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  1. Did this game ever get a upgraded version like Way of the Samurai 3 Plus? Or is the JP version exactly the same? Can't seem to see any stackable trophy for the regions.
  2. Does the GOTY version come with the trophy support patch? I have no internet connected to my PS3.
  3. If my first ever played game on the console is mw2 and I only played it once, will it be at the bottom of the synced games or appear at the top? For clarity, my most recent game played will appear at the top?
  4. Thanks. I care because this console had all of my trophies since 2008 and I put alot of effort into them. I'm not wiping them because they have no timestamp, that'd just be silly.
  5. Hi. Apologies if this is in the wrong section but I previously made a post about something and I had a person say that syncing trophies I earned on a ps3 without ever connecting to the Internet (no timestamp) could mess up my order. My question is, are they synced in the order you first played them in, or would it sync my latest trophy game to the top of the list even if it wasn't the first game I played? I don't want to sync my trophies to this account so I'd be tempted to sync to a fresh.
  6. Hi. I have a PS3 that was never connected to the Internet and I'd prefer to keep it that way. Just out of curiosity, did World at War come with trophies on release or did it require an update that patched in the trophies? Thanks.
  7. Uncharted. Assassins Creed. Borderlands.
  8. Some games have English subtitles and/or English language options.
  9. Selling Red Dead Redemption 2 - £40. Used but perfect condition. If abroad, buyer pays fees. (Living in UK)
  10. Are the trophies exactly the same as PS3?
  11. Yeah im from UK so I was wondering whether way of the samurai is on any of these other regions?
  12. Is this accessible on any regions other than America?
  13. Any guides out there for this?
  14. Anyone selling Yakuza 3 PS4 (Asian)?
  15. Thanks. Can you link me to the Amazon page selling KH3 digital codes?