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  1. Actually very true about free DLC and trophies Good example is Dying Light. In my opinion parkour fever should of atleast been a silver Maybe goty DISC code gives them access right away and they got that edition allready in the mail that is the only thing i can think of
  2. Yes it is Season Pass but it releases the 12th december not sure why it does not have trophies for not a hero dlc tho :/ There is Steam achievements tho
  3. Yeah Guys Really can't wait either (I am away next week but once i get home RE7 is waiting, @UlvenFenrir Really enjoyed it to
  4. Nice, everyone is entitled to have their own opinion For me: The game was good, i would easily rate it a 9/10
  5. Mine is ''Taking The Sting Out'' from Resident Evil 0
  6. Just a CGI trailer. But damn im so hyped for this
  7. END OF ZOE Promise Kept Complete End of Zoe on Easy or Normal. King of the Swamp Complete End of Zoe on Joe Must Die. The Only Guns You Need Complete End of Zoe on Normal or Joe Must Die using no weapons. Fastest Man in the Swamp Complete an Extreme Challenge in End of Zoe. Queensberry Rules Perform a 4-hit combo with your bare fists in End of Zoe. Swamp Warfare Stealth kill 5 enemies in End of Zoe. NOT A HERO Mission Accomplished Complete Not a Hero on Easy or Normal difficulty. You're the Hero Now Complete Not a Hero on Professional difficulty. STEAM LINK: What you guys think? Real easy! And also cool that they want you to complete End of Zoe with no weapons Cant wait!
  8. I am trying to get this going today, i cant choose a universe to connect to. are they down?
  9. @grimydawg Is it to late to join or? im allways figuring these contests to late
  10. Yeah, thats why i need to expand.
  11. Sweet idea, now you got me into expanding my PS3 Collection even further
  12. Resident Evil: Revelations 2 PS4, huge RE fan
  13. yeah, but 2 of the trophysets does not have DLC tho so they are a little bit kind
  14. HAHA, that is the plan mate I know it is just words right now, but comeback and check my profile around march Chinese version is actually full price tho