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  1. i can't for some reason do chain kills and yes i unlocked the skill after a take down the yellow icon never appears
  2. dose it have any missiable?
  3. yes you do need a group
  4. these are the last parts i need and i have been trying this 1 for hours with zombies but never seem to get it and same thing with torn up mast i don't know what to do
  5. disgaea 4 except if you like grinding..... alot
  6. thanks
  7. I have been playing multiplayer for a while and harvest more then 10 hectare and didn't receive any trophy
  8. you can get the trait by picking up lots of scrap but my question is if this will lock you out of the trophy?
  9. i have done all what you have say'd and still didn't get all the allies i got it now
  10. i'm having trouble getting lover's redemtion i'm doing exact the things you say in your guide and still tamoko attacks me i dont know what to do
  11. Hi i have done all the main quest and the trophy it's the final countdown dosen't unlock But on the gz forum i found out if i join someone who has done some quest from the dlc or finished it That it's possible i still get the trophy So if someone has done some dlc quest i would really appreciate it if you could help me You can pm me
  12. Yes but in sport mode you can make a room with friends only
  13. can't you just boost it by making your own room and invite your friend? or dose that not count?
  14. i got my platinum a few months ago and i really did enjoy playing it
  15. yes they fixed the framerate issue can't say it's perfect but it's playable