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  1. yo soy de ciudad de barcelona :P

  2. Nope Tomb Raider 4
  3. Final Fantasy XV Tortoise Toppler - Defeated the adamantoise Tekken 7 Yeah! I Did It! - Won a ranked match online Anger Of The Beast - Dealt an overall total of 1,000 damage while in rage mode
  4. Final Fantasy XV Brotherhood
  5. hola


    1. MMDE


      she's totally into you bro

    2. AkatsukiEspada2


      ??? i dont understand


    3. Kasyana
  6. Well, 2 and 3 is true - l have extreme fear of heights and this year for the first time I got time under three minutes (2:59). I run 4-5 times a week, I was in several competitions but I was never in the first place. So 1 is a lie. Only once I have trouble when on school break my friends convinced me to smoke 'weed' with them and later I went to school classes. But nobody wanted kick me off for this
  7. So maybe I once again 1. Once almost I was kicked out of school. 2. I have Acrophobia 3.This year I beat my personal 1km run record with time less than 3 minutes. And sorry for my bad english :/
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn 7 types of machine overridden
  9. Never drink that shit
  10. Unfortunately 1 is true, very bad part of my life, and 3 is also true - we start playing other games together, talk a lot, called each other... after a few months we met in Italy (she is Italian) last year. I never thought it would happen to me someday . So 2 is a lie, I have only two siblings, one brother and sister
  11. now my turn 1. In my life I was twice near death. 2. I have four siblings and they are all sisters. 3. One day playing Gta Online I met a person which whom l get so much close that we met together in real life. Now we are close friends.
  12. Anti- hero Guitar Violin Piano