NPC side stories) during my time with the game. If I had to give Ghost of Tsushima a score, it would easily be a 8.75 out of 10. I wanted to give it a 9 out of 10, but I encountered some annoying bugs at various points in the game, including one that forced me to replay one of Norio's side story missions after one of the Mongols I was tasked with killing in a camp seemed to magically disappear before I could kill them (and thus didn't allow the mission to complete). Just need to find the few "Stories of Tsushima" that I am missing so I can officially finish 100% of the in-game story/side story-related content.

    Currently, I am sitting at 70% trophy completion for the game as of today (8/10), and I plan on slowly chipping away at the rest of the trophies for the game over the next few weeks. Due to my busy work schedule at the TV station, I don't have as much time as I would like to when it comes to gaming during weekdays, but on the weekends I can invest some quality time towards working on the platinum trophy. I am enjoying the game enough to where going for the platinum trophy won't be too much of a issue on my end, so I look forward to the hunt for my seventh-career platinum.

    The goal now is to get as many trophies for Ghost of Tsushima as I can before moving onto another game (even if I don't end up getting the platinum for it). As of now, I have twelve games on my backlog and depending on how I feel, I might dive back into Saints Row: The Third - Remastered (PS4) to mop up those two trophies that I am missing. If I don't get back into Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, I'll go back to Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout (PS4) and continue chipping away at the game.

  15. Since you are such a big Danganronpa fan, I wanted to make sure you were aware of this.


    Select Danganronpa titles on the PlayStation™Store will no longer be available for purchase from NIS America. Please refer to the dates listed below for more information on when each title will no longer be available.


    Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girl (PS Vita)


    Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc (PS Vita)


    Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair (PS Vita)


    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PS Vita)


    Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony (PS4™)



    We want to thank all of our Ultimate Fans who have joined us for many exciting years of mysteries, deadly puzzles, and unforgettable characters. Puhuhuhu!


    1. cr1s


      Hey there! Thank you for letting me know. I've already completed every Danganronpa stack on PlayStation, but I appreciate the thought nonetheless. ^_^


      This comment that was posted on that web page (as well as similar ones elsewhere on the web) piqued my curiosity:


      "Probably going to be republished by Spike Chunsoft instead."


      Could this mean even more Danganronpa stacks? Bring it on, @Monokuma! 8D

  16. Amazon Update: For the third time in less than four days, Amazon has once again changed the arrival date for my order of Ghost of Tsushima. Unlike the last two times where they pushed back the arrival date (with the possible arrival date as late as September 8th[!]), this time around Amazon has moved it up to next Tuesday (July 21st). However, this is unacceptable to have a game delivered to me four full days after it releases (this is the first time Amazon will have failed to deliver a game I pre-ordered on the day it releases in my nine years of Prime membership), so I have canceled my order and will be purchasing the game on the PS Store tomorrow to ensure I will be able to play Ghost of Tsushima on Friday night after I get home from work. Looking forward to playing this awesome game tomorrow night!


    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. MidnightDragon


      That sucks. My order says it’s being prepared for pick up tomorrow.

    3. Cobby


      It's cos of Covid... they've said there might be a delay in non essential stuff, because essential stuff takes priority. They've moved a date of 1 of my packages recently too. Just suck it up and deal with it.

    4. MossyOakRcn42


      I have been eagerly awaiting the opportunity to explore the world of Ghost of Tsushima for the past eight months, and I have spent the past three weeks re-arranging my schedule so I would have this entire weekend to devote to the game without anything distracting me. Not being able to play Ghost of Tsushima this weekend would have been awful, considering how excited I am for the game and how much trouble I went through freeing up my schedule so I could devote my entire weekend to playing this game. 


      @Cobby It's just frustrating to see happen. I do understand that Amazon is dealing with the current pandemic on their end (prioritizing shipments of critical supplies first before everything else) so I shouldn't be overly upset with them. When you are excited for this game as I currently am, it was disappointing to see Amazon keep making changes to the delivery date over the past few days.


      @PooPooBlast That is an option I can look into for tomorrow. Of the three Gamestop stores in my neck of the woods, one went out of business in May (due to the pandemic) and the other two are working on reduced hours. I'll try to swing by in the early afternoon tomorrow before I head off to work and see if either location (one at the mall, one by the movie theater) has it. If not, then I will be sticking with getting the digital version of the game from the PS Store.


