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  1. I'm not even sure how to get new weapons. We have beaten like 10 bosses so far and I don't think I've gotten anything new. We've been using starting weapons the whole time...
  2. So a friend and I have been playing this together and are having a really tough time with it. I expected the game to be hard but it is really kicking our ass. I originally wanted to platinum it but I'm finding myself wondering if I'll even be able to finish regular difficulty. Unfortunately some of the bosses have felt more cheap than difficult. Grim matchstick is beating me up but i think he's pretty fair so I don't mind. I will admit that finally beating a boss feels very rewarding. But whenever we beat one, it is usually by a very small margin. I think expert mode and A ranks might be a no go for us
  3. I think unless legends goes free to play, the player base is gonna fizzle out really quick. I'm sure it's really fun with friends but I don't like it enough to put all of that time into it, not yet at least. I'll probably just play a bit of it and move on
  4. This game mode is more difficult than I anticipated so it doesn't bother me. Things get out of control really fast so it doesn't even cross my mind during the match. I understand the point you're trying to make though.
  5. Thanks for the reply! I just finished ix and voyage solo without much trouble, but blood of the dead is looking very daunting solo. The boss fight seems easy at least
  6. Hi, I completed all of the dlc Easter eggs solo and was wondering if the EE for IX, voyage, and blood of the dead are doable solo and if anybody has any useful tips I can use when I go for it.
  7. I'm looking to %100 this and I was just wondering how the difficulty of the zombies trophies compare to other games. I've done the frozen dawn ee solo already and I've noticed this game seems more difficult than others. I was just curious how difficult the other maps are. Either solo or with a team. Thanks for any replies!
  8. Sometimes after decapitating a general, he will continue to drag his ass across the ground without a head
  9. I'm close to getting the platinum on the base game and was just wondering what the Dlc is like. How hard is it and how long should I expect it to take to complete it? Also, is it fun? Are the load times as bad as the base game? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I really liked the base game and the two colonels, but this dlc is dog shit in my opinion. Which sucks because I was excited for it. The whole boat thing and the stupid batman/ demon rip off kinda ruined it for me. And I think those mutant zombie things are a little played out and overused
  11. I was wondering if all of the online trophies can be boosted with only 2 people or if some required 3+. I can't compete with the die hards on this game so I'm trying to save myself the headache
  12. Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I played bloodborne and dark souls 3 so I'm use to the soul crushing difficulty lol. I heard many good things about it so I felt like I was missing out. Probably gonna push ninja gaiden 3 to the side for this
  13. Follow up question. Is it a fun %100? Or does it feel like a drag for most of it? Aside from getting annihilated multiple times.
  14. I've had this game for awhile and haven't touched it yet. If I started it how long would it take to platinum and finish all the dlc. I understand this varies by skill but I would just like some estimates from those who have done it. Thanks!
  15. I know it's late but you can get most of them by yourself except "staying alive" and "team effort". Those require more than 2 players but aren't too difficult. Hope this helps.