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  1. Lazy? Not really. Plus, I wouldn't really risk using someone else's save just for the heck of it.
  2. I just checked a forum regarding custom Batman AC saves, if I did use a custom save file, all challenge trophies would pop up (even DLC ones that you don't own). Dude, I'm telling you the truth and I'm being fully honest. Like, seriously, if I was able to get the Freeflow 2.0 trophy, what's stopping me from getting all Riddler medals? Why would I lie about how I risked my time and energy to get trophies? Sure, everybody lies about it over here, but not all get away with it. If I cheated, I would come clean and show full proof that I cheated. That's why I'm making a statement regarding this "exploit". It just glitched out on me. You can check the "Perfect Knight - Day 2" which popped up before the NG+ trophy and the Riddler Medals trophy. That's why I panicked, and that's why I had to tell the forum about it. Not because I cheated, but because I got concerned. I know the risks of getting banned, and I know it's shameful for cheaters to stay on here.
  3. Everything is legit. I just don't know why they never popped up when they did.
  4. I never exploited or cheated on anything, dude. I do know that people are able to customize and download saves via Bruteforce or Xploder, and I know that people are able to boost trophies via those programs, but I can assure you, I have NEVER used anything to exploit my position on the leaderboards nor to boost my trophy score. Plus, what's the point of using CFW if half the games you have are fake?
  5. Then, what is?
  6. I thought they would be on separate pages. Didn't know they'd be posed in the same post. My apologies, English is not my mother tongue.
  7. M-U-D-Z-I Prototype That's the one I wanted to talk about. It never popped up the first two times I did it. So, I had to back up my save file and start fresh to see if it fixed the problem. The Saboteur I never cheated as I followed both a guide on YT and on PSNTrophies regarding the rest of the trophies on liberating the rest of the areas.<br /> <br /> Batman: Arkham City I played this in offline in my spare time. None of the trophies popped up. However, as soon as I logged back in, all the trophies popped up simultaneously. Check my previous log. It's all legit. ***And for the love of God, have some decency. I've had enough with the PSN ban threats and death threats on my social media accounts. I've already been harassed long enough.
  8. I have a really crappy internet connection, and this has happened to me twice while trying to Platinum Prototype and Batman Arkham City. Now, several trophies show up as if I unlocked them at the same time.