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  1. Haha, i actually still have those same lines in my head, and i havent played Borderlands 1 in years,
  2. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/11/20/borderlands-3s-first-dlc-campaign-announced-release-date-revealed-and-new-trailer Really looking forward to this
  3. I have the psycho break version , dlc is not in jap store. Where can i get it?
  4. This is awsome. That ps4trophy guide guy ill never watch again !!
  5. I think respawn messed up or forgot to put in exit there, or its a bug with the elevator. But i went back through Ice caves👍 dig site is also glitchy map, i jumped out of the level near that elevator aswell couple of times
  6. As title says, for me the trophy "you cant find me" wont unlock, and yes is done with another player, i have mimmicked 413. Thanks
  7. Coming 28th of november time to start this.
  8. My cleanup til new year for 100%


    Days gone


    Tomb raider deffinitive


    Saints row

    Tekken 6


    Rage 2

  9. Yeah m8, but its also my fault that i didnt research properly, i should of actually relised it allready when i couldnt find the nero mysterious weapon for the 3rd trophy in dlc2 👍
  10. I see, now i have to re do it
  11. Yeah i know and i am pretty sure i started it in new game pluss, but does the save mention new gaame plus?
  12. Annyone know about this?
  13. As title says, im i missing something? And yes i watched credits.
  14. Dont listen to this guy peeps, he doesent know what a real masterpiece of a game this is👍
  15. I know, but its only psycho break 2 showing there, not psychobreak 1, unless psycho break is one of the evil within lists