      Then again, the county I live in (Butte County, California) just surpassed the number of cases today that would get us put onto the governor's "Coronavirus Watch List" where pretty much everything will be shut down again in order to flatten the curve, so fingers crossed that the two remaining Gamestop stores in town are still open tomorrow.


      In other words, apparently Amazon has been pulling down Light Novels and Manga from their platform over the past few months as well. More info at the link below:

  17. Hmm...Amazon has pushed back the arrival date for my order for Ghost of Tsushima and Destroy All Humans! until somewhere between August 7th and September 8th, even though both games are being released this month. Should I be worried that I won't be getting to play Ghost of Tsushima this coming weekend?

    EDIT - Backup image link if image fails to show:

    1. Kristen Danielle

      Kristen Danielle

      They are currently "prioritizing" things like rubbing alcohol and masks for the stupid virus. When that happened to me, I canceled the pre-order and pre-ordered from somewhere else.

    2. ResoluteRock


      I would cancel and pre-order from somewhere else. I heard Amazon was prioritizing more urgent items like food and medicine, but the only delays I've seen (if any) for video games have been an extra day or two. An additional 1-2 months sounds very weird, unless Amazon is getting slammed even harder than they were in April... :hmm:


      I've ordered a few items off of Amazon in June (it was a pair of socks, a fan, and a pair of slippers -- totally nonessential items) and the items only took anywhere from 1-4 days to arrive.

    3. MidnightDragon


      You made me check my order on Best Buy. It's preparing for me to pick it up Friday. 

  18. Started playing Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout (PS4) Sunday night after getting burnt out on Saints Row: The Third - Remastered (PS4). I put in about five hours into the game last night, and so far, it has been pretty enjoyable to play. Still getting used to the whole Alchemy/Synthesis aspect of the game, but exploring the world, finding all sorts of different ingredients/items of various qualities for Ryza to use in her alchemy, and battling the different enemy types found while exploring each area has been a fun experience (for the most part). The combat system took some getting used to, but now that I have a better understanding of it, I am making it through most fights without too many issues (only got my butt kicked once by stumbling into a highly-leveled enemy without being properly prepared).

    @AlchemistWer Looking forward to when I get around to reading the trophy guide that both you and @Honor_Hand put a lot of effort into once I finish the main game. I want to experience the game for myself as much as possible before turning to the guide for help regarding any trophies I missed out on during my experience.

    1. AlchemistWer


      Haha I'm glad you started with Ryza, I'm sure you'll enjoy it, like I told you before this game is very friendly with new Atelier's players so you should not have too much problem with Ryza. In any case if you have a question or need help let me know. 😄

    2. Honor_Hand


      Awesome, have fun with the game. ^^


      And as AlchemistWer said, if you have any doubts with the guide or the game, be sure to ask him about it. I only helped with the translation and the formatting, the one that knows more about the game is him. x3

    3. Masamune


      I haven't played an Atelier game since... Lydie & Suelle? I still need to get both Lulua, & Ryza. 😑

  19. Man...after 42 gameplay hours of tearing around Steelport and raising hell with the 3rd Street Saints, I have finally gotten burnt out on playing any more Saints Row: The Third - Remastered (PS4). It is a shame, considering that I am just two trophies away from getting my seventh-career platinum trophy (just missing one bronze and one silver trophy in order to pop the platinum). The last two trophies I don't have require a bit of a grind (especially the You're My Hero! silver trophy for completing all 41 unique in-game challenges issued to you by NPC characters). Over the last three hours of the game I have played on Saturday, my interest has begun to waver and I noticed that it just wasn't enjoyable to play anymore. I don't hate the game or anything (would still give it a 7 out of 10 on my overall score for the game), but I have played so much of it over the past two weeks that it just isn't clicking with me anymore.


    This reminds me of when I watched over 570 episodes of One Piece during a nine-month span several years ago in a major attempt to catch up to where the anime was at that time, but I got so burnt out after plowing through so many episodes in less than a year that I simply lost all interest in watching. To this day (nearly three years later), I have yet to go back and pick up where I left off with the anime (the Straw Hats arriving at Dressrosa on Episode 629)...

