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  1. Ill try calling the norwegian support on tuesday, they are usually sympathetic 😂 Its hollyday here tomorrow has to be tuesday.,maybe if i tell em the vr code i have or something like that, and they can check its not been redeemed or use trophies as advantage, that its not started 😪
  2. As title says. But the prob reason it wasnt free for me is because i didnt reedem the vr code in box. Fuck, i wasted 699 nok(which is approx 65£)
  3. I thought i had legacy packs.... i have the definitive edition of H1 with all dlcs and everything thats ever been released!!! So am i screwed now??? Or what am i doing wrong? Is there annyway to import dlcs so H2 recognises them from H1 Deffinitive?? Hope theres an way guys! And i guess the complete first season version on disc is the goty btw?... because i have the deffinitive one, so the H2 does not register the Legacy packs 😪 what to do?? Heres 2 pics that i find it really wierd... H2 stuff is shared with H1 for some reason but the dlcs from H1 is not being shared with H2, i read on reddit that H1 shares them as legacy packs.. https://imgur.com/gallery/gfUG8rb https://imgur.com/gallery/gfUG8rb
  4. Ill be honest, i think i also got 12, but i only did those 12 to see what it was all about years ago. And honestly i dont feel ashamed of it, the ones i got i would not call them shovelware tho because some of them took some time to complete even tho all 12 are over 90% common. And i dont feel ashamed over them, and neither should you👍 the only game thats embareising on my account and its that daydream game, hahaha the other 11, i looked on gameplay made sure it was appealing because of their titles. And not shit like point and click. I still bash people who autopop shoveware(its discusting). PSNP Should make a sepperate LB for shovelware. Im not against autopop in general, if you have done the 40-60h plat, it should be optional to autopop(i have also done it on rougly 8 games). But annyways be proud of your plat collection if you play games you enjoy 👍👍 Heres a link to the 12 games thats 90% or more common on my account. https://imgur.io/gallery/svFBsVy
  5. After Hitman( I wont be doing the 2nd one problobly for atleast a year ,a year and a half) This game is so god damn repetetive and really boring and looking on trophies for the 2nd one. Looks like they just re added the dlcs and same missions😑


    But after Hitman, back to Callisto and get it back to 100%. And then platt 199 which is Aliens Colonial Marines and Milestone 200: Aliens Vs Predator and plat 201 is riddick just to finnish it👍 And Rage 1 and 2 after riddick! 2023 for me is a completion year 😉

    1. DividedByMankind


      Going to try to reach 97% this years on completion if its not possible ill prob reach really close to it.


      My unobtainable plats so far: Fuse Ps3, Killzone mercenaries and prob elder scrolls online, but ill atleast try to get these to 75/80% 


      Killzone i forgot about. Fuse, ea suddently ghosted the servers. And ESO is just to grindy, to be wasting all my time on  one game.

  6. Why you need checkpoints? Playstation do have pause ability 👈👍 Edit haha, now i see why you need checkpoints.. 21k with common trophies😑 You want the trophies given to you, another shovelware player 😑
  7. I know but its so repetitive for 100%. I can be asked so thats why i made a 2nd thread to see if someone has started other regions👍
  8. As title says, will it be possible to autopop NA version with my EU save?
  9. Getting my completion ratio to 95%.
  10. Ill try next week! At work
  11. Been eyeballing the list for quite some time now. Anyone have a clue when riot mode is out?
  12. As title says, does anyone know how much score you need? Mybest was 298000 pts. And tried 9 times already. Is it 300k for this one maybe? Post requirements in this thread 👍 Cant find them anywhere online.
  13. Does business of war actually pop before completing the game?
  14. Once syphon filter omega strain is released im going to do all of them in a row👍
  15. Yeah thats true👍