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  1. Like a ps4 version of Aquanaut's Holiday... but without the singing fish.
  2. I figured out it does want your currency set to Euros in settings. Mine defaulted to dollars so I wasn't getting the trophy pops.
  3. Anyone have any tips on this? I've done what I think are the requirements twice now and have had no luck getting it to pop. During the sale of the house I press triangle to negotiate the price. On the the most expensive house, the home alone house and I negotiated to earn more than 50,000 on it twice now. Do I need to convert EUROS to Dollars in the game? Or is it just glitchy??
  4. Awesome! Got 6 levels or so to go so I'm gonna get this done THIS WEEKEND.
  5. Damn. I just bought the EU version.
  6. Can't find a release date online yet. Looks like it's out on steam already?
  7. They still do double XP every Wednesday so you could get in on that at least. That's what I'm doing, 8 levels to go.
  8. Just wanted to officially post about the glitchy trophies in this game. The 3-star all level trophy pops randomly in the 23rd level The villain trophy popped in like the 4th level All of the kill mammoth etc trophies pop at weird times. The only ones that same to pop when they're suppose to are the worker trophies: stopping time, speeding up etc. Lastly, the Omnipresent trophy won't pop for me at all. Not sure which portals it's talking about as now I've official 3-starred the whole game and I've done all the portals lol @Dave_Lister12 - do you remember where yours popped?
  9. THC and gaming is always... sweet. Are we soulmates?!?!?
  10. It has rounds. So its 4 kills max per round I guess. If you were to kill all 4. I think each game is like... 3 or 4 rounds.
  11. Is this on the Hero vs Hero Starships mode? Because I thought it was just 4 hero ships and once they're dead the game ends. I guess there are rounds though. Idk I've had similar issue in that each time I've played that mode the round is ending by the time I spawn back in lol I guess you just have to keep at it.
  12. Woot congrats! I have 10 lvls to go and that damned "Multitasking" trophy til platinum.
  13. I think there are a lot that would honestly opt for team. Maybe I'm wrong.
  14. I don't know I think others would maybe be honest. Maybe I'm being overly optimistic. I didn't want to flat out delete my account off of here and I haven't broken leaderboard rules but I don't feel real great about being #6 in the US when I've admitted to having someone else work on my account. So what I did was throw "team account" into my about me. Which I suppose is sort of what V is proposing here, just in a more official way. I think it's worth, if nothing else a trial period.
  15. It's definitely mostly honesty based and far from perfect. That being said I think it's still an improvement over the current system. I agree a few extra "are you sure? this is reversible" type popups would help with new users playing with settings etc.