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  1. i'm having no problems with this game i really enjoy it but i took some breaks so now and then playing another game in between because it take some time to get the patinum
  2. i cant play online i'm getting every 10min a error my network itself is fine and having no problems with other games except for this 1 guess i have to wait....... for a fix or private server
  3. assassin creed black flag for me
  4. the chocobo 0:00 race trophy by far
  5. i am have some problems getting the mission serf up to 5 stars and achieving challenge perfom 3 perfect scenes it's my last mission for 5 stars and challenges the demons keep dodging my attacks and they are for some reason harder to parry
  6. there is a eggplant man in underground city in the train not sure if it drops the item
  7. all i neeed is kirin small and large over 100 kills and still nothing (scum saving tempered invest)
  8. so the new diablo event dose not give you crowns? i tried it 10 times and no luck only need b diablo
  9. the few kirin sos is because there is alway's the 1 player that dosen't know what he or she is doing if i have a kirin invest i certainly do not risk/waste it on a sos
  10. thanks the guide said it was this week
  11. a guide tells me there is a events named 'this is how revolts starts' this week where you can hunt a black diablo and diablo with a high change of crowns but i can't find the event anyone knows more about this? have this info from fextralife
  12. no only with rattay reputation the lower rattay's reputation the lower his strength but the higher his speech and charisma
  13. finally found a solutionwhen strength is failinggo to rattay bath house and stab the chick where you can trade for a bath 1 time(right before you go the erik’s tent)by doing this it reduce eriks strength but it will increase its speech and charismaso the more you stab the lower eriks strength will be but the higher his speech and charismait dose not really matter if it’s the bath house chick but it can be anyone so long it’s away from guards but still that there are some witness chozume wtf did you not read my message...... the speech cap is 20 and his speech is 23 but nvm i found a solution
  14. really don't you think i tried.......... level 20 is the cap even with boosting it dosen't get your level higher so if you are level 19 it only will boost you 1 lvl
  15. hi i having trouble with this trophy his speech lvl is 23 and i can't get a higher lvl then 20 even with boosting