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  1. Hello, I've been working towards this trophy, finishing both the the two first heroines story mode without using any secret skill and without continues. I reached the final boss (dragon) and the hidden one after (rival) but even so, the trophy did not unlock. I am paying in easy mode, so I wonder if the difficult counts towards achieving this trophy?
  2. Thanks to both of you! Yep, that guide is on my radar. The one I am working on is: "Finish any stage on the highest rank: Select Arcade mode on Hard, with the GE-22 Liberator, a Reflection capsule and any subweapon you want. You need to end the first level while the rank gauge on the top-left is on A. Keep shooting the whole time, try not to get hit too much, use Reflection when needed without abusing it and this should be easy enough to accomplish." So far I can only reach B rank during stage 1 in arcade, but I guess this game is the perfect mill for practice makes perfect situation. So far, I am enjoying it
  3. I am working on Salva Veritate achievement with the requirement of "Finish any stage on the highest rank". It is for arcade/score attack mode only with hard difficulty as minimum. I find it difficult even for the first stage. Do you have tips on the stage where this can be worked on easily? I should do a perfect run without sub-weapon nor capsule, is that right?
  4. haha, I just finished the story mode and got the first couple of promotions. I haven't felt yet the "tremendous game difficulty" everybody has gripes with in this thread, but I can feel it coming when going through the other promotions, for which I see I have currently 0% / - progress Congrats for getting all achievements (despite the hair loss apprehension - I already lost some, but because of other games ) ! did you play SM on the vita or PS4? Heard that PS4 version is more lax, but so far I enjoy playing such games on the handheld. The game is very fun .
  5. I know the feeling. PS-VITA player too and I have unlocked all story related trophies except Threads of Fate which refuse to pop up. Wondering if I have to play again all scenarios on PS4 for the trophy to pop up, or only one of them.
  6. If you have a PS TV, the AC mode is not really a problem. I think there are almost no difference between PS4 and PS TV version.
  7. So you did finish the game, anything you can say on your capillary loss?
  8. Right, I was asking without considering the whitelist hack Thanks for your feedbacks after all these years
  9. . I have played the game after installing the update and finished all story modes, but this trophy did not unlock for me. I tried to replay again Double and Filia story modes, but no trophy pops up. Any workaround for this trophy?
  10. And it crashed on me again, for the second attempt to do an iron-ROM run on the vita. Ok giving up on it definitely unless the developers are patching the game😑
  11. I had crashes too. During mini-games and one just after finishing my first playthrough (hopefully after I got the epilogue chapter and got eternal xmas trophy). I got the main screen freezing and could not go to the main menu. I had to delete and redownload the game again. Now going for Iron ROM trophy. Hope it doesnt freeze :/
  12. Thanks just added you. Psn @Reala_kira
  13. The game is visually good and appealing, especially the fact that you can see almost all the island parts from different regions. The music is fine too... But my problem with the game it is that Falcom's trying "too hard again to be good". Let me explain, I find the story ineresting but the characters not really fitting it. A lot felt shallow like Hummel; seriously his goals and lines make him look so retarded. For a narrative driven story Adol says also very few lines and gets tons of interactions, affection and ships with other characters. A lot of issues I find are common with the character development issues they have in the Trails of cold steel series. This will most likely be the last Falcom game I'll play, because of so-much time consuming their games can be, cheesy, cringe-worthy and their tendency to always add unnecessary lines and dialogues, fishing, cooking, bonding events, etc. Shakespeare said once that being brief is courteous. 😏 Indeed Extella is repetitive and with the Ps vita have lesser ennemies to hit due to performance, it can be hard to get certain trophies. Hoping that the upcoming Fate Extella Link will be less repetitive. I will try your trick for the digimon medals. If only they had implemented a way where you can buy multiples medals/gatchas at once. Do you know about the new game medal system? Is it the same? I read somewhere that you can transfer games from Cyber sleuth to Hacker's Memory.
  14. PSN ID: Reala_kira Systems: PS Vita Accepts Blank Friend Requests yes with (crazy) message too!
  15. Hey thanks for the comments! This community is so great Indeed it is a nice little piece of technology. Too bad Sony stopped supporting it. Guess its days are now counted πŸ€” That plat was fun, and the game visuals and setting were worth doing a second playthrough for the nightmare run. Yes it was definitely worth playing it again 😁 Just seen your profile and it's awesome!!! You did a lot of efforts to platinum different games of different genres. That's what I call a hardcore true gamer πŸ˜† fate extella maybe, but the digimon's medal trophies are such a pain XD. It may take hours just pressing the X button for the gatchas to get those medals haha