    As of now, I am going to take a break from Saints Row: The Third - Remastered and possibly get into Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout (PS4) later tonight. I was originally going to hold off on playing Atelier Ryza until after I played Ghost of Tsushima (which arrives this next Friday!), but I just want to enjoy a game that isn't Saints Row right now. Heck, I might even give Persona 5 another shot if I don't end up playing Atelier Ryza later tonight (just depends on how I feel about diving back into P5 as a complete n00b at managing time/activities in the game.)

  20. Progress Report: Here is where I stand with the DLC expansions for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered as of tonight:


    1. Genki Bowl VII - 100% (all 10 trophies)

    2. Gangstas in Space - 100% (all 10 trophies)

    3. The Trouble with Clones... - 92% (9 out of 10 trophies)


    Getting all of the trophies for both the Genki Bowl and Gangstas in Space DLC expansions was quick and relatively easy on my end. However, I did manage to screw up my attempt to get all of the trophies for The Trouble with Clones... by not meeting one of the trophy requirements (failed to kill at least 15 NPC enemies at the Technically Legal strip club with melee attacks). Somewhat frustrating, but that is what happens when you fail to pay attention to how many melee kills you have gotten by the end of that one mission the trophy is apart of. Worst part was not maintaining a older save file in order to go back and retry that that trophy (with my current character) is out of reach. *sighs*

    After I round up some more of the trophies for the base game with my current character (clear all gang operations, find the 80 collectibles, etc), I am going to start my second play-through of the game's main story this coming weekend (this time with a male character) so I can get the one story-related trophy I missed out on for Act One (Tower Defense - Bronze) along with getting another attempt at the single trophy I missed out on (B.A.M.F. - Bronze) for The Trouble with Clones... DLC. Pretty sure I won't get the platinum trophy for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, but it will be pretty close (it depends on my patience to do all of the in-game challenges to get the [You're My Hero! - Bronze] trophy).


    Only eight more days until Ghost of Tsushima arrives next Friday! The hype levels for this game are off the charts!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. AlchemistWer


      Off topic, I saw you have Atelier Ryza on your profile, I hope you enjoy it! 😅

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      @AlchemistWer Thanks! I am looking forward to playing it for the first time when I finish my time with Ghost of Tsushima. I purchased it off of one of my coworkers for $20 two weeks ago, and hopefully it will be the next game that not only be enjoyable to play, but worth investing some quality time into. Considering that I have never played any of the Atelier games before, I am somewhat nervous about playing the game down the road (might be around the first or second week of August when I devote myself to the game), but I am branching out to finally try a franchise that seems promising to me.


      PS: The best part about this wonderful PSN Profiles community is that I can always turn to others more skilled with the Atelier games (you, for example) for advice if I ever need a hand with the game!

      EDIT - If you missed the prior Status Update where I mentioned Atelier Ryza as part of my "Games To Play Soon" backlog, see below:


      What else is on my backlog to play after I finish/complete Ghost of Tsushima? Here are the three games I have planned on playing as soon as I wrap up my time with Ghost of Tsushima:

      1. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout (PS4) - one of my coworkers sold me his copy of the game for $20 last week, so it has been added to my expansive backlog. Never played any of the Atelier games before, so fingers crossed that I like it.


      2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Decisive Edition (PS4) - After reading through Chibkey's Trial of Cold Steel mega-thread over on the IGN Playstation boards, I have decided to give this franchise a try and see if I end up liking it. If I do get hooked on this game and become interested in the franchise, I will be purchasing the second game (The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel II - Relentless Edition) down the road.


      3. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (PS4) - I originally purchased this game of the PS Store during a sale quite some time ago, and it has been sitting pretty much untouched on my PS4 Pro's hard drive (only booted the game up once in order to add the trophy list to my PSN Profile page). Having never watched ANY of the anime series or read the manga for the Sword Art Online franchise, I do believe that I am going to be quite lost & confused whenever I do start this game. Why would I play a game that I have pretty much no knowledge of the franchise it is based off of, you ask? Well, it is one of the shameful "F" rank games currently on my profile page, and I want to put some time into this game in order to get it up to at least the neighborhood of a "C" ranking.


