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  1. Idk what is up with the loot drops. I'm almost done with my first play through and i still consistently get lvl 8-15 gear dropping from lvl 40+ enemies which i dont understand at all. as for dying a bunch, i went ranged so that doesnt happen too often.
  2. just downloaded the latest updated and the monument is now working correctly.
  3. cool. thanks.
  4. Do perks/upgrades stay with you? Or do they reset like dead nation. Also, is there level select or do you you have to continue moving forward. Can you replay levels?
  5. Where are you seeing your own name color? I've got almost 200 ranked matches and my name has always been the same stock color, assuming it's the name you see in lobby.
  6. oh. yea, i havent been backing up saves mid game. its hasnt been too terrible for me yet but i could see the annoyance of getting to stage 4 and dying. not a bad idea to start backing up. as a side note, how do you unlock merchants and traders? do you just need enough keys to unlock those doors or do you need to unlock all the hidden ones with the bombs too.
  7. I'm sitting around 215k BP. I'd like to try this out tonight. After 630pm est if anyone is down. We know. I lose points now in 200k range when i lose to people stronger sometimes. Its the idea that you trade the wins but someone gets the 3rd win to win more. Your 1 win of BP should be more than the 2 loses of BP if im not mistaken, at least thats how it works in my bracket for now. I know 1 win out weighs 1 lose, so even if it gets to a point when 2 loses out weigh 1 win, you can just keep it to 1 win each.
  8. How long did you play to get your total of 6 matches?
  9. So what youre saying is dont back up saves in the middle of a run?
  10. For those that dont know what he means about the super dash, use your heavy launcher (down+heavy). counters every time. you just need to time it, then you get to start combo'ing.
  11. Just practice, i'm not good but i found 3 characters i like and started winning much more. Just hope you dont run into people that pull the plug when youre about to win, happened to me a handful of times yesterday.
  12. linear is annoying, my strategy was to try and work from the bottom up, getting stuck on above the blocks isnt good. also, i noticed that when you die it makes some of the block get more health or whatever it may be. i noticed when i lose a life i would see some blocks go from no dots to 1 dot, or 1 dot to 2 dots. basically, dont die. if you die more than once just waste your lives and start fresh.
  13. Makes sense. I dont know why people do that stuff.
  14. Yea idk why the guide isnt here. it took messaging the devs to find it. Got my plat thanks to it with my first run of the day the other day. Got lucky and got a bow in my first shop and then black mamba the next followed by some cupid arrows. felt too good to be true. i used the glitch though for the boss. that can get very annoying with out it but i was also reckless and didnt mind getting hit since i had so much health.
  15. thanks. i emailed the devs and they linked me to a guide for it. idk if i'm allowed to link other guides but here it is. The game is way easier now. I was trying it with only the stick haha.