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  1. Yeah the new game + seems to be the problem in this game. In my first playtrough i played so well without any crashes but as a i started a new game + after 5 min the crashes started. I will never get the plat so it doesnt matter for me know i just deleted the game and selled it as well too
  2. I got a brand new ps4 pro so i think my ps4 is ok the game is the problem its crashing every time. My other games working fine without crashes.
  3. So i played the game on normal and completed all sidequests and yesterday i started a new game + to get the other trophys and the platinum. As i started the game crashed after 15min. I started again and it crashed after 5min. I got pissed off and deleted the game and reinstalled it but the game keeps crashing. Now i dont know what to do i want the platinum really but i cant get it if this game keeps crashing ! I am about to fight the Guardian boss but the game crashes after the sequence begins. The game is buggy as hell too but i tried to look forword but the crashes are killing my patience.
  4. I had the same problem in a other game i deleted and downloaded it again maybe this helps you too
  5. I downloaded 2 times but the game is still weak, but yeah the last time i played it was in may i will try to download it again and i hope i can play it this time thanks
  6. I love GTA Sanandreas i played like over 100 hours on the ps2 and i got the game on the ps4 i thought it is the same, but it is not... I got the game from the ps store ( germany ) and it is soooo bad. I dont know how much fps this game got but i cant play it, i tried but i cant do it anymore. When i press a button on my controller the game react after 2- 3 second. I know the controls are from ps2 this is not problem for me but just the fps sucks so much. I deleted this game after 3 days. Can someone tell me now if this game is fixed or the fps got increased ? I really want to play this game it is one of my favorite games of all time !
  7. Thank you
  8. I just finished the game on normal, now can i do a new game + on deatchmarch and get the "walked the path" trophy ?
  9. I got my PS3 in 2009 with GTA 4 I played with cheats but i really enjoyed the game ! After GTA 4 i got Saints Row 3.
  10. I played the game a few years ago and couldnt get platinium because my friend gave me the game and he used the pass for himself. So my question is, is the online pass now free or does i have to pay for it ?
  11. FINALLY ! Ubisoft just published a announcement Trailer for the whole Ezio Trilogy with all DLC´s ! The good thing is there will be no multiplayer that means Platinium will easier to reach as on the ps3 version I hope all of you are excited too
  12. Hey guys it is working now iam so glad to play Dishonored, it is a AMAZING stealth game ! I deleted all my safes and started a new game and now it is working fine Thanks to you all for the help.
  13. Best way to get all the breach trophies ?
  14. This is my second playtrought ! I try to get the pacifist trophy and the not alarmed trophy but here is the problem. I played to Mission 13 and every time i reach the middle of the area the guards getting alarmed every time ! I tried over 10 times with different ways but it dont helps...what i am doing wrong, is it a bug or is there a secret way ? I dont know what to do the i cant avoid the alarm.
  15. Does i have to play a full playtrough on "Give me Deus Ex" or the very last one after you beat the game for the difficulty trophy ?