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  1. Souls/Borne I have a few from PS+ and even bought one during a sale to give it a spin. It's just not my kind of pizza.
  2. Went back and finished this. Trophies for my favorites were over too quickly (Gradius, Salamander) but on the other hand Haunted Castle was a pita since I've never played through it. I'd rate the collection 3/10 for difficultly. You can always just spam save every 10k points or whatever. Easy plat, but at least it got one at all.
  3. 23 -> 355
  4. A space game called Zotrix, since it kept showing up on sales. It turns out it's pretty much Galaga on steroids. The presentation kicked my ass. Simple pixel sprites with EDM. I played it til the Plat and had a blast.
  5. I'm thinking about it, but ultimately I think not for at least 8-12 months. I have too many unfinished games on PS4 and there's nothing really enticing, except maybe BO:CW. Might as well just play it on PS4 with people on the same boat as myself.
  6. I think it was Bionic Commando Rearmed. I couldn't really afford full fledged titles right when I got it, so I got a bunch of PSN titles and demos, and played PS1 and PS2 games.
  7. sometimes I Plat, sometimes I don't 


  8. CoD: WaW is at 6.5% Plat rate, which is high imo. I don't for the life of me have the patience to finish on Veteran. I guess I'm pretty piss at CoD SP. I've attempted some sections like 100 times and am not even halfway through the game. The spam is just nuts.
  9. Pretty disappointing to have a major FF release that has a short list. I'll still probably get it during a sale or something.
  10. it's Scorched Earth lol
  11. Yeah I noticed that too. I don't know why but they suddenly renamed the "Huckster's House" to "Seller's House" with the recent update. Great parody of the Heisenberg house, anyway.
  12. It took my alt about 24h for first Prestige, but I mostly play TDM and DOM and am pretty laid back. I could see it easily taking half that if you play something like DOM and WAR with the Commando class and focus on farming XP. I reckon I could do it in 8 hours on Shipment '44 during a 2XP event.
  13. Exactly... I wish a 100% were more indicative of player interest. Even though I'm playing through all the levels, you know many people will just turn n' burn with passwords and move on. Previous Doom releases (e.g. Doom Classic Complete) at least let you earn trophies by fleshing out all the content, so this is kind of disappointing.
  14. A game called Wander Released unfinished, it has multiplayer trophies, but no multiplayer component (thus a 0% Platinum rate). It's in my purchase queue but no longer available for download. I can't even attain the rest of the trophies. Hogwash.
  15. This trophy drove me up the wall. I tried about 5 times. Long story short, you should start constructing the Earth Center sometime in Sol 3. It takes a long time to build, AND there is a pause between the conclusion of the construction, and the beginning of the assignment. Here is a good list that leaves out the extra optional crap: I loved this game and getting the Plat.