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  1. Anyone else having issues? Is any trophies yied to it?
  2. Når blir du ferdig og gjør Evil Within. 6 ganger egentlig ?

    1. gamercris066


      You can create a account to a different region, And purchase games.

  3. Awsome. Hope it is with new trophy sets tho.
  4. What region is this version? Considering the other one is EU. Dont want to pay for the US if its not US trophy wise.
  5. Exploadebles is this the suicide guys or the guys that carry barrels? Tried it for hours with suicide guys but nothing.
  6. So dissapointed.... Was hoping for atleast a 8/10 in diffculty, this will be a comon/uncommen plat.
  7. Looks like a 3/10. Dissapointed its not atleast 8/10 in diffculty. Also what region is each stack?
  8. Yeah, but its frustrating tho not getting in. And also why isnt techland using coun feature on trophies how many kills you have on the ps5? But annyways ill get it surely but slowly 😊
  9. Ok. Ill wait with this trophy until next weekend then.
  10. I am having issues connecting online to get 100 coop kills. Message i get: connection to the game group you have tried to join could not be established. What to do? My internet is 1000 m/bit and NAT type open.
  11. I agree with shadow warrior beeing harder even with no perma. I would say wolf2 and max payne a 8/10. But shadow warrior, easily a 10/10. Especially that chapter 16 on heroic.......
  12. Day 1 for sure buy 😊
  13. Graphics look really poor m8👍
  14. Sigurd blir før deg på Max Payne 3! 

  15. who wouldnt have a vendetta against EA! look what they did to fuse servers. closing with no notice at all. Even their own terms of use, states that they have to give a 30days notice prior to server closure.