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  1. List looks simple but what is this game. Is it a hack n slash with town building/idle mechanics?
  2. im pretty sure when they say crates, they mean all breakable objects excluding the lamps that give you mp. so, crates, pots, vases, and whatever may be in the final couple zones.
  3. I think the trick is to play more ranged. once i started doing this i began owning. frost bow + repeater crosbow + turrets are awesome
  4. that sucks. im playin on ps4 and hope this doesnt happen.
  5. congrats, i know how that goes and how much time it could take up.
  6. They seem to be fixed. I unlocked a ton of them and managed to beat it no my 2nd run last night with the starter class. I had way more motivation knowing that the trophies are working. Now the only problem is trying to figure out all those obscure trophies. I got right in the face - maybe too short, you need missiles and a mod to make your range really short.
  7. looks like they updated it this morning. patch notes say theres a fix for trophies that wouldnt unlock correctly and "bug fixes". hopefully it fixes everything.
  8. Awesome. I had emailed them back on the 9th and they never responded. Good to know they are aware.
  9. im currently working on doing a 500+ stage. Add me if you want to join. I am at around 180 currently. Just remember to push if you get to the boss.
  10. Same here. had the player unlocks pop retro actively but the stage trophies and points one will not pop no matter what.
  11. Idk what is up with the loot drops. I'm almost done with my first play through and i still consistently get lvl 8-15 gear dropping from lvl 40+ enemies which i dont understand at all. as for dying a bunch, i went ranged so that doesnt happen too often.
  12. just downloaded the latest updated and the monument is now working correctly.
  13. cool. thanks.
  14. Do perks/upgrades stay with you? Or do they reset like dead nation. Also, is there level select or do you you have to continue moving forward. Can you replay levels?
  15. Where are you seeing your own name color? I've got almost 200 ranked matches and my name has always been the same stock color, assuming it's the name you see in lobby.