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  1. Hey everyone. I just finished my platinum on this game, and I wanted to add my input to potentially help some future trophy hunters. From what I could tell, you are able to leave 17 skill points uncollected and still get all of your skills unlocked. If you see a +1 skill point that is way out of your way, you can skip quite a few of those. Just keep track so you aren't having to fast travel all other the map at the end like me. (Let me know if my number is off.)
  2. I escaped through the hatch! I didn't know that would be an issue. Thank you all.
  3. No. Do they have to be tier 3 and level twenty? I never had that issue with any other adept trophies.
  4. I just escaped using David and his three perks. I didn't get the trophy for it. I got the "I've Got Your Back" trophy earlier in the same game, so it should've worked. Anyone else ran into any trouble with this trophy?
  5. Question 1: I needed three dwellers with high charisma and a level 3 fully merged radio room to pull in external dwellers. Not sure if that's the case for everyone or not.
  6. Is there any way to see how many objectives I've completed? I feel like I have to have it by now. I always go out of my way to do them, and it still hasn't popped.