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  1. As title says, is there a physical ger version with all dlc? Thinking of doing Wolfenstein 2 again Cant seem to find it on Ebay.
  2. Dissapointed with usb storage... now cheating will come on ps5 aswell in time... rest looks neeth tho EDIT: My bad, i thought they put back the option to backup game saves again. I hope they never put that option back.
  3. Latest pickup👍
  4. What was so unrecognizeble on re2 if i may ask?
  5. Thats youre opinion. I am happy they continue RE. Even if they release 10 RE games a year, i am still going to buy all of them. That said. Its my opinion about it. I just hope they dont cut out stuff from the original RE4. Nah, they wont show RE4 It will remove the Fokus from RE8. And RE8 has prob atleast 3times bigger budget than RE4, i would think.
  6. Couple of days ago i continued Elder Scrolls Online for 100% after almost 6 years at the bottom of my list :) I will have 2 breaks from it tho: When RE8 releases and SGW: Contracts 2 Releases :)    

  7. I dont see the point of this, even the ps3 graphics are good like in my opinion.
  8. Yeah no plat, no go👍 The only ones i am doing without a plat is if its part of a series☺️
  9. Yeah sweet goose bumps allready😎😎 Going to try reverse now 👍
  10. I bought it aswell yesterday with no issues on the EU store👍
  11. Pick up today. I think ive reached 300 physical games.
  12. Yeah me to guys. I like description like this, where you actually have to figure out yourself what to do☺️ Instead of the actual trophy telling you exact description. And the plat name is awsome aswell👍
  13. It is fps aswell, looks fun Not sure what it is about tho, but the trophies looks fun, i might put this plat as a milestone.
  14. Just bought this on PS3 Before the Store shutdown:


    - Assassin's Creed 3: Gold Edition.

    - Assassin's Creed Iv Black flag: Both Dlcs.

    - Dishonored: All Dlc.

    - Painkiller: Hell and damnation: Only all Trophy dlcs.

    Borderlands 2: season pass.

    Borderlands Pre Sequel: Only Trophy Dlcs.

    Aliens Colonial Marines: 1 Dlc.

    Max Payne 3: All Dlcs.

    Rage: 1 DlC.


    Damn it is expansive on PS3👎👎👎👎

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    2. DividedByMankind


      @Tomy_IV 99% e jo kjempe tomy👍Det klare du, ja ska spelle mer av vallhalla, må bestille PS4 versjonen, ser så bra ut ilag. Ska gjøre alle AC, Strax Killzone å RE serien e done, slutten av Mai ☺️

    3. sssande93


      Trekker ifra Friday 13th NA autopop trophies, men ellers bra :-) Tar meg nok igjen på LB ja, ser ikke vitsen i leaderboards lengre med alle 90+ common spilla med 10 gulltrophies

    4. DividedByMankind


      @sssande93 ja den e god , med trekk👍 ja ser egentlig heller vitsen, starta med ESO i går så eg blir nokk lenge der👍 Første pause fra ESO blir i mai når RE8 kommer ut😎

  15. As i posted yesterday i wanna play Rage. But at the same time i wanna do the wole Dishonored series or Bioshock Remastered ones(allready done on PS3). 

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    2. DividedByMankind


      @Infected Elite Makes perfectly sense, But i have allready done Rage 1 on @Hidden_Gamer_88 . The reason i am doing that game again is because i really enjoyed it in 2011. If you still have you're PS3, you should really play it m8. I would personally give that game a 9/10 in how good it really is in my opinion, But i will put em in that order that you Listed :)   


      @DrBloodmoney I know, i also did the 1st game back when it was new on @Hidden_Gamer_88  :) 

    3. Infected Elite

      Infected Elite

      @DividedByMankind i do have my ps3... just the controllers both have self input problems. I need a new HDD for it too since its slow af and laggy. I did enjoy Rage 2 though and i really should finish Dishonored Definitive Edition and Dishonored 2. One day lol

    4. DrBloodmoney


      @Infected Elite I had the same Ps3 controlelr issue - a 5m usb cable and my ps4 controller sorted that out!