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  1. Uncharted. Assassins Creed. Borderlands.
  2. Some games have English subtitles and/or English language options.
  3. Selling Red Dead Redemption 2 - £40. Used but perfect condition. If abroad, buyer pays fees. (Living in UK)
  4. Are the trophies exactly the same as PS3?
  5. Yeah im from UK so I was wondering whether way of the samurai is on any of these other regions?
  6. Is this accessible on any regions other than America?
  7. Any guides out there for this?
  8. Anyone selling Yakuza 3 PS4 (Asian)?
  9. Thanks. Can you link me to the Amazon page selling KH3 digital codes?
  10. You can open up a case for any item within 60 days after purchasing it, the only reason you'll need to open a case is if didn't work on its activation date not before.You can buy codes already from suppliers. This is the email I received when contacted. I'm sure its 30 days?
  11. Is there any kind of information on it? I was thinking maybe he/she is a retailer as the account is under Registered Business Seller.
  12. Hi. I don't know if this is the right thread, if not, please move. I saw an Ebay posting selling Kingdom Hearts 3, RE2 remake and Super Mario Bros digital codes. In the item posting, it says you receive the code within the same day you buy it, but cannot activate until the 11th January. Is this legitimate and that psn codes are already available but on a timer until you can activate? Thanks for the help.
  13. Dynasty Warriors 9.
  14. Hope its not a massive fetch quest game like Inquisition. Origins and 2 were brilliant.
  15. Lose the game for ranked and arena trophy. It unlocked for me that way, rather than winning.