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  1. I really liked the base game and the two colonels, but this dlc is dog shit in my opinion. Which sucks because I was excited for it. The whole boat thing and the stupid batman/ demon rip off kinda ruined it for me. And I think those mutant zombie things are a little played out and overused
  2. I was wondering if all of the online trophies can be boosted with only 2 people or if some required 3+. I can't compete with the die hards on this game so I'm trying to save myself the headache
  3. Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I played bloodborne and dark souls 3 so I'm use to the soul crushing difficulty lol. I heard many good things about it so I felt like I was missing out. Probably gonna push ninja gaiden 3 to the side for this
  4. Follow up question. Is it a fun %100? Or does it feel like a drag for most of it? Aside from getting annihilated multiple times.
  5. I've had this game for awhile and haven't touched it yet. If I started it how long would it take to platinum and finish all the dlc. I understand this varies by skill but I would just like some estimates from those who have done it. Thanks!
  6. I know it's late but you can get most of them by yourself except "staying alive" and "team effort". Those require more than 2 players but aren't too difficult. Hope this helps.
  7. Someone please help me out here. I'm playing this game on easy to plow through it quick because I've already played it like 4 times but lost my save after doing grounded. If I complete it on easy, why do I have to beat it again on easy plus just to get grounded plus? Can't I just go right to doing grounded?
  8. Most PlayStation 1 games played smoother than this junk. I think this is the worst first person shooter I've ever played. They claim you can use stealth but the enemies can see and shoot through walls. I was expecting the game to be difficult due to its age but it just feels very cheap because of how poorly designed it is. Graphics are great for its time though. That's about it, a little sparkle on a giant turd
  9. As a huge god of war fan I think the new one is extremely underwhelming. While I don't think it's a bad game. I really don't understand the perfect scores. That's my opinion, don't kill me.
  10. I'm not awful at this game but I'm not a pro by any stretch. I struggled a fair amount playing the dlc on easy. How much harder is nemesis difficulty? Any tips you would suggest before attempting this? Also I got the hunt is my mistress on shadow of mordor so I'm not a complete scrub lol
  11. I bought a lot of loot boxes. The ones you bought with in game currency. I also bought a few xp boosts because there was a daily challenge that awarded 500 gold. I never felt inclined to spend money. I guess you could argue it's for casual players that don't play a lot but I doubt they would make enough money on that demographic
  12. I was just curious on how much everyone liked or disliked the game now that all the DLC is out. I personally loved this game except those stupid Hippodrome races. I really enjoyed the combat and the open world. The story was ok, not horrible. The expansions were really good; but again, story was meh. But I would just like to see everybody else's opinion.
  13. They kept stating in every article that curse of the pharaoh's is the "second and final expansion" when they say more dlc they could just mean gear sets and stuff. I doubt we will see more trophies. But yeah, I think it's a big mistake on their part for not being more transparent on their future plans for the game because many people are gonna move on and sell the game now after the 2nd dlc. Not including me.
  14. Awesome, thanks! The boosting population for this seems to be alive and well so it shouldn't be hard to find people. Especially since the multi-player dlc is free. Can both teams get their trophies in one game? It says you only need downs 🤔
  15. I want to go back and %100 this game and was just wondering how bad the trophies are to boost. How many people are needed? Is it difficult to boost because of matchmaking issues? And how much time should I expect to invest in this endeavor? All replies are appreciated!