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  1. and how can i proof this? i'm not gonna hide my game i have done nothing wrong lol i did those trophies even twice
  2. again i did those trophies years ago and i didn't recieve them after doing god eater 3 i started god eater 2 again and after doing several mission those trophies started to pop up
  3. weggelopen God Eater 2: Rage Burst i done this game years ago and at that time i did what i had to do to unlock the trophy but didn''t recieve any trophy so i quit the game<br /> years after i platinumed god eater 3 i had the motivation to do the game all over again and after doing several missions i did get the trophy"s
  4. found a solution by playing on a ps4 preorder edition and a shitty monitor
  5. but the thing with auto battle i lose mostly......... but i was hoping someone could tell me how to avoid this this is really the last time i buy a kalypso game there is always something with those games
  6. first i only experienced it in the france campaign and now in the free play it only happens when the game is loading for a manual battle
  7. Evertime i start a battle my game crashes Anyone knows how to avoid this?
  8. i also have trouble with these crashes with my ps4 pro and i'm at the part in the sewers where you have to cross the water and while doing you get blowen bij your painting and when i drop down i get the crash and ther is no way other way to get back:(
  9. i know but the question is where do you spend your points on if you only interested in abilities
  10. which chest is the best to get abilities from? or is it just gear up? because i have opened 3 of those and didn't get any
  11. thank you so much. after using vita and use my tissue for something else..... i read your post and within 3 trurn i did it
  12. like the title say's do trophy like Aggressive Searcher carry over to ng+?
  13. i did that
  14. i have planted all of them and still no trophy i really regret buying this shitty game
  15. hi i'm playing this game with a friend and was curious how to get this trophy because i unlocked it while doing the storyline and my friend didn't and we just finished all the challenges he is missing lemmy 1