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  1. Nice, its prob dropping someday. I just bought all 3 dlcs to my jap account👍 But it is really lame that they have that rule or law against M rated games. Or cero Z. Maybe it is a jap law, and not sony deciding it.
  2. Thanks alot, much appreciated👍😎
  3. Oh sweeet. Then i am in luck. Because i really wanna add: Psycho Break to my account. I personally think Psycho Break is a much cooler name than Evil Within😎 I knew this, but i am in luck tho👍 Btw have you tried playasia.com for alien isolation?👍
  4. How do i get the dlcs for this Evil Within on JP store? I got the game physical. And im planing the psycho Break as my 175th plat. A link would be much appreciated 👍🤗
  5. Yeah i know that, but in situations like that you can delete the patch if you have the disc based game. I think there is also a method to delete on digital ones(i could be wrong tho)( and this is not wrong, its called a exploit). But anyway it doesnt give you a free pass to cheat a trophy through shareplay, or cheat it through any other means. As i said in my previous post, having somebody do it for you through shareplay is same as using someone elses save file(only difference is another person is doing it for you). My opinion about it👍 Trophies today are not the same as they used to be on ps3 era.
  6. Flagged you for FC2 now. If a trophy glitches or you cant get it. Don't cheat it. Simply start a new game. Or Leave it. Thats not cheating. Using saves, even if its yours to get a trophy, is cheating on the highest level you can imagine. And using game genie is also definitley cheating. And see, those Trophies arent earned legit, so it does not belong on LB. And it also goes up in rarity for a game that i have been spending 150h+ on, Like Far Cry 2. So simply dont cheat Trophies. I heard rattalaikai was the place to be for quick trophies.
  7. Yeah this is false, i dont see any other games at a quick look. This should be lifted 👍
  8. Yeah, cheating is cheating. No Exeption.They admitted using resigning software to cheat the game. Case closed?
  9. And the funny thing is run the gauntlet in titanfall 2 wasnt that bad, took maybe 10 retries👍 i would of been emberrassed if i put up shareplay session for a challange like😂 Aswell with Resident evil 2, the gas station challange, and bf1 shooting those planes down in the campaign. All these challenges needs is practice. If the person cant get it. The trophy simply is not for that person. So using shareplay where another person gets the trophy for you,thats cheating aswell👍 in my opinion m8👍
  10. Vallhalla,ghostwire, returnal ,far cry6 and resident evil 8 and deathloop, all for PS5 👍😎
  11. I just dont see the point buying a console number 2! And i also like trophies over achievements. I like that theres a main trophy when you collect all of them. Achivements doesnt have that i believe. So it has nothing to do with being a fanboy. The thing i really dislike is when a company buys a existing ip, that is multiplatform and makes it exclusive, that goes also for sony not only ms. You see how low MS is going. They actually have to buy famous IPs to survive. Unlike sony and sony studios that take their chances and makes new incredible story driven IP's 👍 Another way you can see that they are strugling is , PS5 pre orders is sold out, atleast here it is. Xseries x not so much. Oh i guess it is still hope for Wolfenstein and Elder scrolls 👍
  12. Word! But the plat for a new wolf and maybe it could be a TEW3! Since tango was one of the buyings👎
  13. Ok, i am having trouble with unlocking 1313kills trophy. Tried googling but nothing i could find that helps me. So this is the case, i did 1000plays with jason last night, and i made sure i killed my dummy to end match quickly, which equals 1000kills(not idling) And now i used a 2nd dummy to make the kills go quicker. So for 9h straight i got around 900kils. With my main and 2 dummies. I should of got this trophy 6h.ago. i am around 1900kills Anyone else had trouble with it? Or is it just that i have messed up the server save by accidently starting the NA version? Edit: Really not sure what happend, but i am sure that i have well over 2000kills now 👍
  14. Never will i do that👍
  15. Im not sure where or if someone has asked this allready but is wolfenstein now exclusive to xbox? After ms bought zenimax? Hope not since it is one of my fav fps👍 Here from google: On September 21, 2020, Microsoft announced they entered into an agreement to acquire ZeniMax Media and all its subsidaries for $7.5 billion.The acquisition deal is expected to be finalized in the second half of 2021's fiscal year. The deal promises to return more than six times Providence Equity's investment in the company.