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  1. So you did finish the game, anything you can say on your capillary loss?
  2. Right, I was asking without considering the whitelist hack Thanks for your feedbacks after all these years
  3. . I have played the game after installing the update and finished all story modes, but this trophy did not unlock for me. I tried to replay again Double and Filia story modes, but no trophy pops up. Any workaround for this trophy?
  4. And it crashed on me again, for the second attempt to do an iron-ROM run on the vita. Ok giving up on it definitely unless the developers are patching the game😑
  5. I had crashes too. During mini-games and one just after finishing my first playthrough (hopefully after I got the epilogue chapter and got eternal xmas trophy). I got the main screen freezing and could not go to the main menu. I had to delete and redownload the game again. Now going for Iron ROM trophy. Hope it doesnt freeze :/
  6. Thanks just added you. Psn @Reala_kira
  7. The game is visually good and appealing, especially the fact that you can see almost all the island parts from different regions. The music is fine too... But my problem with the game it is that Falcom's trying "too hard again to be good". Let me explain, I find the story ineresting but the characters not really fitting it. A lot felt shallow like Hummel; seriously his goals and lines make him look so retarded. For a narrative driven story Adol says also very few lines and gets tons of interactions, affection and ships with other characters. A lot of issues I find are common with the character development issues they have in the Trails of cold steel series. This will most likely be the last Falcom game I'll play, because of so-much time consuming their games can be, cheesy, cringe-worthy and their tendency to always add unnecessary lines and dialogues, fishing, cooking, bonding events, etc. Shakespeare said once that being brief is courteous. 😏 Indeed Extella is repetitive and with the Ps vita have lesser ennemies to hit due to performance, it can be hard to get certain trophies. Hoping that the upcoming Fate Extella Link will be less repetitive. I will try your trick for the digimon medals. If only they had implemented a way where you can buy multiples medals/gatchas at once. Do you know about the new game medal system? Is it the same? I read somewhere that you can transfer games from Cyber sleuth to Hacker's Memory.
  8. PSN ID: Reala_kira Systems: PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests yes with (crazy) message too!
  9. Hey thanks for the comments! This community is so great Indeed it is a nice little piece of technology. Too bad Sony stopped supporting it. Guess its days are now counted πŸ€” That plat was fun, and the game visuals and setting were worth doing a second playthrough for the nightmare run. Yes it was definitely worth playing it again 😁 Just seen your profile and it's awesome!!! You did a lot of efforts to platinum different games of different genres. That's what I call a hardcore true gamer πŸ˜† fate extella maybe, but the digimon's medal trophies are such a pain XD. It may take hours just pressing the X button for the gatchas to get those medals haha
  10. Hello everyone! I have been lurking for quite some time here and using the psnprofiles guides that provided me tremendous help to get some platinum trophies. I like that players are encouraged to write trophy guides of games they enjoyed and recommend. I am a bit of a trophy hunter but sometimes I give up when the trophy can be such a hassle. I own a ps vita and try to get much of it. It's amazing how there are so many excellent games on it and can still live up to the switch today (they share common popular games: stardew valley, steamworld dig, dragon quest builders as well as some playstation exclusives). I have been changing countries for studies and work and never really settled at one place to make long term friends. Thus the majority of friendships I (could) have are kept online. Here I am looking for gaming friends that are looking for talking to each other, multiplayer and boosting trophies sessions..., or just regular chat about what games they like, etc. So if you want talk and play hit me up!!!
  11. This games look nice but seems it uses the back touch screen of the vita. Does anyone know if the game is ps tv compatible with the L2/R2 buttons? thx Btw, how hard is the platinum for this game? 😁
  12. Hi, need some help for the trophy Freeze Frame Finish. How can it be achieved exactly? I suppose it is somewhere at level 5 with the green shu. thx EDIT: found it. just have to press both shu's buttons when reaching the end goal at world 5
  13. Hi! I got across this information about a secret room that can be unlocked in the Library section only after getting the Platinum trophy: However, seems we need to input the code, or whatever that is linked to the trophies and the glass windows. I have tried multiple inputs, but still not sure what is the exact procedure to do... Anyone found out about this room? Seems like it is well hidden and few have spoken about it
  14. This DLC is really hard. The dual baron boss fight is ridiculously unfair. I'm getting bored with the repetition of bosses and levels. Only good thing in this DLC is the changed music (they took the ones from Pirate's curse) and new voices. Either way this DLC is for the hardcore players. I'll try to get all trophies, but will not regret passing on them. The one for making Sky's bird fly for 1 minute makes no sense.
  15. Same thoughts here. Concentration and Aren't you naturally Lucky trophies drove me nuts. I don't want to experience something similar ever again.