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  1. Stuff you see on the network feeds when working at a TV station. Florida woman goes nuts at a McDonald's Thursday after they made a minor mistake on her special order, and the county sheriff had plenty of McDonald's puns ready to go for his press conference regarding the woman's epic food meltdown:



    1. PooPooBlast


      1:12 - 1:18 the way he said it with a serious face 😂. LOL


      Also Fudging hell, the 911 call had me howling 😂. "I'm at McDonalds, and I'm 5 months pregnant." 


      Honey.... please....

    2. kinnyman


      What a disgusting piece of shit.  22 going on 10.  And is reproducing.  I'm sure she's gonna be a wonderful mother.  If only twerking could result in a miscarriage.


      This one is still my favorite.  If only the one above had a happy ending like this one too.


  2. Where I first heard the song (via this Source Film Maker animation):
  3. Not the best audio quality on this old video, but here is one of the songs I enjoy from Bridges Left Burning and their Demo 2009 EP: