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  1. I never complained about cdprs release of cyberpunk, i even platted the game with no issues (it crashed couple times) nothing more than that👍Great game Cdpr👍
  2. Shadow Warrior 1, is the hardest game ive done 2nd hardest game ive done is wolfenstein 2 👍 And 3rd hardest is Doom 2👍
  3. I didnt know that, just figured i post it👍
  4. If people are having trouble with proxy glitch. There is a 2nd glitch if you own a copy of resistance fall of man.
  5. So 2 players is enough for 250win aswell and can you still do the 1 team suicides method for wins?👍 Because on ps3 we were 8.players.
  6. I allways get a plat 1st of january, something i started with in 2019. 01.01.2021 Killzone. 01.01.2020 Battlefield 5. 01.01.2019 Singularity. 06.01.2018 Medal of honor: warfighter 05.01.2017 Dying Light 23.07.2016 Dead island ps3
  7. Can someone that has a korean account check that valley of death dlc is on the store? Would be much appreciated👍 so i dont have to make an account for nothing.
  8. Damn, i allready regret not getting it years ago.
  9. Ok thanks for a quick reply👍 going to check that dlc is actually there.
  10. I found it in canadian store with that psprices. But whats the rating for canada? What copy of the game do i need to get?
  11. Psprices? Its not possible for ps3 titles on psn store through a laptop annymore
  12. So its still possible to get this plat?
  13. This should be lifted ,since you can autopop 2 of the stacks.
  14. Can anyone confirm its still availible in the korean store?
  15. Turok , Haze, resistance fall of man, condemned 2, fear 1, dark sector, saints row 2 these are the once i can think of on top of my head 👍