      Of the three games listed above, I think (based on my limited knowledge of all three franchises) that I will enjoy Atelier Ryza the most. However, I will have to wait and see before I can pass judgement on all three games and see if my prediction is correct on this one.


    4. AlchemistWer


      Oh you are right, I did not see it before 😅. But of course if you need any help let me know, here you can find a trophy guide and walkthrough I did with Honor_Hand the last year so you should be not have any problem with Ryza. In other hand Ryza is very friendly wiht people who never play any Atelier before, and since it's the start of a new trilogy you can play it without a problem.


      Now, games like Atelier Rorona, Totori or Meruru are a bit more complex if you never play any Atelier before because each game is very very time sensitive and you need play it with a walktrhough yes or yes but this trilogy (Arland) is my favorite without a doubt and my all time favorite Atelier is Rorona plus or Rorona DX (Both games are the same).


      Trails of Cold Steel is a great game and the saga of The Legend of Heroes is amazing! I'm sure after you play the first game you will move to the follow games (This year we will have the last game available in ingles btw).


      Now Sword Art Online or SAO in other hand... well I'm no a big fan of the franchise tbh, but I know Hollow Fragment have a lot of grind and some missable stuff here and there, but the grind is normal in any SAO game except in Lost Song which is the easier game available until now. I played Lost song and Hollow Realization and this need also a lot of grind.

  21. Progress Report: Beat the main story for Saints Row: The Third - Remastered (PS4 Pro) last night. As of this week, I am currently working on getting all of the trophies from the three DLC expansions (Genki Bowl VII, Gangstas in Space, and The Trouble with Clones...) along with going back and trying to pick up more of the trophies I missed out on while playing the game. So far, I am enjoying playing this game a lot more than I did with the original PS3 release all those years ago, and thankfully I have only had the game crash on me once so far (in comparison to the dozen times the PS3 version crashed or locked up my console when playing it).


    The goal remains the same: try to get as many trophies as possible from Saints Row: The Third before I turn my full attention to the impending release of Ghost of Tsushima (arrives on Friday, July 17th). Not sure that I will end up going for the platinum trophy in Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, but I'll give it a shot. Also forgot that the PS4 remaster for Destroy All Humans! launches near the end of the month, so that will be added to my backlog of games to play once I finish my time with Ghost of Tsushima.

    1. PooPooBlast


      Ghost of Tsushima is looking really cool. Looking forward to playing that. 


      I just hope that there's a good story behind the beautiful visuals and combat. 

  22. Long read, so bear with me on this one:

    As of this week, I am slowly chipping away at the trophies in Saints Row: The Third - Remastered (PS4 Pro). As of posting this, I am roughly 63% through the main story and currently working on all of those in-game Saints Book challenges (Assassinations, Vehicle Thefts, NPC-issued Challenges, etc). I plan on getting as many of the trophies for this game as I possibly can (along with experiencing all three DLC expansions & going after their associated trophies) before turning my full attention to the upcoming release of Ghost of Tsushima fifteen days from now (July 17th).


    In addition, I finally surpassed the 3,000th Playstation Trophy mark this past weekend while playing Saints Row: The Third - Remastered, a feat that only took 11 years to accomplish. Started all those years ago with my first trophy in Red Faction: Guerrilla (PS3) exactly 11 years ago today (July 2nd, 2009) and took all the way until June 28th, 2020 for me to reach 3,000 trophies (a jaw-dropping span of 4,014 days!). o_O


    What else is on my backlog to play after I finish/complete Ghost of Tsushima? Here are the three games I have planned on playing as soon as I wrap up my time with Ghost of Tsushima:

    1. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & The Secret Hideout (PS4) - one of my coworkers sold me his copy of the game for $20 last week, so it has been added to my expansive backlog. Never played any of the Atelier games before, so fingers crossed that I like it.


    2. The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel - Decisive Edition (PS4) - After reading through Chibkey's Trial of Cold Steel mega-thread over on the IGN Playstation boards, I have decided to give this franchise a try and see if I end up liking it. If I do get hooked on this game and become interested in the franchise, I will be purchasing the second game (The Legend of Heroes: Trials of Cold Steel II - Relentless Edition) down the road.


