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    Hi, my name is Abby. I enjoy playing on my xbox one, ps3 and ps4.

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  1. ok thankyou everyone
  2. I have only 50gb a month internet. I cant remember how much destiny the collection to download is. if i buy the disc does anyone know how much the update would be please? thankyou
  3. splinter cell HD trilogy
  4. already posted on here, looking for friendly people to play black ops with and also talk to casually. i like playing rented games so i can always rent a game to play with other people. add me if intersted psn id: mytoiletbrush
  5. ive already posted on here, my psn id is mytoiletbrush does anyone fancy playing resident evil 5 on the ps4? i have black ops 3 if anyone wants to play that, also i can rent games of choice to play with other people Just let me know the game plus i have a mic!
  6. PSN ID: mytoiletbrush I dont really know what games to play... I can always pick any up from the store. Plus i'd like someone to party chat with
  7. it said will suspend the game so i pressed ok, it seems to work now. thankyou
  8. it wont let me play spotify while playing gat out of hell. am i doing something wrong?
  9. Brilliant, thankyou everyone! Is there also a way to make downloads manual? as in turn of automatic downloads, i just downloaded saints row gat out of hell, said it was finished then sneakily download like an update for the game. im on a limited data plan with my internet and its nearly used up now
  10. I just bought a 500gb white ps4 I have a black 320gb ps3 at the moment and a xbox one. But i have a questions... Can i play games while downloading stuff? Will spotify play music while im playing games? can i chat with people with my mic while playing different games? If i have anymore questions ill post them thankyou if you reply
  11. d dead space 1 or 2? because i've platinum on dead space 1 and didnt find it to challenging.
  12. Ive just completed bioshock on survivor difficulty! Yey! so hard, just constantly hiding, good aim and plenty of health kits.... sometimes i wanted to rip my hair out. Rayman 3 was a grind as well, completed it so many times on the ps2, so it was easy to remember on the ps3 But what was your hardest game you finished and any trophies you want to show off? im interested
  13. PSN ID: mytoiletbrush Systems: PS vita and PS3 Accepts blank friend requests: yes Have a mic? Of course I do
  14. I dont mind really whether or not I enjoy the game or not, i'd just like more platinums
  15. thankfully i can get away with it cause i am a girl embarrassingly enough i enjoyed the movie, the song hoedown throwdown. i saw it when i was about 16, im 21 now