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  1. So Ive been working on career and have had several trophies not unlock. I got the trophy for dirt series playoffs but then nothing for winning dirt playoffs, finishing dirt season, 1 career season,10 wins, full team, fully upgraded car and full garage. Never seen a trophy list this buggy ever
  2. I got my PS4 about 4 months after launch really depends on games available at launch. It also didnt get used much for the first 6 months until some games came out on it
  3. Also floor 6 of the old schoolhouse the skull enemies with the flaming auras always spawn 6-8 enemies and theres one right by the entrance to the area from the elevator. I used them to grind until I realized thats what the Poms were for in my DLC
  4. The slingshot game is pure garbage in fact most of the game was and I gave up getting the trophies for it. Also that space shooter game caused me to fart blood on several occasions. Really was disappointing as the minigames on SMB2 were fantastic for most part
  5. For the lawn mower trophy I did the first race with them in career and pulled over to the side off the track until the trophy unlocked
  6. So I had mine unlock once I got 12 spell pts as well and all characters
  7. I saw that as well that 10 career seasons and 200 wins gets grindy offline. What I did for seasons 9 and 10 to speed it up was do short races no qualifying in the dirt series. Too bad they dont add fantasy tracks to the game anymore or custom ones
  8. I got this in season 2 of franchise mode against a team with a high brain damage rating and put a couple scrubs out there with my regular team that had a high brain damage rating. Bumping your goalie 5 or 6 times will usually trigger a fight then its a matter of winning them. I did let them beat me a couple times to kill one of the scrubs on my team. I won the game in OT and had a violence rating of 1800 for the game. Like prev posted also mentioned starve the players you hire for several days and give cutters to make them popsicle sticks
  9. Not sure if anybody has a map guide but Im missing the treasure map trophy and memento trophy. Ive never been this clueless as the game give you very little hints about them in the game itself. Nevermind I found it. Turns out after finding all the normal treasure a special one spawns on the table in the Library on Plumpet Island. Also didnt realize you need all mementos before defeating final boss which will unlock the last one for the plat.