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  1. Is it any boss from a dojo? like, if the sword boss only drops wood sword then what the point, i already have the 120k to fight him. Getting the wooden sword from him would be a bit pointless as far as making my way to 120k.
  2. where do you get the wooden weapons?
  3. I know its isometric but how is the game play/loot game. Are you finding gear like in diablo?
  4. I noticed this too. It could probably lead to being locked out of some soul emblems if you dont do them. I would advise just doing all side stuff immediately.
  5. How long was your first playthough? Also, is there a level cap? Whats the difference so far in Nightmare(NG+)
  6. I had issue with this too. If you've completed all of the Self Important and as far as you know, Richard, go to the butterfly nest mislte and talk to Self Important again. He'll talk about how he found a new base camp or something like that. Then go back to Richard and he'll be in a slightly different spot and you'll be done. Not sure if you need to progress to a certain point in the game but i was already done and cleaning things up.
  7. awesome, so ill just keep playing, thanks.
  8. Hes not showing up in the trenches area even though he left the parking garage. Did anyone else run into this problem. My main progress is in the memories section.
  9. Lame. 3 play thoughs it is then.
  10. i was using randoms and having people join me. just leave it open and call for a partner and do one of the depths, preferably the first 1 since it a cake walk. just do the side bosses first since i think killing the main boss will get the coop partner to leave.
  11. a real person is needed.
  12. so what exactly are the requirements, its sounds like you can get all 3 via back up saves
  13. the first depths is super easy, 3 medals in just a a few minutes, can be easily grinded out. whats nice is you can be host.
  14. I hope, i really liked mine.
  15. I think there are no issues for hosts. Im playing with my wife and ive been hosting and there a some that she should have gotten already, mainly the cosmetics one and the shooting gallery one.