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  1. Hello everyone, as per title, I'm looking for other players who want to play GT6 on a regular basis but due to life can't get behind the wheel except for during the weekend. The plan is to find at least other four or five people to play seriously, because I'm getting pretty bored at solo-ing and going into online lobbies where it's mostly a free-for-all rather than a race. Ideally, you'd be playing with a wheel and are familiar with racing etiquette; also, you'd enjoy racing low power cars on low grip tires too. Reply to this thread or hit me up via dm!
  2. Sorry, I only have one per game and Araiz already claimed the collection!
  3. DM'ing you in a sec, hold on. Sorry, just a bit late!
  4. OK fellas, if anyone of you is interested in getting the first three installments of the series (I got one code each for 0, 1 and 2), this is the right place and time to speak up. I know they're not new games, but I have the codes and already got my copies, so... Just reply here, first come first served. I'd rather give all three codes to a single person than split up the collection, though.
  5. If you want to try something a little different, and kind of "artistic" I guess, give htoL#NiQ a shot. It's a pretty hard, dark puzzle game, with lovely graphics, beautiful OST and great story and story-telling. If you like rhythm games, DJMax Technika Tune is a nice game with some very rewarding trophies. Lastly, for some action, and also difficult trophies, Soul Sacrifice is a great game similar to Monster Hunter. Have fun!
  6. Maybe I worded it poorly: I wanted to buy it since it came out, but, due to low funds, I managed to get it only a few days ago! I got it from Amazon and I received it in a couple of days!
  7. Been waiting to buy this since release day, finally got it, but going to add to the backlog for a bit because I'm playing another game at the moment!
  8. Yay for though platinums!

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    2. becauseimmanual


      Hey! Actually Mirror's Edge wasn't as hard as is described online. Yeah, some timed runs, especially the DLC ones, weren't the easiest, but with a little luck and persistence they're no big deal! Toughest platinum so far is definitely Catherine's!

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      Cheers for the answer mate!

    4. becauseimmanual
  9. This. My "Usual Beth" was in a derogatory way, I wasn't try to condone their unsatisfying work (bug-side). Also, I can't really judge the PS4 version since I haven't got it, so I was just replying to OP's comment on it.
  10. lol usual Beth. Yeah, they'll probably patch it up at some point (I hope).
  11. Can I drop some more likes on this post, please?
  12. I think the slim's better. Sure, fat's OLED screen's got more vibrant colours and deeper blacks, but I never liked much oversaturated palettes, so I prefer the slim's LCD. On the other side, the slim is thinner and lighter and feels very good in hand (not cheap at all), is all black (I didn't really liked the two tone scheme on the fat) and has got a better battery life, which is a nice thing even if you don't usually play that much, since fewer charging cycles mean a battery that lasts more in the years. But you'll judge when you'll receive it!