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  1. Well, 2 and 3 is true - l have extreme fear of heights and this year for the first time I got time under three minutes (2:59). I run 4-5 times a week, I was in several competitions but I was never in the first place. So 1 is a lie. Only once I have trouble when on school break my friends convinced me to smoke 'weed' with them and later I went to school classes. But nobody wanted kick me off for this
  2. So maybe I once again 1. Once almost I was kicked out of school. 2. I have Acrophobia 3.This year I beat my personal 1km run record with time less than 3 minutes. And sorry for my bad english :/
  3. Horizon Zero Dawn 7 types of machine overridden
  4. Never drink that shit
  5. Unfortunately 1 is true, very bad part of my life, and 3 is also true - we start playing other games together, talk a lot, called each other... after a few months we met in Italy (she is Italian) last year. I never thought it would happen to me someday . So 2 is a lie, I have only two siblings, one brother and sister
  6. now my turn 1. In my life I was twice near death. 2. I have four siblings and they are all sisters. 3. One day playing Gta Online I met a person which whom l get so much close that we met together in real life. Now we are close friends.
  7. Anti- hero Guitar Violin Piano
  8. Final Fantasy 7 Defeat the Ruby Weapon
  9. Final Fantasy 7 The Slash to End All Slashes - Learn 'Omnislash' Cloud's last Limit Break
  10. Gladiator It's been a long time since I cried at a movie.
  11. Spanish and Polish is my native languages. I also speak Japanese very well and I'm learning Portuguese and Arabic.
  12. Wired internet is always better, especially if you play online. If you want use only WiFi may be you need replace the WIFI antenna or some range extender like me. With this I don't have any problems and I play online a lot. But first, set up again internet conecction on your console.
  13. Nope Dragon Ball Super ?
  14. Blue is the Warmest Colour
  15. People always "talk" but let them talk, and don't worry about other people and what they say. Is important what you think, not what they think. Don't let someone's words have a negative impact on you.