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  1. It is still saying the week i boosted it I feel bad for everyone that was going for this last week if it does not register for you guys
  2. HAHA, yeah more than that, i have the times written down: Monday 7h, Tuesday 6h, Wednesday 13h, thursday 12h, friday 10h, saturday 8h and sunday 6h
  3. But it saves 2? (the 2 first rounds)?
  4. Yeah, but monday to friday i did radec accademy, 15min rounds. Friday the guy that was first that week explained that method to me, at this point i had 3900 And thats why i reached 18500 in 3 days
  5. Yeah maybe, but my method works aswell really well I figured this out on mid friday, i only had 3900xp on friday, and ended up with this method on 18500, imagine if i figured this out on Monday, i would of problobly ended up well over 30k. I boosted 63hours that week. only 22 hours registered, but then again i started doing this method like 5pm on friday
  6. Dont know, but my suggestion to everyone thats going for the trophy is to do atleast 20 000 xp, to be sure. MY BOOSTING METHOD: PLAYERS: 2 of 2 (Pr server) No need to fill the server with 10 boosters or whatever like, in the end all of you are going for it. MODE: Bodycount MAP: Beach Head TIME: 11 min (This way you dont loose to much xp) BOOSTING TIME A DAY: 8-12 hours a day. HOST: The guy thats being killed. ROUNDS: 3 (you enter a 4th round, then get 2 kills and be killed once, The guy thats dying the 2times quits first) QUITS: 4th round (Remember to sign out of PSN both players.) Boosting method: The guy that is being killed spawns on helghast team (on the bunker spawn point) the killing guy stands on the right side of the bunker(this way he will allways see the spawn. you will average a total of 45 kills a round. If you get 4 points each headshot kill you will average around 180 points a round after some practice.plus the bonus tho which is 1.5 extra and 2 out of 3 matches will register with this method. If it does not register you are not signing out of PSN or you are doing something wrong idk. Atleast for me it registered 2 out of 3. But anyways theres no point creating a list like that. Because that list is maybe 10% of the players thats going for these 4 trophies.Theres also a lot of ppl thats not on this site thats going for it. And the mor weeks it nears closure of the servers, the more and more players it is going to be. This week looks also crazy. But anyways good to luck to everyone thats going for the weekly trophies
  7. Yo do relise that the general trophy pops on the way to weekly honor rank #4? im guessing you will need atleast 16 000 to get those weekly honor rank trophies now, because everyone is going for them. and to reach rank general is only 5k xp. But hey do it you're way Just a tip. i boosted 62hours last week and only 18500 registered
  8. This would be an awsome idea! Considering im 1st on sniper ghost warrior 3 and 2nd on mafia 3
  9. This week people needs to be doing atleast 20k to be sure they get it why in the world did you do it with 4 people? i did it with me and my dummy. This is how i boosted it: map: Beach head. the guy that is going to get killed is on helghast side. and he needs to spawn in the bunker. really fast kills. match is set to 11min, so you dont loose to much points if you happend to loose. exit after 3 rounds, log out of psn every 3rd round(dont close the game) and it is guerenteed to register 2 out of 3 rounds all the time.after some practice you will average 184 points in 10min
  10. I had 18500 All popped!
  11. Haha, nice m8 Congrats!
  12. My trick was to crouch/prone all the way to each barrel, but cant really remember which side i went first, or if i went a little down the hill first. Just try crouching and stuff, and take it slow(dont rush) i think i was stuck a bit on that mission aswell. For me the hardest mission was the one before was litterly stuck there for hours.
  13. Is that the mission were you have to kick the barrels down hill?
  14. Last week was 1880 players. so this week you need to be top 18 atleast i think. but this week problobly has over 2000 players. i hope so
  15. Just lost 3h yesterday worth of points. and today i lost 4hours.... seriously im pissed..... They want our money.... but fixing their servers they wont