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  1. If you a three hunter team and you kill the Butcher and the Spider in one game and take 3 Trophies 2 Butcher and 1 Spider of Course so you get to Contracts...
  2. If you want do it save.. you go in the Game, Kill some Monster and search one or two hints and then you go outside. Is safe but a long time to level fifty!!
  3. I can help, write to me...
  4. Hello, If someone needs help for this Trophy, please contact me.... Greetings Suschi
  5. Do you have the trophy?
  6. Hello, please contact me I can help with the boost...
  7. I Think all Telltale Games...... because you only play down the story and you automatically became the Trophy!! For Example: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead Season 1-3, Tales from the Borderlands.....
  8. My first Platin was Star Wars Battlefront. And I think it´s one of the hardest Platin Trophies.......( 18.05.2016)58cea9394891a_2016_05.18StarWarsBattlefrontPlatin-SpielHeldenjagdletzteTrophe.jpg.2b43771d0fed177df95425ae2e5df05e.jpg

    2016.05.18 Star Wars Battlefront Platin Trophäe.jpg

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    2. DamagingRob


      Haha, true. There was someone who didn't like the color change, though, and would alter their screenshots. 

    3. MilanYildirim


      He literally even typed date on the status lol. I swear sometimes Rob acts like a robot lol

    4. DamagingRob


      :facepalm: But I hate androids, nooooooooo!!!!!

  9. That was my first Platin Trophy Star Wars Battlefront and I think it´s one of the hardest Trophys......(May 18.2016)
  10. My first Platin was Star Wars Battlefront. And I think it´s one of the hardest Platin Trophies.......

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    2. MilanYildirim


      Trophies cannot be boosted though

    3. TheYuriG


      Fuck yeah they can, my friend was drone leveling just yesterday 

    4. MilanYildirim


      Then how? I would love to boost some of its mp trophies.