    3. Sword Art Online Re: Hollow Fragment (PS4) - I originally purchased this game of the PS Store during a sale quite some time ago, and it has been sitting pretty much untouched on my PS4 Pro's hard drive (only booted the game up once in order to add the trophy list to my PSN Profile page). Having never watched ANY of the anime series or read the manga for the Sword Art Online franchise, I do believe that I am going to be quite lost & confused whenever I do start this game. Why would I play a game that I have pretty much no knowledge of the franchise it is based off of, you ask? Well, it is one of the shameful "F" rank games currently on my profile page, and I want to put some time into this game in order to get it up to at least the neighborhood of a "C" ranking.


    Of the three games listed above, I think (based on my limited knowledge of all three franchises) that I will enjoy Atelier Ryza the most. However, I will have to wait and see before I can pass judgement on all three games and see if my prediction is correct on this one.

    Sorry for the wall of text, everyone. Just got carried away, I suppose...

    1. XchocomanX


      Be wary with Saints Row. The trophies are kind of glitchy and they might not pop when they're suppose to!

    2. LegacyJKO09


      Cold steel 1 can be slow for half the game as its building characters and world. Cold Steel 2 picks up much quicker and is far superior. I only just started the 3rd game since putting it down months ago, and im not done chapter 1 yet but apparently it picks things up much quicker.


      from what i played i recommend the series!

    3. mako-heart


      Is HF the first game? I forget. I would watch the first two parts of the anime (I think it's all called S1).

  23. Platinum #6 - Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped (June 21st, 2020)


    First Trophy: July 2nd, 2017 (earned Taking The Scenic Route)

    Final Trophy(s): June 21st, 2020 (earned Boo-yah, Grandma! Boo-yah!, popped The N.Vincible Crash Bandicoot! upon earning)


    With the official reveal of Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time coming tomorrow, I decided to put forth the effort earlier today to knock out the final two trophies in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped in order to pop the platinum trophy. I got up to 46 gems in order to get Fake Crash to show up so I could get the Accept No Substitutes trophy. I also had to get the three sapphire relics in my collection up to gold relics along with getting the gold relic in Rings of Power in order to pop Boo-yah, Grandma! Boo-yah! for the final trophy.


    Platinum Difficulty: 5/10 (took a lot of work to get all 30 gold relics, all 47 gems (clear + colored), and all 25 crystals for a final completion rate of 107%.

    Was It Fun To Platinum?: It was, for the most part. Outside of a few near-misses on getting the Gold Relic on a few levels that pissed me off, I had fun putting forward the effort towards getting the platinum.


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. Burek_san


      congrats :yay:

    3. MossyOakRcn42


      Thanks, everyone! Not sure what game I'll make the effort towards getting my seventh-career platinum, but hopefully it will take place before the Playstation 5 comes out.

    4. ShonenCat


      Congratz! 🎂

  24. A new Crash Bandicoot has apparently leaked. See it below (credit to Gematsu):



    The Taiwan Digital Game Rating Committee has rated the unannounced Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is developed by Spyro Reignited Trilogy studio Toys for Bob.




    Here is the description that accompanies the rating:

    Crash is relaxing and exploring his island in his time, 1998, when he finds a mysterious mask hidden away in a cave, Lani-Loli. The mask is one of the Quantum Masks and apparently knows Aku-Aku, Crash’s mask friend! With the Quantum Masks returning and a Quantum Rift appearing near our heroes, they decide to bravely head through to different times and dimensions to stop whoever is responsible.

    Publisher Activision began teasing the announcement of a new Crash Bandicoot earlier today, as members of the press reported receiving a 200-piece puzzle that depicts a new mask first teased in a November 2019-released PlayStation 4 promotional video.


  25. Slowly chipping away at the final few trophies that I am missing in each of the three Crash Bandicoot games from the Crash Bandicoot: N.Sane Trilogy.


    Most likely will not be getting the platinum trophy for any of them (not the best at getting the gold or higher Relics for the time trials), but I'll still make an effort towards it. 

    I did try Persona 5 several weeks ago (put about 5 hours into it). So far, the game has been enjoyable to play, but due to the fact that I have never played a Persona game before in my life, trying to get used to how the game is.

    1. MrTrofyHunter


      You can do it, stay persistent.